On his left, his hand looks white. Before smiling, the friar thinks he is kind and asks, "Little girl, how can you hide in a secret place nearby?"


Lin Qing got up and stepped back secretly. "You misunderstood that I didn’t secretly hide nearby. I came to this lake to drink water first. I didn’t avoid it until I saw you coming."
Another bronze-skinned young man’s sapphire earrings are looming in his ear. He said to the Central Male Road, "I don’t think this woman is sneaking around here, so I’d better drag her to torture her."
Listening to the rhythm of punishment, Lin Qing was not calm. She immediately said, "I will know what you want to ask. Who said that my origin is not? I am clear."
As she spoke, she stole the retreat.
"oh? Then tell me how you got to the blue and turbid secret during a practice period? " White flour students know the mind of young masters best. What’s the secret of practicing qi when you get to the blue and turbid realm? The answer is not found, which should be the reason why the Lord has not killed the little girl yet.
"Actually, I have a tragic story." Lin Qing’s film-winning actress blushed for her life, and she fought for it.
In a few words, he also confessed his miserable identity, but after being hit by a cliff, it was later processed into the bottom of the cliff. After two years, one day, he met a monk who died of green fruit and told him that something was going on in Qingzhuo’s secret realm, and then she found a chance to sneak in.
Everyone looked at her untidy clothes, which really seemed to be caused by personal environment and life.
Lin Qing pretended to be particularly weak, but her heart was very uneasy. She quickly calculated the possibility of getting out and gave a sound to the May Fourth Movement. However, the enemy didn’t intend to give her much breathing space. In a moment, she heard the Lord’s cold command, just as it was as simple as the night to "kill"
"What?" Lin Qing reacted instantly and jumped up with anger in the direction of evaluation. He turned and ran, and his mouth did not forget to shout at the top of his voice, "Bastard! You perverted murderer! "
However, Godsworn Tsukiji has many tricks to fly with a bow than to run with a ground, so he moves much faster.
In a short time, Lin Qing was pinched by the young man wearing earrings.
She is cold and sweaty. She must hold on for a few more minutes. In a few more minutes, the May 4th enchantment will be reopened.
The May Fourth Enchantment can support one hour in total a day. This killer should have a blade. If I had known yesterday, she would have fled in the face of the fifth-order monster beast instead of saving trouble. They hid in the enchantment.
Ji night saw Lin Qing being caught and smiled coolly. When everyone saw that she was caught, she would die, so they ignored Ji Chen’s taking people to the lake for a while. I don’t know whether to explore the trace of the sacristy. This is their key point. Look at the lake.
Young Ji Feng, a young man with earrings, grabbed Lin Qing’s neck with one hand and tried to kill her with a slight force.
How do you know that this little girl’s neck is not broken?
He can’t help but be shocked. Why is this little girl’s bone so hard? Do what?
Lin Qing’s neck was pinched, but she didn’t intend to do nothing. Since this person didn’t stab her with a few swords immediately, she had a chance.
The physical and mental strength is transported to the arm, and Lin Qing’s strength is sent to the extreme. His hand is randomly thunderous, and a flexible twisting and kicking kick kicks the unspeakable half of the youth.
Everything happens, flint
"ah!" There was a terrible scream at the lake, which made the people turn back one after another.
Ji Feng never dreamed that he would be tricked into this trick by a little practice in the later stage of building a foundation.
Of course, the monk’s physical strength is so fierce that the mortal can cut off his grandson. For the monk, he won’t be disabled, but his psychology can’t be guaranteed. Besides, it really hurts!
Everyone moved, including the Lord.
What happened to Bai? All male practitioners were stunned by this flow of tricks and looked at the little girl who went straight into the forest to react. They grabbed the guys and threatened to avenge Ji Feng.
Just as I was about to chase it, suddenly there was a loud bang and the lake calmed down, and suddenly there was a raging frenzy. At one time, the lake was overcast as if there was a sudden rain, which made the thick night even more strange.
"Hallows will be born" Ji night eyes a ling.
Hallows matter. They didn’t go to GuanLin Qing’s angry red eyes and were attracted back.
There is Ji Feng’s pain curled up to the extreme.
This is Lin Qing’s unique move. She is not surprised by this effect. She will run for her life while Ji Feng lets go, and at the same time, she will enchant as soon as the May Fourth Movement arrives.
Finally, she ran to the forest by the lake, and the May Fourth Movement also hit the boundary, and her face was strange.
The lake continued to roll over as if it were about to boil for a moment, and a lot of water splashed onto the shore.
Ji Yemu pondered over the inexplicable disappearance of that point in the scope of his knowledge of gods, and raised his eyebrows in disbelief and was actually escaped by this practice? There must be different treasures, which women in the practice period should pay attention to.
Ji Feng, who was kicked, quickly recovered his strength. His generation of self-restraint kung fu was fed to the dog at this time. He looked up and screamed, "If I catch this little girl, I have to cut her to pieces!"
Lin Qing in the forest heard that he left the pie mouth. "These are murderous demons. If I had known, I would have kicked the man just now without mercy."
After that, I saw Lin Qing’s eyebrows jump and his eyes stare. "What are you thinking? Am I so immoral?"
Zhu May 4th slowly nodded his head.
Lin Qing was so angry.
There was an uproar in the lake, and Lin Qing was no longer popular.
Rolling up like a whirlwind, the lake suddenly threw out a few pieces of flesh and blood.
To see what it is, all the people turned out to be previous water exploration Ji Chen and others with horror.
The shore people quickly flew up and caught them, only to find that several people in the water had Ji Chen’s breath left, and the rest of them were killed and put away their bodies and bags. Everyone stared at the churning lake.
Such a big noise naturally attracted Lin Qing’s attention.
Followed by that a few mixed body is blood male lake agitation appeared slowly a pang ran big thing.
Lin Qing looked stunned and roared in his mind. He saw that something slowly floated on the dark water. First, he revealed a pair of red gloomy eyes, and then a huge head. It turned out to be a monster beast of the seventh order.
The seventh-order monster beast is equivalent to the Dan-forming period.
"This is the fish monster of Silkworm Warehouse" by the May 4th Movement.
Lin Qing opened his eyes wide and saw that the fish monster had a flat head, eyes slightly flat and big mouth dragging two long whiskers, and his body was dark and about twenty or thirty feet long.
Its long tail swung and flew to several foundations near it, and it was quickly swept to the shore with blood in its mouth.
Lin Qing blushed and her neck was thick, and she was dying when she remembered, "I’m really desperate. I just soaked in the water for so long, thanks to God."
The more she thinks about it, the more she feels lucky.
The fish monster in Silkworm Warehouse seriously injured several people in a short time.
"It seems that we can’t leave this monster so badly at once during the May 4th Movement, which leads to many injuries. It is a good time for us to steal the bag." Lin Qing decided to take a chance in the risk of opportunity.
"We can’t miss again this time," Zhu May 4th supported.