In addition, Lingyun can reconcile the natural grievances between the two sides.


However, this scene made Tian Ying look thoughtful in her heart.
It really is a kind of compassion and generosity, and it must be said that it is really compassionate and generous when it is all about me.
Even Dan Ying almost died in Lingqing and Tian Yong’s hands if it wasn’t for all the people who would kill the cold.
How can everyone be so devoted to it?
However, she is not rectal either. Although she is feeling deeply in her heart, she doesn’t show her face at all.
It is a smile and a conversation with Dan Ying, Wen Xiuying and Cui Renying.
After all, she is the only woman in the seat, and she should come forward when the other party is a woman.
After a banquet, we should be invited by Guanghan Xian to stay in Muxian Temple.
Lingyun, however, said goodbye to everyone and turned to Qiansongguan.
He was invited by Zhu Guang to talk to both sides.
Now, although it has experienced some twists and turns, it can be regarded as achieving its goal.
Besides, he has been away from the view for a long time and wants to go back and have a look.
It’s good for everyone to say goodbye.
Back to Mu Xian ‘an Lingqing and others talked with Dan Ying again.
Speaking of her income, this lunar bearing is also quite distinctive, and it is also unique to understand this alchemy and shaping together without mentioning the divine light.
Let Lingqing and others learn a lot after hearing about it.
In particular, over time, Lingqing Beasts can learn from the essence of the sun and cultivate into demons.
And the alchemy of the Taiyin pulse and the alchemy of shape are even more mysterious for Yuehuali.
This makes him flash with flashes of light if he wants to expand the twelve spirits and beasts.
But Dan Ying also admires everyone’s affairs.
Everyone’s practice is a different road, which contains a unique truth.
What she thought and said also opened her eyes.
Although she is not bad, she is partial to one place and devoted to monasticism, so she lacks some knowledge.
Finally, Dan Ying said with emotion
"It was I who was biased. I also traversed southern Xinjiang and broadened a lot of experiences. Later, I was bent on clearing up.
But it is a bit complacent. You are well-informed and have a broad vision. "
"Sister, don’t sell yourself short. It really makes me wait for you to achieve this achievement alone."
Tian Ying smiled and said
In other words, the skills you practiced in Laoshan were not carefully pointed out by your senior brothers.
All the passes in front of this man’s fairy have been made clear, so it needs to be done step by step.
There are many fragments of time to broaden your horizons.
But Dan Ying groped alone after receiving it.
The hundred thousand mountains in southern Xinjiang are vast, but what can we learn from standing still?
Mu Xian ‘an can’t naturally cultivate any profound information, and she can achieve this achievement with her talent.
After Lingqing and others took her to experience some kind of mysterious homework.
It is also a sigh for her. It proved to be subtle.
What she has received is not the Xuanmen achievement method, but it is also the right way of the road, and she naturally has the kung fu of cultivating the mind and nourishing the nature.
However, these methods are either too demanding in practice or limited by inheritance to others.
This is also the reason why she can watch Mu Xian ‘an being influenced by flowers and evil spirits.
In view of this, she asked Lingqing and others for advice whenever she had leisure.
And her sermon is also very rewarding for everyone, so it is also very comfortable.
After that, for several days in a row, there was a constant feast.
Straight everyone is mainly Tian Ying and Dan Ying who are completely familiar with each other before they get up at will.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-two The custodian of the detective
Since then, Zhu Guang has been closed every day to consolidate his self-cultivation.
Tian Yong also digested that the income from slaying the bodhi old zu of Golden Cicada could make a fairy as soon as possible.
Zhang Zhe is practicing his own way to sacrifice and refine some damaged poisonous cold light masks.