Silence field silence


It’s over? This is the victory?
Fast is too fast, it’s just a blink of an eye.
"Cold light flashed a gun like a dragon. How on earth did this guy practice marksmanship at a young age? Just now, the gun seemed to be not a young man but a master who practiced guns for hundreds of years." The eyes of the elder next to him also gave me a little shock.
Li Yan looked at the tense eyebrows and couldn’t help but praise, "It’s amazing that the monk night mark just started to fight back at the moment, but it was still slow. Finally, the avatar was broken and flew out, but the most amazing thing was the gun speed of the night mark. If I can swing twelve swords at one breath, then the night mark can abruptly interrupt me before I swing twelve swords."
Chapter two hundred and twelve The quota has been set.
The old head said, "This young player’s marksmanship pays attention to killing the enemy with one shot, but never the second shot. You see that this man’s breathing is already a little heavy, so he just consumed a lot. According to the old estimate, this marksmanship with one shot and killing him will be put to use three times at most, and then he will never be able to put it to use again."
"Three times? But it’s also horrible, almost as powerful as me. How many monks can’t hold the first shot and fly out directly? How many shots can I block in your opinion? " Li Yan asked
The ancient head mused, "It’s hard to say that you are silent, firm but gentle, and you will be killed with one blow. You can cut the monk’s mind in half as soon as you cross the monk, and your sword-wielding speed is not slower than this man’s. If you fight, you have a better chance of winning. If you fight for life and death, the outcome will be 50-50. If this man can stab words together with three shots, then your chance will be even smaller."
"Are you? After what you said, I really want to deal with him. "I don’t know how excited Li Yan is."
"Old advise you’d better not deal with him. You two practice in the same direction. Once you fight, it’s easy to stop. Then it’s either you or me. Besides, isn’t this man your woman apprentice? Can you really be awkward? " The ancient head said
Li Yan suddenly remembered that there seems to be such a layer that suddenly lost most of his fighting spirit.
The night mark defeated a monk in an instant, which was quite shocking to people. Up to now, there were no people who deliberately challenged Taiwan. They all secretly estimated that if they met this move, they could stop it.
However, many people have a bottom in their hearts. Obviously, if they challenge themselves, they will be shot like the former man.
"This man’s strength is too strong to beat him." A monk who wanted to challenge shook his head at this, and then he would be bombarded directly if he left the strength gap.
He is not the only one who thinks this way, and many monks do. They feel that they are not sure of winning, and they all lose interest in challenging. Some leave and some want to join in the fun to see if anyone dares to challenge this man at this time.
Li Yan andao "If you go like this, even if you have been challenged by such a night mark, you can easily get a quota. It seems that this shock is really not small."
It is easy to get a quota by yourself, so there is still some gap less than this night mark. He came to subdue all the others and left a lot of effort.
The elder looked at the incense and asked, "Is there anyone to challenge?"
Everyone around the ring shook their heads and sighed when you looked at me.
"In that case, the final winner is this person, but at this time there are still some fashions left. If you still have the will to decide quickly, don’t regret it." The elder got up and said that if no one has challenged this quota, he will finalize himself and will not continue to sit here.
Obviously, in the end, some people have the confidence to challenge, so there is no suspense. Night Mark won this quota, which is unbelievable. Just beating one person makes others afraid to challenge again.
The elder finally announced the result, and then told him to come to the Taichu Temple at noon three days later and then left in a hurry.
Li Yan laughed. "Congratulations. I didn’t expect Brother Night to be so powerful, especially that shot."
Night Mark’s face is still cold. He said, "I’m also very interested in your swordsmanship. If I have the chance, I’d also like to see this quota fight for you. I’ll both take one and go to the ancient tomb together in three days. I’ll also meet other sects’ masters when I go there. I wonder if Brother Li has this will?"
Li Yan said, "I’m not a militant. If his sects don’t interfere with me, I won’t take the initiative to challenge them. Besides, the tomb is mysterious, and I don’t know what the danger is. Brother Ye should be careful not to lose big because of small things."
"Also" Night Mark wanted to think and nodded in agreement with Li Yan’s words "It’s not urgent, but when it’s urgent, it’s Yan Duanmu. I found out that this time, among the Amen, there will be a monk in Nuoxing. If the monk in Nuoxing is wooed by Yan Duanmu to go to the tomb this time, he will even try his best to eradicate us. I have to be careful."
After hearing this, Li Yan couldn’t help but frown. Although he knew that this monk would blend in with a Godsworn in Nuoxingjing, he was far from expecting that this monk in Nuoxingjing would be wooed by Yan Duanmu. If this is the case, he refused his invitation. This time, it would be easy for him to use the hand of the Godsworn in Nuoxingjing to eradicate himself.
"Isn’t this Yan Duanmu so narrow-minded just turned him down once to deal with me? But since this night mark woke up, I must not be targeted. I have to pay attention to it. "
Thought of here Li Yanxiao hand way "thank you brother night wake up this matter I have a bottom"
"Well, I’ll see you in three days." Night Mark said and left quickly.
Li Yan wanted to see which of the refiners and alchemists won, but he was not in the mood at this time, thinking that he was likely to face a monk in the realm of Nova, and he could not help but get dignified.
"This plan is still careful to try to break through to Nuoxing in the shortest time after entering the ancient tomb."
Back to the vice hall of the refiner, Li Yan didn’t intend to continue practicing, but made some preparations to re-wear the former dragon scales. At the same time, he refined a few mysterious objects, such as shoes and goggles, and strived to be the deputy arm. He is a refiner. There is no need to be stingy in this respect and he can do his best. After all, no one knows what dangers will be encountered in the ancient tomb. Even if there is no danger, it is not impossible for some sects to fight against each other in front of certain interests.
Li Yan had a visit to the ancient tomb of Tieyue Mountain, which had a deep understanding of this.
Once in three days, Chi was martyred. He repeatedly told Li Yan to take care of his daughter, read double letters, and let her come out of the tomb safely. Li Yan was also full of promises and just swore an oath. It seems that this master is very cautious about his own daughter. If he doesn’t do this well, he will probably be kicked out of the hall.
Chapter two hundred and thirteen Three days later
"It’s a pity that things were given to Yuan Xiang, or else you could bring more things, especially Dan medicine." Li Yan had eaten without Dan medicine at the beginning, but this preparation also prepared Jinji jade bone Dan Shen Li Dan Shen Dan to fill his stomach with Jingxue Dan.
However, these are not the means that Li Yan saved his life, which really made him confident that he could live in the face of Nuoxing’s condition. It was the fate of the stars. According to the original Datang Emperor Yi Li, he said that he would get the fate of the stars for a full month.
Li Yan believes that if he has a month of luck, then any problem will no longer be a problem.
"With this luck, I can also try to break through to the new star territory. I don’t know what kind of stars I will move to after the breakthrough. It is said that the stars represent the fate of the monks. The more famous the stars are, the higher their achievements will be. If they are the lowest stars, then the monks are also silent celebrities."
Li Yan’s eyes flickered all night, and after pranayama, his spirit got up a hundred times, and then he checked it to make sure that it was wrong, and then he left the refining hall and flew to the Taiamen Taichu Hall.
Because this is the third day.
Maybe I didn’t want to come to bid farewell to the two brothers and Chi Martyr, and no one showed up, but it’s all right or it really feels like where will you go.
At this time, the Imperial Palace is not as lively as it was three days ago. The monks are a little deserted. Although it is not noon yet, Li Yan has arrived. After all, this is a big snack.
"Huh?" Suddenly Li Yan saw a group of monks flying in the distance. These monks smelled of evil and were completely different from Tai ‘a’s brothers.
"It should be his sect brother. The leading man has a strong breath. Few monks in Nuoxingjing are behind him. It should be this time to go to the ancient tomb. I don’t know which sect pool this is. I said that his daughter is an evil sect brother."
Li Yan looked at it a few times, remembered the appearance of several people, and then flew into the hall of the beginning.
As soon as I entered the main hall, Li Yan was the first to see that several elders had appeared, and such an important event as Taiamen Chief should have appeared.