When the smoke cleared, the mysterious organization Shrimp found a white-haired rare man with a bone spear in his bare hands, and the white bone spear in their hands was still scarlet blood.


Looking at this sudden appearance of a cold sea of clouds, they were also startled. This person appeared cold sea of clouds and Chu Di Sheng were not found at all.
GongSunQi to Kimimaro da command "senior pay you a horse is she is my girlfriend".
Another meaning of Gongsunqi’s words is obvious, that is, let Kimimaro protect Li Lu from his two talents, and don’t worry about it. Just now, he was so haggle over every ounce.
Kimimaro looked coldly at Li Lu and nodded at GongSunQi without saying a word from beginning to end.
"Brothers, he was alone, and so many of us crushed him together."
I don’t know who came up with such a sentence, but also aimed at Gongsunqi, their mysterious organization, shrimp, and turned their finger at Kimimaro, and it was a hail of bullets at Kimimaro.
Boom ~ ~ ~’
A burst of smoke scattered around Kimimaro, and they all thought it was such a secret that bullets rained down on Kimimaro, but when the smoke dispersed, they were shocked.
Kimimaro changed from white skin to dark gray, dragging a tail behind him and a spiral bone spear appeared in his right hand. Kimimaro looked at the nearest mysterious group of shrimp.
Chapter 191 A false alarm
"Corpse vein iron thread flower dance"
After the spell state, the power of Kimimaro’s iron wire flower doubled, which even triggered an explosion effect, which was louder than their bullets.
This explosion killed several people. Those who still want to rely on the sea tactics all flinched when they saw this terrorist attack. They were afraid that even if the organization blamed them again, it would not kill them, but this one would kill them when it exploded tightly.
Kimimaro stood behind the explosion place, his tail wagged and his eyes swept sharply around, scaring the people around him to retreat one by one. How dare you stop this killer?
"Brother, here, here"
GongSunQi command is absolute Kimimaro walked towards GongSunQi "brother pay you to come is this one will trouble you".
Gong Sunqi pulled Li Lu to Gong Sunqi’s side. "He is my brother’s corpse and bone vein. Kimimaro’s strength has reached S level, which is very strong."
S class! ! !
Leng Yunhai can’t believe it. Look at Kimimaro’s age. It’s in his early twenties. Maybe he’s less than twenty. How is that possible for such a young S-class strong man?
"Do you want to continue fighting or get out of the way? My brother’s bone spear is not a vegetarian." Gong Sunqi is quite powerful.
Damn it, how can we let you go? Let’s take the killer and go.
Just when these shrimps were about to give in, a sword light flashed across. The sword light aimed at Gongsunqi, and Kimimaro’s speed was also fast. The sword light arrived in front of Gongsunqi in an instant.
You don’t really need Kimimaro’s hand. Shukaku Sand can also defend itself automatically because you can’t expose too much, especially in front of acquaintances, because sometimes it is not the enemy but the people you know well.
It’s not good to see the familiar figure GongSunQi andao. The owner of this sword light is the masked man who had a World War I with GongSunQi.
Masked male sword Kimimaro bone spear collided with a gust of war, and the momentum of both sides was similar.
The masked male sword is notoriously fast. The kaleidoscope of Gong Sunqi can follow the body, but the method is so fast that even ordinary sharingan can catch the trace.
Kimimaro in the face of the sharp sword in the face of the lightning-like sword potential should also be able to cope with the emergence of bones easily blocking every sword drop.
Leng Yunhai and Chu Di Sheng, their facial expressions have been shaped by French language, and they just stayed where they were. They found their senior brother by Sun Qi, but now it seems that they are wrong.
From the mask man’s every sword swing, you can see that the mask man is powerful. Every time he swings the sword, there is still a firm but gentle sword he brings. Even if Kimimaro blocks the remaining firm but gentle sword, he will cut off a small crack.
The masked man is confronted with a hard stubble. His sword that can’t go forward is not only met with Shukaku sand, but also a hard stubble in front of Kimimaro, which is swept by the sword and doesn’t move like a mountain.
"Is your brother ok?"
Chu di sheng small asked
Gong Sunqi also braved the sweat on his forehead. If it is just a mask man, maybe Kimimaro is feasible, but the mask man is not alone after all, and there will definitely be others coming to support him.
"Brother, make it quick. We’re leaving."
Hear GongSunQi command Kimimaro eyes slightly narrowed cold confided "Chinese toon dance".
The man pulling the mask disappeared from the huge bone spear in his right hand and turned into the palm of his hands. At the same time, a bone spur appeared in the palm of his hand. With the bone spur, Kimimaro counterattacked the mask man. The multi-stage attack was sharp and never stopped. From a passive transformation to an active one, the mask man kept parrying.
"Good strong!"
This is the first reaction of the masked man. It is the first time that he has met someone who can attack those who are evenly matched with him. He is almost at the same level as his opponent. He has never met him. Now Kimimaro is going to break him.
Kan Kan, the masked man, defended Naide and broke out, pushing Kimimaro. Kimimaro didn’t attack immediately. When he saw a bone spur in his right hand, Gong Sunqi said to Leng Yunhai, "If you don’t run, you can’t come."