Ann and intelligence have a keen sense of smell, and he soon discovered that they are unusual.


"Keep a close eye on the dynamics of these people and see if you can find out something fishy. In addition, find out the location where the master took Yuda personally for a while."
Su Yu exudes a horror of coercion.
Heart to see this heart Yishan quickly upon back.
Aside, Anhe smell speech really blames the inconsistency of the young master.
He hesitated, saying, "Little Master just said that you should go to the tracing world. You said that you would stay put and say that the’ door’ appeared, but you want to go in person?"
If we know that this may be a trap arranged by his forces, the main body is at risk!
Sunny Ahn beautiful eyes streamer rotation also slightly confused.
Su Yu patted his head and chuckled, "Little Master forgot to say that the human world was created by Little Master himself, so Little Master must find his own things."
Is it less creative to say that the human world is coveted by several people?
Ann and her legs went soft and she fell down directly. She and others are cowhide figures!
An equipotential surface resource is said to be innovative! ?
Young master, it’s only now that you have a sacred land!
There is such power!
What if the young master reached the top of the top saint?
Where’s the venerable sir?
I am a darling!
975 Chapter 975 "Door" conspiracy
Su Yu has just returned to Ziya Mountain and will go out in less than three days.
Sunny Ahn, though unwilling in every way, had to make proper arrangements for her young master one by one.
"Little Lord, according to our information, the door of the human world is located near No.1,200 star field, but that star field is the territory of the orcs, and this time it seems that many ancient tianjiao and all ethnic groups are out."
Anhe saw Su Yu ready to leave and quickly told Su Yu the number of news he had just learned.
One thousand two hundred star domain is just the orc star domain Su Yu lip angle outline how much smile.
"A while ago, the little master killed the pretty fire, and now it happens that the Terran star domain would be a moth to a flame if the little master didn’t know the truth."
Su Yu low smile Ann and sunny Ahn glance at one another, eyes are worried.
Young master, will it be dangerous to take Anyuda?
"Little main don’t let sunny Ahn go with you."
Sunny Ahn hesitate to say
Anhe nodded to recognize the feasibility of this plan.
Su Yu glanced at Sunny Ahn and whispered, "Don’t you have something to do on Ziya Mountain?"
Gu Tianjiao’s An Qingli is second only to the elders, so Su Yucai ordered An Qingli’s auxiliary parts.
"Purple cliff mountain things sunny Ahn can be confessed to worse, and both the Virgin and the Holy Father can’t turn out any waves. There are not many things that can make sunny Ahn intervene when the three elders and adults can stand on their feet."
An Qing di Dao
Su Yu nodded when he heard Sunny Ahn’s words. "I can take you, but it’s not certain that this time you will meet the strong in the list of ancient tianjiao, and there are many benefits for you to climb to the top of the top saints in the future."
"That little master, please wait a moment, sunny Ahn, and go and order things at once."
An Qing Emei smiles and makes Su Yu slightly Zheng.
Tianmeiren is one of those women with beautiful appearance and gentle heart. She is careful and appropriate, can do everything, is strong and talented, and is a tough and soft woman.
But it happened that sunny Ahn is a soft and vicious woman.
Su Yu’s lip angle is light and she thinks sunny Ahn is a good idea.
Both men have run all the way before, and it’s good to have a beautiful woman to raise their eyes.
After waiting for a wick, Sunny Ahn arranged everything.
Ann and staring at the walk with a sweet wind girl eyes flashed a little enlightenment.
Miss An Qing’s feelings have long been preoccupied with saving herself.
He said with a warm smile, "Leave it to me and the Three Elders, and if there is anything, I will also report to the bodhi old zu to interfere."
Anhe has strong ability and efficiency.
It took him only one day to master the operation mode of Ziyashan Sect Intelligence Pavilion, and quickly uprooted a number of moths and arranged Yanjingbao truster to run the Intelligence Pavilion.
Going to the Intelligence Pavilion in this way should soon be on the right track.
"Be kind to the little master and go to the meeting for a while. This behind-the-scenes person really intends to."
Su Yu low laughed
He left the gate of Ziya Mountain with Sunny Ahn and Anyuda.
Anhe watched Su Yu leave and returned to Ziyashan Intelligence Pavilion.
However, all aspects of intelligence contact are very broad.
Ann and Chu Zhangda still have a lot of things that he really needs to master, including the confidentiality of information, which is subject to supervision and management.
But fortunately, Su Yu left him a demon contract, which allowed him to control a batch of dark chess and then fight back.
These days, he tried to check some information about the head of Ziya Mountain.
The life experience of the head looks very innocent, but it makes the sense of smell more sensitive and feel unusual.
There must be some great secret behind the head of the fish!
Su Yu with sunny Ahn, AnYuDa two ancient tianjiao driving purple cliff mountain arrangement airship spent about half a month came to the orc star domain.
Su Yu found a Terran hotel and opened three rooms. After a little rest, he prepared the lobby on the first floor to inquire about the news.
But after all, this is the territory of the orcs. Su Yu has seen many women, although they are not the most beautiful, but they are already peerless beauties for the terrans here.
Not sunny Ahn can cover himself up too ostentatiously.
Su Yu and Anyuda took their seats first, and drank tea leisurely in the lobby on the first floor.
Since the "door" news is destined to be a conspiracy, it will inevitably start when people are waiting.
If the people behind it are prepared, they will try their best to inform Su Yu, the young master of Ziya Mountain, before starting.
"Brother, look at the beauty!"
"Sink fish and fall wild goose, close the moon and be ashamed of flowers? No, no, it shouldn’t be said that it is a country! "