Chu Yun agreed, "I have my own discretion in mending the sky furnace. It’s not just time for you and me to make moves. Let’s take a walk in those old places and settle some past events."


Liu Yundao finally said, "Let’s not talk about this. Are you sure that this trip to a foreign country can bring about a complete change?"
Chu Yun finally said, "I will choose one half of the achievement method to give him enough for him to understand the other half and let him find it himself-"
Chu Yun gently waved the sky and the earth changed, and they soon disappeared. When this piece of space was empty, the starry sky was dazzling, but it did not attract any attention from them.
Chapter 23 Conspiracy and intrigue
The vast sea area hides the number of waves that have been rolled up by rough waves and high winds along the East China Sea.
"zhou ying Taishan turmoil this time, according to your judgment, what are the two strengths of good and evil?"
A middle-aged man is indifferent to the fact that his clothes are old in his forties, which is very similar to some kind of secret sacrificial robe. It is gray and mottled with traces of time, which seems to belong to the wilderness and the middle ages. This troubled times should not have happened.
It was zhou ying, who looked respectful and had no pride. He didn’t dare to hesitate to say anything to the old man. He replied, "This time, the turmoil in Mount Tai is a crisscross of good and evil. Even I almost died. There are many masters of good and evil, and even the strong Jin Xian fought. It’s a pity that the strong Jin Xian fought in the cloud nine. We are so ordinary monks. If the aftermath breaks out, we can’t resist it. Fortunately, there are many fairy arrays, banned guardians and the ancient and remote-"
The middle-aged man, who is called the magic Taoist, waved and stopped, "I’ve heard that he seems to be careless when he dies. You just keep asking for information. You can’t touch too much when you are limited. I’ll give it to you. This is a special life-prolonging pill, but when you extend your life for three months, someone will naturally tell you where you will meet."
Say that magic road flyover body suddenly flashed like a phantom to directly disappear in the sight of zhou ying.
Zhou ying holding the life-prolonging pill hurriedly swallowed it without the slightest hesitation, and then the gas mountain filled the air and luck went away.
After zhou ying left, he counted his breath, and the phantom flashed again. He smiled coldly and then looked back at the vast sea.
Another gray shadow flashed, a middle-aged man who was also wearing an ancient sacrificial robe, but his robe was bluish gray.
He doesn’t know when the seaside step is to cross the baizhang like a shadow, but there are some shadow-killing styles, but obviously they have not reached the realm of Jinxian.
"There are only a few people in the wasteland of Jin Xian. This time, Taishan almost appeared, but it was just a group of Wu Hezhong. When several masters really made moves, it was the destruction of both good and evil."
The man suddenly spoke a surprising and shocking ratio.
The magic Taoist smiled strangely and said, "The thing for you and me is to stir up the contradiction between good and evil and set off a fairy war. Once good and evil really fight Kyushu turmoil, it is the best time to sweep through the wild."
The shadow Taoist nods, "It’s true that the Guang Cheng Xuan Zun Huang Fu Ling Tian Guan Tian Bao was affected. The Jin Xian Da Bao didn’t finish the exhibition, but it was just a new Jin Xian. The Jin Xian Zi Hua Xian Zun Xu Ling and the Ghost Valley are all good at dealing with the seven-star peacock. We have mastered its fatal weakness, but the left-hearted emperor is indeed a talented person. In such a short period of time, it has been made into Jin Xian. We have to be cautious about the last Taikoo Master. But how many majors have shocked a Taikoo Master?"
Another flash of light, and a third person appeared on the spot.
This person, the two people who call themselves Taoist priests, are obviously wearing a gray-black sacrificial robe from the same route. He has an awe-inspiring murderous look at the two people. "Now, good and evil are too underestimated. After the fairy war, several main forces will be killed again, and the source of the Buddhist world in the western regions will be completely destroyed."
When the other two saw him, they all smiled and said, "Taoist Ling, since you’re here, I think the Lord has given it to us completely. Let’s talk about it."
The Taoist priest smiled mysteriously and nodded, "This time, the Taoist priest has set off separately. The former will enter the demon domain and say that the demon queen peak master will cause conflicts in the demon domain. Everyone knows that the demon domain once had a fierce conflict with Wan Yuzong. The two sides have a blood feud, and the Taikoon Xuanyu Tiangong is in the middle of the world. If there is a chance to cause a fatal blow to Wan Yuzong, the demon queen peak will never be soft; Road flyover Yu Soul, he will lead to the confrontation between people in the nether world and Kyushu League Exhibition, so that we can still enjoy ourselves. "
The Taoist Magic was slightly puzzled and asked, "Eyes are right and evil. Let’s take a break. Although Taoist spirit of war is proficient in the soul occult arts of the nine secluded souls, it seems that it is not enough to provoke such a big dispute."
Taoist Ling laughed. "What do you think would happen if I told you that Jiuyou Jinglan was born?"
The magic Taoist was a little surprised when he heard this. "Is it true that the Lord wants to seize things?"
Road flyover Lingdao has not spoken yet, but he is the first to say, "According to the list of exotic foreign bodies in the three realms of wasteland, this flower can rank first among the top ten exotic flowers, also known as wishful heart orchid. These are all recorded in ancient times. I have heard the trace of this flower since the drought and war. There are seven petals in this exotic flower, each of which can emit colorful light. According to the Lord, the mysterious ratio is also a statue of supernatural cultivation, but it has not soared to the sky, so almost no one has seen the specific secrets, and only a few masters can be clear."
Road flyover magic smell speech nods "so with this flower, the ghost world in the underworld will inevitably intervene in the Kyushu Union, and the emperor is willing to search for fairy treasures, and Qibao will never let this flower go. This flower is not like the tricolor lotus, the soul dream orchid or the other side flower. The former is rare at most, even if it is rare. It should be said that it is difficult to find the second pearl in the wild."
The Taoist priest who nodded slightly continued to say, "This time, I will sneak into the evil world and infiltrate into the Alcatraz Island to kill some demons who cultivate lower people and get rid of some demons and demons with good foundations. I will be angry and doubt the right path because none of us dare to touch the ground except the right path, and the demons don’t know that we are hey hey for you two-"
He laughed so evil that he revealed all the deadly tricks.
Chapter 24 Encounter Bone Magic
Let’s talk about the spirit road flyover, the phantom road flyover, the three masters’ breath is very strange, positive and evil, which makes it difficult to judge the specific origin, but from the perspective of several main names, we can still guess some clues.
For this sudden appearance, the Taoist priest arranged a poisonous trick in all directions, and the Taoist priest finally snorted, "What is my magical Taoist?"
Taoist Lingdao said to him, "It’s not easy for Xuanyu Tiangong Road to be guarded by Taoist protectors in secret. The goal of Taoist Lingdao is that Xuan Nv can get a glimpse of an opportunity to hit hard, which will also cause Xuanyu Tiangong’s anger. It’s not difficult, is it?"
Road flyover Shadow grunted coldly, "It’s really a good calculation to watch the fire from the other side, or to be impeded. This time, all factions are wary. You want me to attack Xuan Nv in Xuanyu Tiangong secretly, isn’t it a radical move? What about the magic Taoist? Is it a counter-plan? "
Hearing the laughter, the spiritual Taoist agreed, "It’s not bad that the number of hidden dangers of the three mountains and twelve peaks in Taikoo Gate is high. Even if the Taikoo Gate owner makes great efforts to cure the disease, I have a list here, all of which are intended to counter Taikoo Gate Dogari’s desire to subvert this first sect. It’s not difficult!"