This is the power of hope, and this is the cause that can support Qin Yu’s persistence.


"Why don’t you dress? Aren’t you cold? "
Conveniently will shoulder wild boar to throw Zhang Xiang confused stare at Qin Yu along while, and then said softly as he spoke, he took off his black strength and then handed it to Qin Yu at hand.
Looking at the clothes in front of him, Qin Yu said a sentence of thanks in a low voice, so he quickly put himself in the rest of the words and waited for himself to warm up. Besides, it’s not too late. But when he got dressed, he pointed to Rong Yue and Wei Chi, who were still lying in a coma.
See the eyes Qin Yu refers to the two female dolls Zhang Xiang also no longer say anything, because he can Bai Qin Yu will choose to freeze himself rather than cover his two female bodies. If he were in his shoes, he would surely do the same.
Because this is a man’s nature.
"This guy is really strong. You and I will take a rest first. You go and see if there is any dry firewood around. You go and pick up some for us. It’s this hour. There is no ignition in this mountain forest."
A butt sitting on the ground and then reached out and patted Li Rui’s chest to feel the ups and downs of his brother’s chest before he looked back at Qin Yuran and said softly.
"Well, you just have a good rest here and I’ll look around."
Get up and then stretch out your hand to pat Zhang Xiang on the shoulder, but when Qin Yu put his hand on the shoulder for more than half, he can’t take it anymore. He has no reason to comfort each other, and he is even less qualified to comfort each other because he thinks he is not qualified at this time.
Embarrassed, I took back my right hand and gave Zhang Xiang a warm smile. Qin Yu walked into this dark mountain forest alone.
Looking at leaving Qin Yu, Zhang Xiang felt gratified.
Qin Jia, do you know how much you are like your big brother when you were young? I hope you can keep your bottom line like your big brother in the future.
Qin Jia, I don’t know what you and Big Brother said before, but I can read a feeling from the way Big Brother looked at you, a feeling of believing you.
The Qin family will be on your own when I send you out of Qingzhou’s future road.
I’ll finish what big brother didn’t finish.
Don’t let me see away. Don’t let eldest brother see away.
Come on, Qin Jia!
Chapter two hundred and thirteen
Looking at the meat that was baked by charcoal fire and oily on the hind legs, Qin Yu suddenly looked a little absent. In front of him, the little flames were beating wildly, just like the life that was unwilling to be oppressed by fate. This palm was dancing happily, like breaking the shackles, like rushing out of the shackles, like getting rid of them completely.
"Eat quickly, or it will get cold!"
A delicate line to impressively is Rong Yueren.
It seems that Rong Yue’s physical quality seems to be better than others. She is also the third person to wake up after Zhang Xiang and Qin Yu. Of course, that time when she woke up with Wang Hu didn’t count. After all, she was in a coma again because of Fu Hu. At this time, she can be regarded as Qin Yu and others who woke up in the same wave.
Even if Rong’s strength is perhaps the best among several people.
Looking at Qin Yurong sitting around her, I don’t know how to break the deadlock. She can smile awkwardly at Zhang Xiang, and then Zhang Xiang will be handed to her. The branch of wild boar that was strung with a large piece was handed to Qin Yu intact, and she said softly while gently kicking the other person’s right foot.
"thank you"
Qin Yu is also welcome to follow these delicious roasted meats. After all, everyone is so familiar, so he will conveniently give this skewer to take over and then look at Rong Yue’s eyes and thank him lightly.
"Hey, look at what you’re thanking. Thank you. Eat it quickly. It won’t taste good when it’s cold."
Rong month say then got up and then got up and took a few Qin Yu shoulders intentionally, which bypassed him and Zhang Xiang and came to several people’s side positions and leaned over to each other. These friends who have not yet recovered from a coma posted their hands on their foreheads.
Feel a few people still have normal body temperature and then carefully observe a few people who were injured by the cage competition. After a little simple treatment of these injuries, Rong Yue sat in the middle of Qin Yu and Zhang Xiang.
Hold out your hand to warm the bonfire. It’s a little cold with your hands frozen. When Rong Yue can feel a little heat flow, she leaned out and tore a large piece of fat hind leg meat from the bonfire. Some brown meat was baked regardless of what a lady looks like, so she handed it directly to her mouth.
Bite away your tongue and make it fragrant.
"Come and have a taste of this piece, Sister, and see how it is baked."
At first glance, Rong Yue is so grounded. Zhang Xiang suddenly loves Rong Yue. Of course, his love for Rong Yue is by no means that kind of admiration for men and women. He loves Rong Yue because his character in his eyes is really like his daughter’s. At this moment, when he looks at Rong Yue, she is so temperamentally sitting on the ground and eating meat, the yearning for life in his heart is once again inspired by Rong Yue.
Rong Yue muttered while chewing the food in his mouth, and then reached out and obtained a large piece of golden lean meat from Zhang Xiang.
Bite hard when it’s full of happiness.
Looking at Rong month at the moment, the sample is again associated with the state when they first met. Qin Yu not only chuckled.
"By the way, I still don’t know your name. I think it’s time for you to say it."
Bite one’s hand and barbecue Qin Yu smiled and asked softly toward Rong Yue.
"I’ll tell you when I want to tell you. Just sit there quietly and eat for a while. Be good and don’t bother my sister for dinner again!"
Eyebrows a wrinkly eyes reveal a teasing Qin Yu rhyme, and then while chewing the meat in his mouth, he teased the other party vaguely and even put his greasy hands back and forth in front of the right side.