After hearing what Lin Lingsu said, Zhao Ji reacted and shook his head with a smile. "I think it’s bad."


Lin Lingsu heart is andao Chu Yi being original can do it. With these hopes, you don’t really want to do outrageous things.
Off the Lin Lingsu, Zhao Ji looked a little strange before Lin Lingsu, but Zhao Ji looked calm.
A figure came out, not the ancestral hall, Zong Zheng, Zhao Yu and people.
Zhao Yu was not conspicuous in his clothes, and Zhao Ji turned around and looked at Zhao Yudao at the moment. "What does Uncle Chu Yi want to do in your opinion?"
Zhao Ji elders and the National People’s Congress can naturally have no fear in front of Zhao Yu and Zhao Ji. On the contrary, Zhao Ji has maintained some respect for Zhao Yu.
Zhao Yu said faintly, "If a statue of heaven and man doesn’t rebel against the imperial court, will it make bad friends? Is it because people in the imperial court want to push a statue of heaven and man to the royal opposite?"
In the face of Zhao Yu’s questioning of Zhao Ji, "If I really want to deal with Chu Yi, I won’t wait until today, but I can’t see through this person and I don’t know what he wants, but my heart is uncertain."
Being a bad king also requires the ability. Zhao Ji asked himself that he still had a good eye for people, but he found that he could not see through Chu Yi.
However, all people have desires in the world, whether it is wealth, color or power, and so on, but it seems to Zhao Ji that Chu Yi gives people a sense of unfathomable desires
It is precisely because I can’t see through Chu Yi and can’t grasp Chu Yi’s mind that Zhao Ji has a deep fear for Chu Yi. Fortunately, Chu Yi has gone out from the palace to serve others, even if it is a great price, Zhao Ji may have taken action.
Chapter one hundred Can’t wait!
Glancing at Zhao Ji lightly, Zhao Yudao said, "If you really don’t have a bottom, you might as well aim to recall several elders to the capital. When the capital has my royal family, several gods and men will sit in the town and fear it!"
Zhao Ji smell speech is a slight change in look, and the corners of his mouth are somewhat smiling. "Uncle is joking with me. No matter how unfilial Zhao Ji is, he can’t recall a few people who sit in my royal mausoleum. If anything happens to the mausoleum, I won’t go to see his ancestors!"
Obviously, Zhao Ji has made up his mind and refused to recall those who were sent to Zonglao. You know, that’s a few statues of heaven and man.
Moreover, it can be said that nature is the royal standpoint, and it is precisely because there are so many statues of heaven and man sitting in the royal house that the royal family can sit firmly in this strong world like a cloud.
Zhao Yu is not surprised by Zhao Ji’s reaction. He glanced at Zhao Ji with a slight sigh and said, "If there is nothing in pursuit, I will go back."
Zhao Ji seems to be afraid that Zhao Yu will recall those old things and immediately said, "Uncle, go all the way."
Seeing Zhao Yu leave like an ordinary old man was a sigh of relief. Being a Zhao Yu has already made him feel great pressure. If you really recall his elders as Zhao Yu said, wouldn’t he come out with a few more emperors?
You know, it took a lot of effort to send those elders to the Empress Dowager, but I don’t know how many benefits were made to be considered as the cooperation of several "xianggong" in the DPRK to send those elders out.
For the royal family, several clansmen are always royal, but for the sky, several clansmen are just like emperors.
Especially for a sex day like Zhao Ji, Zhao Ji feels crazy at the thought that he may be bound by these elders every day.
It is said that Zhao Ji would rather be an outsider like Lin Lingsu than recall the royal elders.
Lin Chong quickly walked into the room and shouted at Chu Yi as a ritual. "The Imperial City Department of the Governor’s Adult … has made a new move."
Chu Yi glanced at Lin Chong with some curiosity and said, "Oh, I don’t know who did this for the imperial city?"
Lin looked a little strange. "So that the governor can know that the selected candidate of the butler this time is somewhat unexpected."
Can let Lin Chong say that he wants to come to the imperial city for sure.
If you don’t, you will hear Lin Chongdao’s "pursuit is life. Lin Lingsu Real Emperor Company is temporarily responsible for governing the whole emperor company"
Chu Yi’s face was somewhat surprised. Chu Yi was quite surprised by Zhao Ji’s move. After all, Zhao Ji actually chose the chief of Lin Lingsu Imperial City Department, which was really beyond Chu Yi’s expectation.
Chu Yi thought about many people, but he really didn’t think that Zhao Ji would choose Lin Lingsu Imperial City Company.