"It’s hard to be elegant, but it can sort out the gains of heaven and earth. That’s why I do it. If the Taoist friends don’t give up, they can choose their younger brothers to come to our office and take responsibility for heaven and earth." Qin Mu Ye directly said.


It means that when his company is the boss, let his third brother come and work for him as an employee, and then Qin Mu Ye will pay wages and bonuses according to his performance.
"This ….." The Taoist Lord also hesitated. It seems acceptable at first glance, but I don’t know what the salary of Qin Mu Ye is like.
"Taoist friends and look at this land responsibility," Qin Mu Ye said, and he touched a letter from God. This is the ability of fate clay tablets to analyze. Of course, the clergy is not the abyss, but the metaphysical realm
It’s no good for the Taoist master to see through this imperial edict at a glance, but it’s unusual to promote it to his brother.
The resources needed by the younger brother will be reduced a lot, and the post will be sorted out, and the qualifications of his own bones will be improved with the help of the divine edict, and even the magical powers can be cultivated into one side.
More importantly, there are many positions in this sacred edict, but the land is the smallest, and the higher the clergy, the more benefits it will have.
So he is also moved.
Yes, but there are also some hesitations. According to the other party’s offer, I am afraid that the term of office will go to this hand.
"Taoist friends are still Taoist friends even in wartime, but we have to agree on one thing. After all, my brother-in-law has to be a priest when I have a hard fight. What do you think?" Qin Mu Ye saw Taidao’s main idea and immediately said
"This is not too harsh, is it?" Lord Taidao was also surprised when he heard this. He didn’t know whether he was forbearing or really open-minded.
"Oh, of course, they can’t be duplicitous if some small things are ordered." Qin Mu Ye made another request.
"It’s natural for Taoist friends to pay so much and never mistreat them." The Taoist Lord promised on his behalf when he said this.
"Since Taoist friends have a heart, there is also a saying that this kind of divine edict is, after all, my inspiration. Therefore, if the incense is served, it is necessary to smoke a hundred cigarettes. After all, it is not easy for me to maintain a large Shinto." Qin Mu Ye knew that this matter could not be concealed.
However, he said here that it was drawn, but actually, that is not necessarily the case.
"Do Taoist friends deserve this?" The Taoist master didn’t think there was any problem. He smoked less than half and ended up smoking so little.
"That’s enough. If there is another world in the future, please give it a convenience." Qin Mu Ye means that I don’t make money from our own people, but if there is a new world, I have to give me benefits or I will lose.
At this time, the Taoist master is also relieved. If you really don’t want anything, this will be a problem.
"It’s natural to say that Taoist Xuanzhen can’t let Taoist harm this matter, so I will go to Kunlun and Penglai to discuss it and be sure to live up to Taoist boxing!" Lord Taidao said with a smile that this is beneficial and naturally it is one of our own.
Chapter 734 Saint’s Shinto Test for Food and Profit
The whole consultation process is very simple, and Qin Mu Ye also participated in it, which is the first formal discussion.
There are no twists and turns except that Heaven has indicated that it wants to reconsider this.
The reason is very simple. This matter involves too much. After all, it is the whole metaphysical world. If you really do it according to Qin Mu Ye, then the biggest loss is heaven. After all, although the priesthood was built by Qin and Mu Ye, the real whole is the whole metaphysical world.
Of course, if you don’t have a problem with Qin Mu Ye, it’s already quite rare. Heaven won’t really say that you don’t even want to give it. If you really disagree with it, it’s Qin Mu Ye.
Even the leaders of the three religions will help Qin Mu Ye to talk and discuss that deity is a kind of interest division. If this family’s plate has not been set up, you will kick them away. Then who will play with you? Do you take it yourself?
The real objection is that before he took it out, the proportion was Qin Mu Ye accounting for one percent, one brother accounting for twenty-nine percent, and the remaining sixty leaders of the three religions each accounted for ten percent, while the remaining thirty percent was filial piety to Heaven. Everyone has a share in Heaven, and after all, it is the world’s oldest.
In Qin Mu Ye’s loss, one percent of the income is drawn from each of the three religions to compensate Qin Mu Ye, that is to say, Qin Mu Ye has one percent of the shares in the three religions, but this share has dividends and no other benefits.
Follow-up can also obtain various priorities and preferential policies of the colonial world and so on.
Therefore, Qin Mu Ye naturally has no opinion, and the opinion point is that his brother is twenty-nine percent, and Heaven says that he wants fifty percent, which means that his brother has nine percent Shinto income.
This makes the leaders of the three religions sit still. After all, this is for the benefit of their brothers, not really for the filial piety of heaven.
Let my brothers work hard, and the result is that they get a line lower than they get. This allows them to cultivate a reduction plan and scrap it directly. Then what do they take the lead in sealing the gods?
It’s not that they defend their shortcomings, mainly because the success of this project can greatly reduce the number of religions, which is also very beneficial to them. After all, the Xuanzhenjie deification plan has been successful and will be laid in the colonial world in the future, which will be quite impressive.
Unfortunately, the interests of the differences are too great. Heaven wants to take half of them. They can understand, but they won’t agree.
I didn’t see that even their three religious leaders have 10% each.
Good a lot of people are also quite restrained. After having objections, they said that the interests of the next consultation need to be redistributed.
It’s true that the mouth says so, but in fact, it’s either that heaven says three religions’ leaders or that the three religions’ leaders say heaven, or that they compromise and redistribute interests.
These interests that have nothing to do with Qin Mu Ye and Qin Mu Ye have all been fixed. Whether it is the leader of the three religions or Heaven, they will not target him or deliberately break the contract.
Qin Mu Ye is a technical party. Why bother him?
Mu Ye left Qin to do it himself? This is even more nonsense, not to mention that Qin Mu Ye’s asking price is low and wonderful. Otherwise, what are they doing to make up for Qin Mu Ye’s loss, and even if they do it themselves, there is no way to reproduce Qin Mu Ye’s technology.
Xuanzhen may indeed have a Shinto-type world, but Shinto technology is not as good as Qin Mu Ye’s hand technology. Instead, if you really want to earn Shinto benefits, you will lose money. If you really want to make money, you can’t wait until Qin Mu Ye to start work.
His Shinto technology is the core of fate clay tablet technology, and only by transporting some data of the Korean body and Gendaya mother can such a great benefit be generated. Those Shinto technology roots in the colonial Shinto world can’t compare with Qin Mu Ye.
Plus the unique encryption method, the leader of the Three Religions is heaven, and it takes a lot of manpower and material resources to decipher it. However, they really don’t have that face and don’t want to offend Qin Mu Ye for no reason. If you don’t let Qin Mu Ye make money, Qin Mu Ye can leave this world and make it in another place.
After all, for Qin Mu Ye, this is not a place where he was born and raised, and he has no feelings.
"But it’s wonderful for me to prepare for heaven first. Let me start construction before your project is discussed." Qin Mu Ye vomited.
This sacred plan must be passed. There is no problem in this respect, but when it will be passed is unknown.
For the leader of the Three Religions or the Heaven, it will take a thousand years to speak a Tao or a dharma. There is no value in the metaphysical world, and if you are not careful, you may not have a hundred years.
It is unlikely that we will discuss it again in the short term, so we have to have private contact.
Probably just wooing and suppressing.
Although the three religions share the same source, it does not mean that the interests are consistent. After all, it is impossible to say that they all share the same interests, and the leaders of the three religions consider more.
So there are flaws in practice.