At this moment, another teacher in charge of statistics appeared.


After Sun Chengzong wrote a few words in his ear, he stretched out his hands directly to signal everyone to stop shouting slogans.
When the armies slowly returned to peace, Sun Chengzong spoke
"Brothers and soldiers will tell you a good news now. According to statistics, our tribe has seized a total of 1.22 million gold and silver, and besides gold and silver, there are various skins and wild ginseng worth less than 102 thousand."
"That is to say, the soldiers in this battle can be divided into a total of 402,000 silver, except for the pension for the dead and seriously injured soldiers. Here, brothers, regardless of military rank, everyone can be divided into 22 silver rewards."
"Long live the tiger and leopard army!"
Excited, more than 10,000 garrison soldiers shouted "Long live" with a full face of excitement. Everyone ignored a problem, that is, Dalai gave birth to cattle, sheep and war horses.
It’s not that Sun Chengzong doesn’t want to talk about these seizures, but that Wei Zheng deliberately won’t let Sun Chengzong talk about them.
Because of the precedent of distributing cattle and sheep in Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces, it has been clear that the real value of these cattle, sheep and horses is definitely far beyond their body value
In this case, if these cattle, sheep and war horses are sent back to Liaodong and handed over to the foreign trade department for unified management, it is absolutely unprecedented for the foreign trade department to bring wealth to itself.
Not to mention that you can join the army at any time to fight the war when you capture the Tatar war horse. No matter from which aspect, it is impossible to reward the soldiers with war benefits.
It is precisely because of this that Wei Zheng asked Sun Chengzong to separate all the cattle, sheep and war horses captured by Dalai, but even those gold, silver, property and wild ginseng with skins were enough to make the soldiers satisfied with the reward and ignore those who were attached great importance to the battlefield of cattle and sheep by Wei Zheng.
Facing the capture, the burning fire in front of us, the Tatar tribe, and the Tatar bodies that have just been destroyed by themselves around the Tatar tribe, the morale of all garrison soldiers has reached an unprecedented high state.
Sun Chengzong, commander-in-chief of the Western Expedition Army, will certainly not miss this opportunity.
Commander Ma extended a second Tatar tribe to attack Houjin.
In the face of this powerful Tatar tribe, Sun Chengzong directly gave up the idea of luring the enemy.
Because of the high morale at present, the Ministry just needs a real bloody battle to test their combat effectiveness, and by the way, it is not a matter for everyone to know that they are about to attack Tatar.
Only in this way can these defenders with high morale avoid the ending that pride goes before a fall.
The night covers Sun Chengzong Luojingshan, two garrison division teachers and a group of pro-guards to protect the small sad breath, and the lights are still connected. More than 5,000 people have formed a city without walls, and the scale is no less than that of a county-level Tatar tribe.
After a short meditation, the three teachers directly focused on Sun Chengzong and waited for Sun Chengzong to send troops.
Battle-hardened Sun Chengzong didn’t let everyone wait too long. Three pairs of eyes stared at him with a dignified face and replied, "The Tatar tribe is too big, and our existing forces can’t be surrounded."
"However, the Dalai Lama has always despised my Han people and made the generals think of a way to encircle the three places."
"Since the Tatars look down on us Han people, the Tatars who defended the tribe when we attacked them will not shrink from giving up their tribe’s wealth for more than ten years."
"In this case, even if we leave a gap for the Tatars to escape, they will not withdraw from the battlefield during the battle."
"So we need to attack the Tatars from three directions."
"Two garrison divisions and a cavalry division, each of you choose a direction to cover the night and attack the Tatars directly after approaching the Tatars in secret."
"However, during the attack, all the attacking troops should not underestimate the enemy and be prepared to counter-attack the Tatar cavalry."
How could Jin Dalai, who was deep in the late Jin Dynasty and had never been attacked, have thought that a Han Chinese army would unexpectedly go deep into the late Jin Dynasty and attack himself?
The Sonoda Tatar tribe has hardly found a Tatar around the whole tribe except for a handful of cavalry tribal chiefs who patrol around their homes.
In such a vast situation, more than 10,000 soldiers of the Tiger and Leopard Army hardly encountered any difficulties, so it was easy to push the defense line to the last mile away from the Tatar tribe.
Then these more than 10,000 soldiers are like more than 10,000 hidden deep and ready hunters waiting for the attack time.
Of course, these soldiers are not really idle when they are scattered
Scattered three divisions, hundreds of artillery, and the command of their respective officers quickly set up a door, and the gun barrel was as long as teeth, and the heavy mortar was heavy.
Because these mortars are not only the only heavy firepower to cover the infantry attacking the Tatar tribe, but also the last line of defense against the possible counterattack by the Tatar against the infantry.
Both ordinary soldiers and generals at all levels who are about to fight attach great importance to these artillery and artillery.
Chapter four hundred and twelve Head-on
When that dark night was gradually replace by light, the large Tatar tribe clearly appeared in front of more than 10,000 soldier of three divisions.
Ready to start a day’s work, Tatar also discovered that there are many tigers and leopards outside the tribe.
There was a dull and long bell ringing from the big tribal horse.
These alarms summon the scattered tribes to be young and strong, just like tigers coming out of the cage and gathering outside the tribe with weapons.
Soon gathered outside the tribe, there were more than two thousand Tatars …
"It’s the Han people … how did the Han people come to our late gold … aren’t these Han people afraid of death?"
"How can there be so many Chinese troops? Are they coming to attack us …"
"How dare these cowardly Han Chinese troops go deep into my hinterland? I don’t know how to write the word" death "… Warriors, no matter what these Han Chinese troops are here, they were hit by us. Then we should let these cowardly Han Chinese take a look at what is a real warrior …"
"It’s great to destroy these Han people … these Han people’s equipment … if I can seize these Han people’s personal armor, I can become a tribal warrior … today I must get back a pair of real armor …"
Soon, the Tatars, who first re-emerged from the tribe, made the same decision …
Take advantage of your cavalry and directly attack the Han people who defend their tribe …
For these disorganized and undisciplined Tatars, they are so keen on war because it is in the war that they can snatch what they have from the enemy.
In front of the tiger and leopard army, it is well-equipped and the protection is super strong. Only warriors can be equipped with real armor in the golden fighters … All of them are jealous of these Tatars.
The order of the tribal chiefs to attack has just arrived, and more than 2,000 Tatars have gathered together. It’s like a burst of water rushing to the tiger and leopard army hundreds of steps away …
What’s more important is that we can grab a pair of tigers and leopards with cavalry, and the number of armored vehicles is very limited. These Tatars and young people not only have no cavalry formation, but line up like live targets and rush to the tigers and leopards.
These proud-faced and never attacked tigers and leopards are no different from other Han Chinese armies …
You have to rush to the other side, be good at riding and shooting, and shoot several rounds of scissors at the other side. They have the impression that they are surrounded by themselves, and maybe if they don’t attack themselves, they will directly defeat the battlefield …
With such an idea, they were unprepared and unprepared, so they rushed to the tiger and leopard army and rushed to death.
They didn’t see that it was a few hundred paces away from them, and the positions of the Tiger and Leopard Army came from the field forces of the Tiger and Leopard Army. The faces of the generals at all levels directly showed a heartfelt sneer.
Because the attack formation of the Tatars is not biased, unfortunately, the power of the matchlock can be brought into full play. If dozens of mortars are added behind them to attack themselves, more than 2,000 Tatars may be wiped out by flowering bullets and lead bullets before they rush to their faces.
For those ordinary soldiers from the border army who faced the seemingly unstoppable attack formation of Tatars, their morale was greatly improved in this battle and they lost their fear of Tatars.
But two days ago, what they killed was, after all, a group of old and weak Tatars. When the real Tatar cavalry appeared in front of them, they clenched their weapons and their hands began to tremble with the earth unconsciously … Not only that, they just calmed down and became hesitant and worried at this moment.
What’s more, some timid soldiers have turned pale unconsciously …
In the face of this situation, the officers among them had to put away their hot faces and shouted at everyone with a serious face: "Brothers, the Tatar cavalry have nothing to fear that a lead bullet will still kill them in the past … Don’t be scared by the seemingly unstoppable appearance of the Tatar cavalry. I guarantee that these Tatar cavalry will not be able to rush in front of us with mortar and lead bullets …"
The voice just fell and the artillery position behind the musket array sounded.
"Mortar horse fire killed this help a dog day tartar …"
A string of boring guns just sounded behind everyone, and more than 50 flowering shells were mixed with sharp shells and roared over everyone’s heads to fly to the last 200 steps left.
The shell landed and exploded, mixed with black smoke, and the fireball rose from the dense Tartars.
At this time, everyone once again witnessed the powerful battlefield of the flowering bomb.
At least ten of the dense tartars in the explosion were thrown high by air billow.
Of course, more tartars were directly overturned from the war horse and then trampled into a pile of meat by the horseshoes of the war horse from behind.
In a blink of an eye, white Tatar cavalry were killed in this round of shelling
Of course, this is only the first round of artillery shelling.
According to the firing rate of the mortar, the mortar can shoot at least five rounds of flowering bombs before it rushes to everyone, which means that the mortar alone will cost 500 fewer people.
The artillery facts proved that the expressions of worry and fear that hung over the faces of ordinary soldiers finally showed signs of dissipating.
Not only that, many people hold muskets and shake their hands, but they don’t shake at this time …
See here officers at all levels cc breath at the same time hurriedly ordered.
"Brothers Dalai is about to rush to the one hundred and fifty-step position … cheer up and aim their guns at me …"
After a series of orders arrived, guns exploded like beans, and the battlefield sounded like firecrackers.
More than one thousand muskets spewed white smoke from the muzzle like clouds, which quickly enveloped the musketeers of a garrison division of Tiger and Leopard Army, totaling more than four thousand people.
At this time, the Tiger and Leopard Army shot more than 1,000 lead bullets in the first round and quickly formed a huge elastic net with a width of one mile in front of the Tatar cavalry …
There is no formation at all. More than 1,000 cavalry have to be covered by this elastic net. An external bullet fell off a horse and turned into a dead body …
In a blink of an eye, there are more than 200 people in this round of lead bullets.