"It seems that according to the level to divide words I now is seven wandering corpse suspected! This means that I can finally temper that zombie puppet! "


Zhang Yang repressed slightly excited mood turned back to the tomb.
Take out the blood coffin, reach out and clap …
There was a flash of black light, and the body of Li’s bodhi old zu had appeared before him.
After three months, I looked at the body of Li’s bodhi old zu and turned pale, with blue lips and sharp protruding teeth. Fingernails are black and purple, which is more than an inch long …
This is already a zombie face.
Due to the invasion of Zhang Yang’s ptomaine and enough Yin qi to nourish it for three months, the corpse finally completed the process of metamorphosis and became the most basic jumping corpse.
Suddenly the jumping corpse eyes suddenly opened.
With the wind jumping, the body was like a board, and the arms and legs were stiff without bending.
Zhang Yang’s mind is definitely silent and calls a word.
Reach a finger at the same time
A yellow word "town" jumped on the forehead without a flash.
The jumping corpse immediately fell back with his eyes closed.
Zhang Yang came to jump resin sharp claws across his wrist more than a blood.
Then running mana, a drop of JingXie was immediately forced out and dripped into the jumping corpse’s forehead, which soon infiltrated and disappeared.
And Zhang Yang momentum is also a weak sample.
Zombies are buried in the morgue immediately after death, and are disturbed by yin qi, resulting in corpse transformation. His body does not need to be air-dried like mummies, so it has viscous blood.
It was Zhang Yang who forced it out this time. It’s different from ordinary blood, but life and blood.
Chapter 47 Potential Limit Zombie Puppet
Life essence blood is the essence of body blood and contains a certain soul force. Once it is consumed, it will take a lot of time to practice again.
This drop of JingXie drops into the jumping corpse’s forehead and soon disappears.
Jumping corpse body immediately appeared a twitch and a distortion as if experiencing great resistance, even if it was suppressed, it could respond.
Zhang Yang didn’t hesitate. Another drop of life JingXie forced him out.
This time, Jingxue did not drop his forehead directly, but condensed his finger. Immediately after that, Zhang Yang waved his finger and painted a tadpole-like rune.
Jumping corpse struggle amplitude suddenly increased, and the yellow word "town" on the forehead was stimulated and gleamed.