A few people see his heart lost their glances also did not say much.


Then Su Ying went to the Song family and Ji family in Jack nife, a lonely family.
His old friend has made great achievements now, and many people have become great saints, and everyone has different opportunities to become a great and immortal emperor, which is no longer their goal
They also have their own ambitions to become gods.
Su Ying returned to Shengzong again, and a few days later, Xi Taiyue and others accompanied him like peas and carrots. Everything was so natural.
Being at the peak of the enemy is the only time for his brain to rest, forgetting hell, fighting and everything to come.
He felt that his divinity was at peace, and he enjoyed drinking every day, as if he had entered a quiet harbor, and his mood was like a boat floating gently in the waves.
After half a year, Xi Taiyue and others returned to the Sun God Palace, followed Ying Yue to practice A Man, and returned to the wild God Sect, leaving Su Ying alone.
Yokota and others continue to close the four swords and the whole holy Sect also works as usual.
At that time it was rare to be quiet.
Sue should be looking at the ups and downs in front of her with a stone pavilion. Fu Yunhai suddenly heard an arrogant hum behind her.
He suddenly turned and smiled with joy. "Come back?"
"Don’t you don’t want me to come back?" The female demon looked at Su Ying with her lips pursed and her hands pinched behind her.
"Where?" Sue should quickly pull her to sit and smile. "I can think about it day and night when you go out for such a long time. It’s a pity that you don’t know where to look for it. Don’t run around when you come back this time."
"I want you to take care of it." The female demon left her body and there is still something wrong.
Su Ying heard that somehow there was a sudden agitation in her heart. She held down Gu Gu’s baby’s shoulders and looked down at her gorgeous eyes. There was no doubt that "I’ll marry you, baby."
Shoot the baby with a palm and repel Su Ying without turning to the hall.
"I don’t care if I want you. I want to be with you forever!"
When the baby froze and turned to smile at him, the poor charm made him feel a little absent.
The female demon spat a mouthful of pie mouth. "Bad embryo, who is willing to marry you?" There are a lot of people chasing the old lady. From here, they can be discharged to Zhongtian Magic Field! "
Su Ying laughed and strode over and laughed. "Who dares to marry you but me? I’ll kill anyone who dares to want you! "
He was like a streamer chasing the girl who wanted to escape from the rear, catching her in his arms and whispering, "I think you want you."
Let’s take a look at the baby. It’s a little flustered. Five fingers play and turn into a firm but gentle wave.
Sue should be shot by her five magical powers in her chest, and the shock wave hit his chest, and then it was shattered.
Sue should hold the baby tighter. She was angry and anxious. Jiao scolded, "Let go. It’s outside. I’m going to be angry. Don’t blame me after you suffer …"
Her sweet lips were blocked, and her charming body softened involuntarily, and flowers blossomed with birth.
"Here are people coming and going outside …"
Su Ying’s bosom girl struggled for a sigh of relief and stammered, "Don’t mess around and be careful to be seen …"
"Then let’s go to the hall."
Sue should hey hey smile mind move two people directly to the hall cloud bed.
In the distance, the moon and Huahua and others saw this scene and looked at the moon blankly. "Is the peak master and the palm teacher?"
Another girl nodded. "Did you do it?"
Huahua waved his fist and said bitterly, "What a pair of dog men and women."
Chapter one thousand and ninety-five Leave the original continent
They had sex for three days and nights before giving up. You come and go, and it seems that you want to vent your excitement.
The light gauze on the cloud bed fell down and shot the baby leaning against Su Yinghuai. "Are you leaving?"
She has a bad tone and knows that this day will come after all.
Sue should be well. She turned her cheek and looked at the teenager in front of her. There was still some feeling like yesterday.