A huge hoof slammed on Kane’s head.


The huge difference in size is often accompanied by the absolute difference in weight. At the beginning, this is the difference in strength between heaven and earth.
The mortal method bears the weight of Kane’s head. Although he clenches his teeth and holds the totem pole high, the weight still makes him look like a mountain, and his knees can’t help but bend slowly.
"Ha ha! Hahahaha! " In order not to let the guy in the way stop him, Archimonde directly put a "gas burst" on his own feet!
The first to be blown up was a group of orc heroes.
Then the human side.
Rao is that Mograine and Turayan have inserted Rapier into the ground to beg not to be hit, and the ground has been smashed. The two paladins still hit the ground, although it is not far away, but this is a fatal file.
See no one can come near, Archimonde than insidiously let out the "fire of destruction" on his own feet again.
It is true that he has a giant’s physique and is more powerful than others. In the final analysis, he is an Areda warlock!
What is the amateur program in melee?
Yes! He just wants to burn alive the only old cow who dares to face him in front of this group of rebels!
He’s seen through it. Without Kane, the top and foremost nuisance, the rest of us can’t stand his strength. He can chase these guys like ducks and kill them one by one.
Just as he was ready to wait for his feet to scream with a ferocious expression, suddenly his feet were blown away by a whole piece of fire, and his feet ached in an instant.
He saw his right hoof flying out by his right toe.
A voice that made him hate it sounded again, "You, I will let you step on people in this life!"
Chapter 95 It is better to break a finger than to hurt ten fingers.
Kane was desperate when he came to see the flames spread around him
It is purely a soldier’s glory that supports him.
Except for him, no three-faction hero can compete with Archimonde’s giant strength. If you want to change from positional warfare to pursuit, then a mage’s attack output will be reduced by at least 40%
It happened that the mage is the most in the whole team.
Kane can’t relieve the pressure, and neither can he.
Then a miracle happened.
A series of colorless wind blades passed by his feet. For a moment, Kane’s own hoof was about to be cut off. By sensing the natural forces, his horse found that the wind blades came from Duke.
Kane doesn’t know what this is about. He knows that Duke [Wind Blade] shoveled up the grass and turf in one breath and directly rolled it into a ball and blew it out. Then the surrounding fire disappeared, leaving black soil with burnt smell.
It’s not just Akta, the mage is stunned.
No one can imagine how to deal with those annoying [destructive fires] in this way.
Kael’thas was the first to realize that he pushed out the magic with one hand before the fire burned to himself, lifted the whole piece of turf in advance, and then [the fire of destruction] burned to the front moment, pushing out the flame and all the magic of scorched turf.
The tall flaming river was diverted in this way!
"I am white!" In no particular order, Jaina and Ronin shouted out in surprise at the same time, and none of them were idiots who could mix up to Huiyue level.
Flames can never rely on things. Flames must rely on combustibles or ignite vegetation, or stay in semi-combustible gas.
Although it is very difficult to make frost elements fight against this demigod-level flame, if you want to push the flame away, you can change the direction of the whole flame river and keep yourself and your teammates away from danger
Duke made this move. For Kane, it was just a pretty good teammate.
Far from being a great teammate.
Duke received the sword, which enlarged Duke’s image in his mind.
If Duke just dropped Archimonde’s finger by surprise attack, no one can see it clearly. At least Kane can see it clearly. It’s a thin sword as slender as a long needle to a tauren.
Is too slender for weapons.
You can’t watch the golden light on your face.
Real induction to just that gave him trauma holy light Archimonde has a reaction.
He exclaimed a.
I just wanted to lift the presser foot, but it was at this moment that there seemed to be a strange dislocation. The leaf-shaped toe on the right side of the devil’s hoof suddenly appeared a golden thin line that was almost exactly the same as just now.
It’s different from dismembering the cow just now. For the original thick and tough compound hoof, Duke is the most violent means. Rapier cuts off the cuticle of the hoof at its maximum output.
If Archimonde’s body is not weakened by the night elf’s emerald dream trick, Duke’s sword will be useless
But there are not so many ifs in the world.
As soon as the golden thread appeared, it extended to both sides at a high speed for a moment. With severe pain, I came to Archimonde to see my toes break from it. It was as huge as the black fingers on the roof of the house clicked and flew out. I kept spinning in the middle and then crashed into the black land ten meters away.
As if the moment was fixed.
The demon commander’s face was full of horror. He screamed and shouted "No"
If it can be said that he just broke his finger and barely fell into Duke’s trick, then this forced counterattack made him fully realize that he was weaker than he thought after being weakened twice by the array of Azeroth and Mount Hyjal.
"F * * king! Bastard! Motherfucker! "
Archimonde roared and launched a crazy attack.
Just now, if he could continue to step on it, he might even find Kane to get back at him. Unfortunately, breaking his toe with one sword had a great influence on him.
Injury to the arm or body will affect the attack at most, but the foot is the most troublesome. After losing a toe, Ake feels that his balance is obviously out of order, which is a very dangerous signal.
He is a dark craftsman of the Burning Legion with leg armor. He forged the golden demon armor with the highest technology, which protected his calf well, and he never remembered that nothing could hurt himself more than a thick and hard hoof.
It’s different now.
If he can’t support his body and collapse, then the melee professionals who have just besieged his calf will be able to give him a more direct blow, so he really may fall here!
Archimonde took out real kung fu.
Ten fingers, now it’s nine fingers, and just after the explosion, it became a barrage.
Although a wide range of [gas burst] has become a narrower attack area [gas cannon], its power has more than doubled.
"Boom!" There was a loud noise, flying grass clippings and sand all over the sky, including Duke’s many strong men. Everyone saw that Blockx’s right arm suddenly twisted in a very awkward posture. If it wasn’t for the flesh and blood still attached to everyone, his arm would have fallen off his shoulder.
It’s not just his arm. After he was accidentally hit by an air cannon, the whole person kept spinning and crashed into a huge stone tablet not far away.
"Blockx" sal issued an exclamation.
I didn’t expect that a fire phoenix, which was not much bigger than Tyrande White Tiger, swept by and seemed to be made of flames, and saved Blockx.
People were saved, but Blockx obviously lost his fighting capacity.
Dislocation and sprain is the most troublesome thing. If it is a simple wound, it can quickly heal the wound. If the limb is twisted or comminuted, it is necessary to remove the broken bone residue near the wound and put the bone in the right position before casting the spell, otherwise the bone will grow crooked and the arm will be disabled.
Duke’s eyes folded and he let the mage drag Blockx away from the battlefield and shouted, "It’s better to break a finger than to hurt ten fingers!"