Yan Shuhan shouted into Wei Lun and came in with a brown paper envelope.


I was a little confused when I came in. "Where did I upset you again, sir?"
Yan Shu-Han was so sour that he wanted to find out the person who had been calling ega at once and have a one-on-one fight
"What can I do for you?" Eyes rested on the hand holding the file bag "Yu Zhengfeng?"
"Well, yes, I took his gland sample to the laboratory of Jiangda University this morning and tested it with more sophisticated equipment. I found that his gland cells have strong regeneration ability. I took out your gland cells a little earlier and found that your cell regeneration ability is not the same."
"Well, he used to be a top alpha, which is a matter of course."
Yan Shuhan can clearly detect that Wei Lun has something to hide from him. "What else do you want to say?"
"Well … it’s also detected that the damaged part of his brain has a healing trend. Maybe I, I mean maybe, he will dream about something one after another and then think about it."
Chapter 114 Yes, wife
Wei Lun went out, but the sound still reverberated in his mind. Yan Shu-han put it aside and looked at the phone. He remembered that ega had been talking to others, and his brow could not help frowning deeper.
I don’t want to touch my mobile phone. When I move the mouse, my brain lights up. When I look at the screen, it’s eleven o’clock sharp.
It’s time to get ready for lunch
Lunch …
I had lunch with ega on a video call yesterday.
Ex-ega promised to make a video call with him after lunch.
I threw my eyes back at my mobile phone with a little expectation, but my heart was still a little suspended.
Unexpectedly, one second, the mobile phone screen suddenly lights up, and the special setting bell rings, which is light and joyful.
In 26 years, I have never been so surprised and happy because of a call invitation. Yan Shuhan quickly picked up his mobile phone and opened the answer, then quickly glanced at his brain screen and stuck it on the radiation protection board.
Yeah, it’s not messy. It’s quite correct
In the screen, Su Mo looked at alpha, who appeared in the screen almost immediately after he sent out the call invitation, and blinked.
"Madam" Yan Shuhan let out a gentle cry. Without waiting for Su Mo’s reply, she was very conscious and sincere. "Madam, don’t be angry, okay?"
Su Mo surprised surprised "I …"
Yan Shuhan quickly answered the words, "It’s not my fault that I didn’t do a good job in Yan City. I don’t care about it. This help will soon unload my wife. Don’t feel bad."
Su Mo opened his eyes wide and froze what he wanted to say and didn’t know how to say it. "Sir, I …"
"Is Madame still angry?"
Feeling gentle "attack" doesn’t seem to work for ega, Yan Shuhan began to play pity.
Who can be angry at this situation?
Besides, anger is not caused by alpha.
Seeing that people are so kind to him, Su Mo’s heart is so soft that any bad mood has turned into love for alpha.
"No angry sir, at least I’m not angry with Mr." Su Mo explained to people very gently with remorse. "It’s my fault at noon. I shouldn’t have lost my temper and hung up on Mr. without telling him."
"Will you forgive me, sir?"
Say this, ega is too good to speak softly and softly, and slowly act like a coquetry kitten.
Yan Shuhan felt that his heart was going to be sweetened. Besides, he was never angry with his wife.
He is a little scared, afraid of each other’s anger, and it is also sour …
Speaking of sour, soothing and cold eyes, my heart sank and my expression on ega seemed more and more wronged.
"I’m not angry with my wife, but who was the person who spoke to my wife about ten minutes ago? I talked for a long time-how did I call my wife just now? The voice showed that my wife’s number was busy and I couldn’t get through. "
"Sir was calling me just now?"
Su Mo was a little surprised, but also felt that there was nothing to hide, so he told alpha exactly what had just happened.
Yan Shuhan looked serious after listening to it, but he was also relieved. "Madam, don’t pick up that number when you are unfamiliar. I will check it later and update the phone system for Mrs."
Update system … Well, I saw his mobile phone system the other day. It seems to be the latest.
However, Su Mo seems to understand the meaning of alpha, and some people are in distress situation.
"Sir, do you want to install positioning and eavesdropping programs in my mobile phone?"
Yan Shu cold look a little embarrassed to see this reaction. Su Mo smiled slightly and knew that he was probably right. "Mr. Install it. I also think it’s better to install such a gentleman."
"Madam …" Yan Shuhan gently shouted Su Mo.
Su Mo smiled at people, sweet, gentle and soft, a bit like coaxing children.