Six great apes will dance like a windmill and throw it at him.


Bang bang bang ~ ~
Long ge and the jade stick hit each other with a crisp and crashing impact.
As strong as the tide, Cao Tuo was overwhelmed with weakness and numbness.
When he suddenly made a long sweep, he cut the abdomen of the six great apes
Just when I was about to relax, I saw that they were still hitting him as if they didn’t feel it.
While the abdominal wound is slowly healing.
If he loses the first hand, he will be parried by the encirclement.
Just then, I saw the golden monkey suddenly jumping out from behind the six great apes.
Breath conversion hands a bamboo-like firm but gentle breath straight to his throat, lower back, perineum, ankle.
Suddenly his heart generate hair blew up and threw his long hand.
Grasp the four bamboo swords with hands and feet and flint
"Bang bang bang ~"
However, he might as well be stabbed with the other hand and hit the key everywhere.
"yi yi ~"
At the same time, the jade stick in the hand of the six great apes will smash his body into paste.
Before he died, he saw forty tigers pulling sapphire chariots not far away.
On each side, there is a rider, an archer with a bow and arrow, and a black dagger more than ten feet high.
The chariots of the soldiers who rushed to kill the country were fragmented.
Soon after the war, Cao Xu and Zuo Qiu should walk in the valley covered with flesh and blood
Come to Cao Ta’s dead place and look at the mud and a ball of flesh and blood and sigh a way
"I didn’t want to resist the attack of Lu on Cao Ta several times and die so easily in this small valley."
"I don’t need others to sigh. I’m waiting for my brother to die in the battle. He’ll die a good death."
"The general caught a man who said it was Taitai."
At this moment, two from pawn and a young man with white skin and gorgeous armor came to the front of them.
"I’m the grandson of the prince of Guo, and I want to see your monarch."
Young people see two people hurriedly wiped to wipe the face blood call way
"It’s really Tai Guo"
Zuo Qiu appropriate looked at turned to Cao Xu said.
He also gave the lady a lot of good things when he was in business, so he knew it.
"First, his captives were taken back to Dugu City, and then he was taken back to Lingqiu City for your information."
Cao Xu nodded with a wave of his hand, which made people take Guo Taitai with them.
Chapter three hundred and forty-five Hall for way
"General Jun Cao and General Zuo Qiu have already wiped out the invading soldiers of Guo Gu and captured Guo Tai.
I was about to ask you for mercy. "
Yan ru climbed to the stargazing platform again and looked at his hands, and there was a golden light around him, Lingqing’s great way
Lingqing’s hands kept pinching the French seal to make a gold piece of flowing spirit sword, and this Japanese obsidian divine light was sacrificed again and refined into a Japanese obsidian sword.
This will put aside and look at Yan Ru and say
"Send a message to tell Cao Kong to let him redeem his son from the southern land of Yishan and ask questions and commit crimes against the territory of our spiritual country.
Dare to destroy him if you don’t obey. "
The four cities, such as Nili City and Dugu City, invaded the territory of the spiritual kingdom first, and then offered their cities to survive after being defeated.
These four cities naturally belong to the territory of the spirit country.
Now Cao Kong is attacking again, which gives him an excuse to attack and attack the country and expand the territory.
This year, the teacher is famous, but it is very huge
Yan Ruying said that he didn’t say Guo Taicao had been clamoring to see Lingqing.
Instead, he said
"Since China received Nili City and other places and expanded its territory, many hundred brothers have come.
Most of these people are really learned hundreds of academic brothers, and each has its own attack and attack, which will make the school a little restless.
Now that the two generals have won a great victory, they are afraid that a new round of bachelor’s fear attack will be ushered in, which will aggravate the study of the countries.
Because of this idea, we can’t stop it, so it’s a little difficult. "
"I didn’t consider so much when I set up the Xuegong because of my spiritual family."