After the magic ceremony, they worshipped on the spot, "Please hurry up, we are afraid that Kilgardan will speed up the invasion of Azeroth."


"Ha ha ha!" Duke smiled. "Well, you guessed right, he did speed up. Normally, he will have finished entering Azeroth."
Everyone noticed Duke’s "normal situation" and everyone smiled at the same time.
"Let’s go! Look at what the last giant of the Burning Legion is now! " Duke finally drew out his butcher, Rapier, with a staff in his left hand and a sword in his right hand, and led everyone in the direction of Sunwell.
Glancing at the hesitation, Ereda smiled. "Just wait for our triumph at the gate of Sunwell Heights!"
Double happiness and deep worship
They are good at fighting, but they hate fighting in their bones and think it is a kind of trouble.
What’s more, if they just take refuge in Dukema and face their old owners on the battlefield, they really can’t guarantee whether Duke will help them if Kilgardani tries to kill them.
Now Duke, their participation in the war is of course like an amnesty.
As the team moved forward, the mage in the team noticed that every time the end of Duke’s staff touched the floor, there was a circle, and everyone except Faye felt the magic ripple spread.
As the Alliance Navy is doing now, it holds everything in the Sunwell by magic fluctuation feedback.
When everyone passed through the magnificent palaces with gorgeous corridors, they finally reached the highest and largest palace by the Sun Well.
The angry sound of Kilgardan in the palace gate hole came out from the inside. The terrible wave was so big that it actually sounded, and at the same time, a cloud of dust jumped out of the gate like a shock wave.
"Duke Marcus"
Not only did every member of Duke’s team laugh after blocking the dust in front a little.
Because they all saw a bust stuck at the door. No, no, Kilgardan.
"poof!" At this moment, the queen was relieved. Before she came here, she almost looked sullen.
What if Kilgardan is improper?
What if most of Kilgardan’s body has entered Azeroth?
Heavy melancholy finally haunted her heart like a nightmare.
At this time, of course, it is a cloud to see the sun.
The Lord and the Queen laughed, and the unscrupulous guys in the League naturally followed suit.
At that time, these mortal strong men who were despised by Kilgardan burst out laughing.
The body of the Chapter 1526 Laugh! Laugh as much as you want!
"my god! My waistline is thick enough. I didn’t expect it to be thicker. "Magny first patted his waist and vomited.
"Hey, the commander-in-chief of the Burning Legion got out of the waterway and miscalculated. Is his waistline stuck?" Jaina spat out a poisonous tongue without mercy.
"Kilgardan … you’d better lose weight!" It’s rare for the Queen to have the luxury to tease eggs.
"You should bring your ass here first so that I can kick your ass!" Magny faithfully perform his mocking role.
"hey! Are you sure you can reach his ass? " Muradin spat at him.
"Second brother, you are dirty!"
Of course, some of the alliance leaders will take the lead and others will not miss this opportunity to humiliate their sworn enemies. Suddenly, they chattered into a ball.
Only Ariel was dumbfounded. She finally met the ultimate demon king who persecuted the Delaney for 25 thousand years.
In fact, the horrible shape of Kilgardan is exactly the same as the three-dimensional model described by the Veyron teacher and in Delaney’s file.
It’s huge as a hill, even if it’s only half a body, the area with a diameter of nearly 100 meters in the hall is occupied by his huge body, and most of it is reserved for mortals and Azeroth demigods to fight. There is an annular area less than 30 meters away from the colonnade beside the hall.
Kil ‘jaeden’s bright reddish skin doesn’t give off like magma. Just a flick of his bat wings full of bumps can feel a heat wave unbearable for mortals.
His claws are quite huge. Just look at the size, he can grab a medium-sized tank with one hand and explode all the people and things inside with his sharp claws.
Reddish burly shoulders are two shoulder armors with savage style, with four huge corners obliquely pointing to the sky. There is also a brazier-like thing at the end of the shoulder armors. The surface of the shoulder armors is burning with eternal flame and suffocating. The two chains are crossed in zigzag, and there is a huge skull belt to match the body. Its skull decoration looks evil and horrible.
In the scorching air billow, there is still a faint wail of the dead, and those who were killed by him will die in the pit, and the souls of all ethnic groups will not rest in this purgatory.
If …
Without that strange golden halo around Kilgardan’s waist, it’s estimated that the strong men in the semi-league are now formidable.
Now all the terrible things in Kilgardan have become paper tigers, which has to be said to be an alternative irony.