Even if he still can’t find a clue, there is hope after all


This made him have a little doubt about Lingqing’s identity and a little affirmation.
This tangle made him want to ask Lingqing what he thought in his heart.
But he looked at Lingqing carefully and saw that he seemed to have some reaction to himself.
Mao Renying immediately pressed the impulse to stop saying that this topic is to talk about his own understanding of the avenue in Maoshan practice.
Ling Qing’s mind is very simple. He came to this world for his own purpose, that is, to hold the world key in his own hands.
Moreover, this objective does not need too much help from Sanshan or the imperial court.
Only when he has mastered this world key and wants to send this world do he need to deal with them.
The main purpose of his visit to Maoshan is not to win over or please Maoshan.
More importantly, he wants to see the Maoshan practice in this world.
If you really want to establish any diplomacy, leave it to others.
Therefore, hearing Mao Renying talk about his own practice is exactly what he wants.
After listening, I also come up with my own theoretical discussion from time to time.
This has also benefited both sides.
Hou Lingqing stayed in Maoshan with a brainwave and others for several days. Every day, he either visited Huayang Cave or went out to see the scenery of Maoshan.
At the same time, it also discusses the practice of Taoist temples in Maoshan.
Maoshangen Dharma is the master of refining God, unlike Lingqing’s innate master of refining God.
In addition to the true sutra of the Great Cave, they mainly inherited the teachings of the Five Thunder of the Heavenly Land, Lingbaowei’s Calling the Gods, and the Five Symbols of the Cave and the Xuan.
And derive several pulse methods accord to their different practices.
For example, the Yuanfu Wanning Palace, which Mao Renying was in charge of, was mainly to practice the ritual of fasting.
The Chongxi Wanshou Palace is a kind of soldier who is proficient in Lei Fa altar.
The abbots of these two palaces, Huayang Cave and his deputy Lingguan respectively, represent Maoshan’s external benchmarking strength.
The name of Wanfu Palace is not as loud as that of the outside world, but it is extremely important for Maoshan.
This palace is very proficient in summoning gods to serve ghosts, and Maoshan trains Taoist soldiers to protect the gods.
Mao Shan’s younger brother suggested that Yin soldiers were mostly from this palace.
In addition, it is mainly due to the breakthrough of the Jedi Heavenly Practitioner Method, which makes the immortals immortal.
Therefore, some Maoshan elders don’t want to go to the underworld to be exploited by the ghost king of Yinshan after their longevity, so they stay in Maoshan to be cared for by their younger brothers.
At the same time, it also protects the legal domain of Maoshan underworld.
His veins are either carefully studied or well-read by many people.
For example, it is impossible for such a long-standing clan to do everything with one scripture.
Even some branches have seen the shadow of Zhenghe and Zhendan Dharma.
This makes Lingqing have some ideas about the Taoist concept of purity or whether Laoshan religion should grow stronger in the future.
Chapter five hundred and sixty-six Being original MuJing soft
After a visit to Maoshan for three or five days, Lingqing led the three people to bid farewell to Mao Renying Li Changyang.
"Is there any vision of Master’s way to be a halal and humane gentleman?" Looking at drifting away, Ling Qing, four people, Li Changyang could not help but ask Mao Renying