"The elders are dead, but did you see those door lords kill them with your own eyes?" Asked Li Yan lightly, looking confident.


The monk next to him said, "That’s not true, but we all saw the body of the elder hanging on the cliff and being pecked by birds every day, and now it’s bloody."
Li Yan sneered, "You are naive. No wonder you are so hard to patrol the mountain owners. Since you don’t believe me, I’m too lazy to tell you that I have to leave in advance."
Seeing Li Yan and Zhang Gaofeng leaving, the first man didn’t stop him from thinking for a moment and asked the person next to him, "Do you think it’s true that the mountain lords really abandoned us to attract the attention of the Supreme Amen?"
A nearby Buddhist monk said, "In my opinion, it’s very possible. I heard that all the experts in the middle and late stages were transferred except the Buddhist monk in the early stage of practicing Qi. Although I heard from outsiders that they were preparing to resist the Tai Amen, I don’t believe it. I think they lost their preparation. Do you remember when we were mining not long ago, the mountains suddenly shook?"
"I remember that the elders died here not long after the earthquake, and then these mountain owners openly rebelled against the Taiamen. Today, they rushed into the Taiamen and captured a large number of female brothers to reward everyone, but you found that none of the female brothers who were escorted had disappeared and I don’t know where they went. It’s not like those mountain owners said they would reward everyone."
"Mom, these cruel and heartless things don’t say that the mountain owners must have lied to us. Let’s just find a chance to escape. Anyway, the elders here are dead or they will be caught by the Tai ‘a masters."
"Well, it makes sense. Let’s go now before it’s too late." The man hesitated and nodded in agreement.
Li Yan didn’t expect that these bluffing words actually got the three monks away, but after a while, when they received the news that there was an iron mountain crossing, they would find out how correct their decision was at that time.
Zhang Gaofeng repeatedly praised "Li Dage, you are really amazing. I didn’t expect to send them away in a few words. It’s funny that you didn’t have the first man to scare you into a cold sweat."
"But then again, the situation here seems to be more serious than I expected. From those three people, it is not difficult to know that the elders guarding here have been killed, and the murderer is probably the mountain lords they said. Think about it. If the elders are really killed by those mountain lords, they will have the strength to be refined at least. Once we are found, we will definitely have life and death." Li Yan’s novel said.
He is now practicing in the middle stage, so he can fight in the late stage of practicing, or he will not be too dangerous if he meets a master of refining the spirit.
Zhang Gaofeng nodded his head with some worries. "Yes, it is difficult for us to escape even if we have one."
"We don’t need to worry too much about those mountain owners who seem to be planning something. We must take care of them at leisure." Li Yan said that he didn’t worry that Wang Xinmei comforted him and promised Wang Kui to take care of his sister. It seems that it is not so easy now.
Chapter 44 Three Mountain Owners
Li Yan and Zhang Gaofeng carefully explored many places, and found no trace of the abducted female brother except some deserted mines.
"It’s strange that they will take those female brother? Although this Tieyue mountain range is not small, it is barren. Except for a few halls at the foot of the mountain, there are these mines that can hide people. "Li Yan came out of a mine and was puzzled. He found it here by following the marks left by those female brothers. Those people must be here.
"It’s really a ghost. Those female brothers have at least hundreds of people who can fly with their wings." Li Yan’s eyebrows screwed into a ball
Zhang Gaofeng walked out of another mine and shook his head. "There’s nothing here. It seems that they didn’t hide people here. Will they be buried because of resistance like the former female brothers?"
And so on……
Li Yan’s mind flashed as if he thought of something. "Do you remember someone saying that there was an earthquake not long ago when you passed by?"
"Of course I remember and I noticed that the elders here died a few days after the earthquake," Zhang Gaofeng said.
"Then it is very likely that the abnormality of the railway crossing mountains is related to the earthquake," Li Yan said. "It seems necessary to catch someone and ask them to understand the situation here."
Zhang Gaofeng was about to speak when a noise came from a low hill not far away. Many monks gathered there, and everyone was not weak, but they didn’t go near the place out of caution.
"Go and see" Li Yan thought for a moment and rushed over.
Because the crowd was so messy, they didn’t seem to notice that there were two more monks practicing the atmosphere around them.
Li Yan can tell that there are not less than 200 people gathered here, and many of them are monks in the practice environment, and many of them are monks in the middle of the practice environment. It is definitely a very huge force to gather so many monks in the practice environment.
"I didn’t expect so many monks to gather here." Li Yan was secretly wary of his path. "Be careful not to arouse others’ doubts."
Zhang Gaofeng nodded his head.
Just then, a man suddenly patted Li Yan on the shoulder. "What a coincidence! I didn’t expect to touch Li Xiong here."
"Qin Yun is that you?" Li Yan looked back and his face suddenly showed surprise.
Qin Yun hissed, "This is no place to talk. Come with me."
Li Yan hesitated a little and nodded his head.
Moments later, the three men came to the back of a palace next to them and made sure that no one was around before Qin Yun said, "Why are you here? Are you being punished as a coolie? I tell you a great event happened here recently. "
"What’s the big deal?" Li Yan suddenly became curious.
Qin Yun said in a low voice, "Not long ago, the earthworm turned over here and collapsed a mine. Actually, there was a secret hidden in the collapsed mountain. It didn’t take long for this thing to happen. The elders here died somehow. I heard that it was killed by several mountain owners, and I don’t know if it was true or not. In a word, this iron mountain crossing has been completely chaotic. You must be careful."
"The mountain collapsed? ? Is this why these people arrested my daughter-in-law? " Li Yan thought in his heart