The Hunger corners of the mouth swept up a smile, he said, "cognitive narrow evenly matched master showdown determines the outcome is not only martial arts, but also wisdom and wisdom is also a part of martial arts. Lin Yi knows how to benefit from geographical weapons. Hu Ling’s hidden soul is not unjust. Can you say that Hu Ling’s hidden soul is not as wise as martial arts?"


Qin Dingfang didn’t expect The Hunger Lin Yi to speak.
Although Qin Dingfang didn’t agree with The Hunger, he didn’t dare to refute The Hunger.
The Hunger added, "Haven’t there been any other changes in the reset of pain meridians after Hu Ling’s Tibetan soul training?"
Qin Dingfang said "You"
The Hunger stared at Qin Dingfang and said "Say".
Qin Dingfang said, "The Tibetan king is rotting. According to the Tibetan king, he hasn’t looked back in a few years. And when the Tibetan king is furious, his bones will explode more powerfully, and his body will smell worse …"
The Hunger listened to the inexplicable feeling.
The Hunger seemed to himself and said to Qin Dingfang, "If only I lost my pain instead of rotting."
Qin Dingfang said, "If the Tibetan king can live to be the present blood ancestor, he will certainly be able to save him."
The Hunger was silent. He was thoughtful.
Qin Dingfang didn’t know what The Hunger was thinking and dared not disturb him, so he stood quietly beside the bed.
Suddenly, the light in The Hunger’s eyes flashed, and he said, "Where is Hu Ling’s tomb? !”
Qin Dingfang said, "Fengxiang is in the back of the mountain."
Blood magic road "We leave for Fengxiang on the day, and I’m going to see Hu Ling’s hidden souls and bones. It’s a pity that all demons come out."
Qin Dingfang couldn’t figure out The Hunger’s intention.
However, Qin Dingfang, who went to Fengxiang via Wangrenshan, knew that Su Qinghou and Wangrenshan, both of whom were looking back, now just borrowed The Hunger’s strength to deal with them.
Qin Dingfang said, "The blood ancestor Lin Yi’s father-in-law, his wife and his second grandfather all looked at the mountains. His second grandfather was the king of Wu in those days. Qin Tang was also a generation figure. His father-in-law was the king of the southern border and the first master in the rivers and lakes of wang qian. These two people helped Lin Yi greatly. Without two people, there would be no Lin Yi today. If we kill his father-in-law and his second grandfather, we will catch his wife and force him to submit …"
The Hunger looked at Qin Dingfang Gherardini after hearing this. "Grandpa Lin Yi is also your second grandfather. Have you decided to kill your ancestors?"
Qin Dingfang didn’t expect to be caught by The Hunger
Qin Dingfang said, "Although Qin Tang is my second grandfather, he is cruel and good. In those days, my grandfather refused to do anything, and I didn’t recognize him."
Qin Dingfang is a strong man with a broken wrist
Qin Dingfang continued, "And he also cultivated The Hunger Gong. Because the cultivation of The Hunger Gong changed, he changed his name and looked forward to returning."
Blood magic way: "Oh, it turns out that it’s Qin Tang who is looking back. I’m just going to look at the mountain. By the way, I’ll collect The Hunger slaves and let him die loyal to me, so that he can kill people and save waves."
"Blood Zuying!" After the flattery, Qin Dingfang added, "Blood ancestors told me that the magic has mainly come. Now thousands of people in the magic path gather everywhere and wait for me to announce the location of the magic Lord’s arrival. I’m afraid it will rock the boat for a long time …"
The Hunger eyebrows tiny cu way "who let you do? !”
Qin Dingfang said, "It’s a demon boy."
Blood magic way "you fuck too fast"
Is Qin Dingfang "but now I am also riding a tiger?"
Blood magic way "then set the location on June 24th, and this is the mountain of God."
Qin Dingfang asked, "Is it a bit long to have another month?"
Blood magic way "it takes a long time to get out, so it’s different. Give them time and a half before giving the place."
Qin Dingfang said "Yes"
Where did Qin Dingfang know that The Hunger was not ready yet?
After The Hunger’s recovery, his skill was restored to 50%, and he was restored to 10% on the long way back to the Central Plains. He has not yet resumed throwing martial arts, and there are still some key issues that The Hunger has to carefully plan.
Now he is still in the stage of recovery and reintegration into this world.
It’s convenient to look at The Hunger’s "The Hunger" when it’s over.
Blood magic way "do you want to go back?"
Qin Dingfang really wants to go back.
This is The Hunger Yuan.
Qin Dingfang’s daily research has become deeply fascinated, just like eating and drinking water every day has become an indispensable part.
Qin Dingfang believes that there are still big secrets hidden inside.
Qin Dingfang tactfully said, "Although this is a blood ancestor, it has followed the Tibetan king for decades. Whenever I miss the Tibetan king, I will take it out and think about people."
The Hunger’s magic face became subtle at this.
He handed the scroll to Qin Dingfang and said, "It’s my thing, but I’ll give it to you for safekeeping."
Qin Dingfang took it and said, "Thank you for your blood ancestors!"
Blood magic way "I can also tell you that I left a secret in this year, and there are other secrets in my hiding place …"
Qin Dingfang asked, "What’s the secret?"
Blood magic way "I don’t give you directions, I value you very much. If you want to study it slowly, you will be able to inherit my mantle."
Can inherit the mantle of The Hunger!
Qin Dingfang suddenly felt dizzy with excitement.
Qin Dingfang said, "I will study hard and live up to my blood ancestors’ kindness."
The Hunger waved his hand.
Qin Dingfang walked towards the door with excitement.
Just arrived at the door and suddenly the blood magic road behind him "lived"
Chapter one hundred and forty-four Road meets masked men (4)
Qin Dingfang quickly stopped and turned around.
His blood ancestors gave him "The Hunger" and then regretted it.
I didn’t expect The Hunger to ask, "What do you think of Li Shiwu? Can you entrust it? "
Qin Dingfang certainly won’t say that Li Shiwu is good.
Qin Dingfang said, "The blood ancestor is an old fox, and he can never be trusted."
Blood magic way "I don’t know him, since you know him, I will listen to you so that you can pay more attention to him in the future. If he has infidelity, please call me."
Qin Dingfang said "Yes"
Blood magic road "Go and prepare for a day. We will go to Wangren Mountain and then Fengxiang City."
Qin Ding is convenient to go out first.