Xiao Fan’s two places at once seem to protect this baby-like thing in his arms after he has lost his memory. Every time he looks at the sleeping hole, he reveals a trace of love.


So I don’t know how long it took …
Ten thousand years? Twenty thousand years? Or more …
Xiao Fan’s body has been completely destroyed, and his face is almost rotten, leaving a pair of prominent and bloodshot eyes. Now he has no thinking and no consciousness.
And this long wicked heart crystal unexpectedly uncharacteristically than quiet and did not release strength to help him, which seemed to acquiesce that he had to bear this long pain.
However, although the blood-fog baby in his arms is about twice as big as before, there is still no sign of awakening.
Mina opened her eyes again because the bank of the Yellow River has been in a state of spiritual practice.
This is the tenth time in 20,000 years that she forced herself to wake up from a state of concentration.
"… didn’t come again?" Mina looked around and couldn’t help looking dim again.
In the past 20,000 years, every time she wakes up, she will put gods over the whole Yellow River to feel Xiao Fan’s breath, but every time the result is more disappointing.
"Ten thousand years ago, his breath has completely disappeared …" Mina shook her head sadly. "I have long said that people who enter the yellow river will come back alive and he just won’t listen …"
I don’t know how long Mina lived, but she can’t remember the exact time.
But in her long life, there has never been anyone who can make her miss so much. Xiao Fan is the first one!
The first man who can walk into her heart.
The first man who share that same fate with her!
And that only man who accuse his pure body of taking away his preciou chastity.
Although before she Xiao Fan a yard price trading.
But in retrospect, it is a bit ridiculous.
Mina couldn’t help heart pounding at the thought of here.
Maybe I was already interested in him at that time?
What is the time?
Xiao Fan stood up and braked himself. So?
But these can also be precious memories buried deep in Mina’s mind.
The man who moved her is dead …
Forget it. Maybe it’s just a dream!
Mina took a deep breath and slowly got up. She looked at the rushing yellow river and sighed sadly.
She’s leaving here.
Her retreat was over, but she didn’t wait until she wanted someone to be disappointed.
But as soon as she turned and was about to take a step, suddenly a wave of earth force rose from the bottom of the Yellow River! Make the whole yellow river follow the tremor!
"This … this is …" Mina was so frightened that she even stepped back a few steps in horror than staring at the river. "This force is …"
Speaking of which, her eyes couldn’t help but slowly shed hot tears and became choked up. "Is it him … it’s him … I’m not dreaming? He didn’t die? "
This is naturally Xiao Fan!
At this time, Xiao Fan’s doppelganger at the bottom of the Yellow River has been completely corroded, leaving a glittering and translucent light, which is his doppelganger Yuan Shen still struggling to protect the baby in the blood fog.
And just that violent breath broke out from the baby.
The baby has opened his eyes, and the color of his eyes is as strange as that of the past.
"You’ve done your best … you’ve done well. Don’t insist on going to rest in peace …" A deep word came out of the baby’s mouth.
Soon, the baby’s body shook slightly, and its size suddenly exploded. Blinking, it turned into a tall and strong young man’s appearance, raising my hand a little bit, and Yuan Shen suddenly broke up and dissipated completely!
Two places at once!
"Finally … restored!" The young man sighed with closed eyes, and immediately there was no more words, but once again he sat cross-legged and slowly converged.
The body is as smooth as jade, and the yellow spring water touches his body root, which will not cause any harm, but will ripple like nourishing the skin.
"It’s time to finally get through this difficult breakthrough …!" Wicked heart crystal malaria and blood shura were relieved at the same time, and they also knew that Xiao Fan was not optimistic at this time.
After the death of the busy person, Zun has just recovered his strength and weakness ratio, and he is forced by the pressure of the busy person to self-repair!
Now Xiao Fanli is suppressing the force of self-attack, and that damn cloud is still trapped, which is also a huge hidden danger
It’s here that Xiao Fan finally had his longest practice when he stepped into the immortal world …
Chapter 26 Spiritual peak
"Strange just feel strong force fluctuation from the bottom of the yellow river belongs to Xiao Fan! But … How did it disappear in a flash? What the hell happened? " Mina walked back and forth puzzled by the banks of the Yellow River.
"But … Xiao Fan certainly not dead! No, I have to wait for him … "After hesitating for a while, Mina suddenly changed her mind and decided to leave. She sat cross-legged and waited for a long time again.
Xiao Fan’s body greedily absorbs the yellow spring water, and that strange power spreads to every cell, making the body full of a kind of meaning. It seems that the breath is faint, and the yellow spring water is integrated into each other.
And the group in his abdomen represents the day’s will to rob the cloud, and the violent breath is gradually being washed and become more docile. I feel the nourishment of Xiao Fan’s dantian force and gradually have an inexplicable dependence on Xiao Fan, which means that I will be a father.
However, Xiao Fan didn’t have time to pay attention to the fact that there were so few hijackers, and now it was no threat to the society. He concentrated on gathering strength and gained a steady stream of force from the boundary stone to fill every place in his body, so that Xiu followed the sublimation and cooperated with the advanced experience of the former member. He soon reached the initial level of conformity.
"Great, I finally don’t have to worry about the problem of self-attack. You have reached the synchronization state of the root doppelganger, and you can finally feel at ease this time!" This malaria is deeply out of breath.
"No, this little doesn’t seem to have any meaning to stop there …" Blood shura frowned and shook his head.
"Ah? Maybe … He is going to continue to impact the realm? This ….. This is not too risky! This is the problem of insufficient yang in the yin world. Doesn’t he know? " Malaria doubt way
"I don’t know, but now Xiao Fan shouldn’t be that reckless. He must have his own ideas. Let’s wait and see if we can’t help anything!" Blood shura indifferently laughed
"Ah! Yes! What all can’t help … "Malaria look a little bleak will be set up and honestly lie prone blood shura side.
However, Xiao Fan himself also thought of this at this time.
On the one hand, it is because there are two places at once to lay a solid foundation, and on the other hand, it is even because of the mystery in this yellow water.