Just like Xu Xing’s general practice according to the Law of Merits and Charismas changed by Wen Jun, he can learn it in an instant.


At present, the foundation of Lingfu Daoism, the method of Merit and Lingfu Daoism, has been practiced successfully, and it can be practiced into a magical power in an instant.
The wild Daogen method "Wan Hua Hua beast Yu Ling Jing" can be practiced into the avatar.
And with these two methods, Ling Qing thought of combining Zhou Tianxing’s Dare from Gang malefic master.
Will "Star Royal Spirit Treasure Beads Classic" also be sorted out and evolved into the magical power of changing stars for fighting.
However, this matter is not a temporary success, but it needs to be slowly explored.
These two doors bear two kinds of magical powers of the highest plough, which is enough to make people practice the peak of fairy tales.
At the same time, there is also a cultivation of immortality
But then, if you want to go further, you can really prove yourself in this way.
It is necessary for Lingqing to understand two kinds of boundary changes after crossing the threshold of fairy and fairy, so as to successfully pass through to the practice of fairy.
The same is true of the fairy method.
There are all reasons, but the truth is the truth after all, and we need to practice before we know whether it is true or not.
Chapter six hundred and fifty-five Day injury Lord
Surrounding Bazhou, although there is no bustling lights in Tokyo, Lantern Festival is also quite lively.
This is Dasong’s attitude towards life.
Even if the people at the bottom have had a meal, the officials can’t watch it without fireworks and beautiful lights.
I didn’t say goodbye to Lingji South until after the Lantern Festival.
There’s nothing wrong with a brainwave. After all, you have to walk alone.
Not to mention that he continued to practice his soldiers and then fought with Liao from time to time to grab some materials and come back to hone and strengthen the army.
Lingqing came to Cangzhou all the way southeast.
This place is not far from the border, and it is also a bitter and cold place in Northeast China for Dasong.
Most of those who have committed crimes will be sent here to arrange for the frontline army to prepare materials in the prison camp.
And ready to accept the call-up when the war comes.
Not only that, but when these troops are deployed to the front, they are filled into the death camp as cannon fodder.
But if you don’t want to end up in this situation, there are ways.
That’s beside the famous Chai Daguan here.
This Chai Daguan is the grandson of the post-Chai Rong clique in Zhou Shizong, and there are iron coupons from the Emperor Taizu.
He is generous and generous, and likes to win over heroes from all directions. He is known as the contemporary Meng Changjun.
This person is the heavenly star, known as the small whirlwind Chai Jin.
All prisoners sent to Cangzhou can visit his village.
If you can get his attention, then you won’t suffer in the prison camp
Moreover, he will take in those exiles who have committed crimes when they arrive at his village.
At this time, Wu Song, the celestial injury star, hid from him.
A year and a half ago, his hometown Qinghe County accidentally injured someone and killed him by mistake, so he took advantage of the chaos to escape.
One is a young man who has some strength but has never been far away. After a year of wandering,
I also learned what is sinister in Jianghu, and I also learned what is cruel in the world.
He came to Chai Jin Zhuang six months ago and was taken in by him.
However, although he has experienced a lot of Jianghu things and learned a lot at this time, he has not learned tactfully, and he is still in his traditional temper.
Once you are drunk and drunk, you will get an old punch when you look at someone who is slightly wrong.
He is gifted, divine, and endowed with strength of 3500 Jin.
Is that it doesn’t take much effort to get ordinary people down on their knees for mercy.
What’s more, he added a lot of strength after drinking.
He learned some fist and fist kung fu from a monk in the Jianghu. Where is his opponent?
Others can’t beat him, so they go to Chai Jin and say he’s not.
Now Chai Jin is gone, too. When I first saw him, I was so happy that I left him hanging.
He wanted to go at this time, but he was afraid that his hometown lawsuit had not been sold and he dared not go back to implicate his brother.
Nai sighed, "Let’s just let my brother stay here for a while."
It’s better to live here than to live outside. "
Wu Song will be covered by a Ramon, and soon he will sleep soundly.
Vaguely, he felt that there was something different around him. He suddenly turned up and looked around with a pair of iron fists.
He used to be ambushed in his sleep, and he found out before he woke up.
However, at this time, I saw that I was a ten-foot-wide platform surrounded by clouds and fog.
Only there is a high platform not far ahead, and a Taoist who can’t see clearly is mumbling.
"You this fellow is what person? Get me here? " Wu Song pointed to the road flyover Shirley drink a way.
However, the emperor Miao Dao didn’t intend to take a reason. He was looking at the magic star with his eyes open.
Then the body magic gas characteristics are announced a little bit.
However, Wu Song, the star walker, deserves to be a hero.
A handsome figure, a pair of eyes shooting at the cold star, two curved eyebrows muddy as paint.
The chest is wide, and it is difficult to be down a peg or two; Speak with dignity, spit out a thousand feet of spirit.
The heart is as bold as a lion in the sky; Strong bones and strong muscles are like shaking the seat.
It’s like the demon Lord from heaven. He’s really a lion in his den.
Seeing the poem number, the master of monty is too old to understand.
Now he is down and out in Chai Jin Zhuang, but he still doesn’t change his style.
However, Lingqing looked at it and found that this is another hidden front of the Buddha’s edge with the main body behind it
It was he who talked exclusively about the Taoist method, but never saw anyone come to him like the wise elder.