Suddenly a figure appeared behind her.


This figure has no sound or breath, just like a piece of emptiness.
Liu Shiman seems to have no sleep.
In front of Liu Shiman, Tong Tong lowered his head and concentrated on watching it.
And LiuShiMan behind that figure is silently staring at the front two people didn’t make a move.
Liu Shiman moved!
The rock dagger stabbed the girl in the back of her head.
The blow won’t even scream when the girl dies.
Her body will be randomly sunk into a lonely lake and her parents will never find her.
Flint three things bloom and erupt like thunder.
Tong Tong’s head didn’t stretch out two fingers back to hold the dagger firmly.
A black fire skull emerged from the void.
LiuShiMan was a pat.
Liu Shiman shouted in his heart that it was not good to start sending the ring immediately.
But this pat directly made her numb!
She is as stiff and numb as a touch, and she can’t move a muscle.
At the same moment, the black fire skull opened its mouth and gave her a hard bite.
The golden ring was completely bitten off by the black fire skull as the arm.
The arm was burnt to black charcoal at once, and the golden ring was still intact.
At this time, the second hand has just finished a jump.
A blood mountain fell into the shuttle from the high rush, clutching Liushiman’s neck and roared away.
The figure behind LiuShiMan suddenly bent down and coughed violently.
Tong Tong got up and said, "Mr. Gu, shall I help you walk?"
"No, I’ll come" is a beautiful female way.
Anna appeared at the hatch.
Three people back to LiuShiMan that a shuttle will hide room door.
The man who was knocked unconscious before is sitting there smoking a cigar.
"Let’s go"
Gu Qingshan with Zhang Yinghao hello way
Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine Live broadcast
Zhang Yinghao took a deep drag on his cigar and complained that "he has been addicted to cigarettes for a long time."
Four people out of the shuttle came to the front of the restaurant.
"Tong Tong did a good job. Go first," he ordered.
"It’s the boss"
Tung Tung disappeared into the darkness.
Gu Qingshan was interested and asked, "Where is her killer guild?"
Zhang Yinghao said, "She is the eleventh killer."
"Why didn’t you let the number one killer participate?" Anna asked disgruntled
Zhang Yinghao pointed to the restaurant and said, "The restaurant owner is my number one killer."
Anna said with relief, "No wonder this store is really terrible. I just managed to eat it."
"You are too picky about food," Zhang Yinghao Nai said. "My number one killer is a real blue ribbon chef. Usually, he can cope with all kinds of picky tastes."
"What? It’s always been me and Gu Qingshan, and you’ve got two killers who didn’t do anything." Anna squinted at Zhang Yinghao.
Zhang Yinghao didn’t speak but made a snap of his fingers.
Suddenly all the sounds disappeared
Talking, laughing, clearing plates and ordering greetings in restaurants are interrupted by the laughter of restaurant owners.
The boss, Tong Tong’s parents, the townspeople, the young delivery man and so on all came out of the restaurant and hurried away in all directions.
There was still a bit of popularity in the restaurant.
Zhang Yinghao picked up a personal is and ordered, "End bringing back the residents’ department of this town."
"Keep it down and don’t disturb their sweet dreams."