Yang Zhong really contributed to the development of Lin Tianjiao today.


Xiao Liyan finished asking Lin Yi, "What do you mean by having something important to discuss with me?"
Lin Yi told Xiao Liyan his plan truthfully, and the color changed after listening to it.
She didn’t expect Lin Yi to give birth to such crazy and bold ideas.
Xiao Liyan said, "Are you crazy? ! If this is a little careless, you will be finished! "
"Now we can take risks to win, otherwise we won’t force Lin Tianshu back to the south and lose." Lin Yi grabbed Xiao Liyan’s hand and said, "You must help me this time!"
Xiao Liyan finally sighed. She said, "In fact, when you finally got along so well with that crazy guy who looked back, and after winning Thaksin, I knew you were crazy. When are you going to do it?"
Lin Yi said "Heaven"
Xiao Liyan exclaimed, "What a hurry for such a big thing?"
Lin Yi said, "How many people will die in the south without delay!"
Xiao Liyan seemed determined. She said, "I’ll help you, but I can also try my best to plan success or failure, so I can leave it to fate."
Lin Yi and Xiao Liyan pretended to pull the parents together, but they agreed on the implementation plan and details of the plan.
At this time, Han and Guo Li, deputy general manager of Beifu, took several people towards the pavilion.
They are all very alert in these emergency times.
When Han learned that Aunt Xiao Liyan had come to find Xiao Liyan, he came to have a look.
Xiao Liyan hurriedly pretended to earnestly persuade, "Gu, I remember that you are kind to me, but this house is really not me. I am the leader of Lin. You can’t go in and live …"
Lin Yi said angrily, "I came to you so far, and you won’t let me in, so where do you want me to live?"
Xiao Liyan said, "I’ll give you money. Go to the Xiangfu Inn in the city for a few days and I’ll pick you up and settle down again."
Han and Guo Lijin pavilion Xiao Liyan looked at two people face nai wry smile.
Guo Li also helped Xiao Liyan persuade Lin Yi to say, "Old Xiao Liyan also has difficulties. You’d better go to the city to find an inn first …"
Guo Li never dreamed that the "old woman" in front of him was the little hostler he escorted in those years, and now he is a famous Jianghu Xiao Lin Wang.
Lin Yi got up in a huff. He took the crutch and murmured with resentment. "It is said that you can’t get into a good house, so you can’t get into points. It’s disgusting that I’m an old woman … I live in an inn. If you don’t pick me up then, I’ll hang myself in the inn …"
Han suddenly stretched out his hand and stopped Lin Yi and said, "The old man stays."
Lin Yi and Xiao Liyan were surprised by each other. Did Han see the flaw? !
Shihan also sees that the flaw is that he is very cautious and careful, especially in this section, he has to know the details before he can rest assured.
Han smiled and said to Lin Yi, "The old man’s travel-stained face is stained, so it’s not funny to stay in an inn."
Han ordered his hand to say, "Go and get a basin of water for the old lady to wash her face and then walk."
"Yes" the hand turned to carry water.
Xiao Liyan and Lin Yi both "honked" at the same time.
Don’t you give away your face!
This is over!
Chapter 39 treading on thin ice (2)
Although Xiao Liyan was calm on the surface, she was flustered and had no idea.
What should I do if things get out and her mother will suffer? !
And Lin Yi tried to calm himself down and think about coping strategies. Suddenly, he used his quick wits to come up with a means that can both resolve the crisis and not make people doubt.
After a while, the hand came towards the pavilion with a basin of water.
Lin Yi was so happy to say, "Little brother, hurry up. The old woman hasn’t washed her face for two days."
Lin Yi’s crutch was slightly waved, and the sailor took a few more steps. Suddenly, he felt that his back was stabbed by something and it hurt. The man suddenly lost his balance and fell to the ground with his birdbath.
The basin was also buckled to the ground.
There is not a drop of water left in a basin.
Xiao Liyan was ecstatic at the accident and shouted "Blessed by Amitabha and Bodhisattva"
She knew that it was the "big pictograph" in Lin Yi’s "Wan Xiang Shen Jian Ji" that poked the water bearer from behind.
Lin Yi looked at that guy’s mess and was happy in his heart.
Han qi nu scold the hand way "stupid thing! Even this little thing can’t be done well! "