I didn’t expect that Si Zhengyi released all the people, but secretly he led the fire to the Chinese indigenous people, causing dozens of casualties, but the colonial authorities released the Chinese department. How can this be? Absolutely unfair!


Temple Zhengyi pushed the indigenous Chinese into a serious opposition with a small means, and there was no possibility of easing!
With the support of the motherland, the Chinese can’t bear to swallow the President any more. The China people have to be bloody. The President is not afraid of anything. Are we small people still afraid? It’s just a big bowl with your head off!
With the endless stream of guns in their hands, Chinese people have taken the wind!
But it happened that the worst ending of this stall appeared.
One of the Chinese is Chen Laoliu, who leaked the secret of the source of Chinese weapons because he was drunk for a moment-
This little drunken German boasted to people around him that most of the guns in the hands of Chinese people were carried by a group of them, and the new weapons were shipped from China and supported by the Chinese Revolutionary Army. Before long, a batch of weapons will be shipped to Java! Those damned aborigines are waiting to die!
第一千三百三十章 左功柳殉国
A huge conspiracy circle secretly enveloped the Chinese in Java!
On this day, a Chinese factory not far from the Java colonial army station was suddenly attacked by local indigenous armed forces. This time, the weapons in the hands of indigenous armed forces were no longer tattered weapons eliminated from the Japanese army, but excellent Japanese active equipment, and the number of attackers actually reached hundreds.
Although this Chinese factory has the armed protection of the dead, the number gap is too big. The roots can’t resist the indigenous attack and get the information of asking for help. The Chinese armed forces nearby began to reinforce the factory for a short time. In just one or two hours, two or three hundred elite armed forces were formed near the Chinese factory, led by military instructors sent by the Chinese Revolutionary Army, and the indigenous people started a fierce battle.
When the two sides were fighting fiercely, countless Japanese colonial troops suddenly poured in all around, and a whole wing of troops arrived at the scene with heavy machine guns. Chinese armed forces privately held guns to attack the colonial army station, and began to clean the Chinese armed forces!
However, 300 Chinese armed forces have just been trained for less than half a year. How can they stand the strangulation of a wing of the Japanese elite infantry?
In just two or three hours, the Chinese armed forces were almost wiped out, and more than 200 people died. The rest also lost their fighting ability and were taken into custody by the Japanese Ministry!
Immediately afterwards, Temple Zhengyi Java declared a state of emergency, and the Japanese colonial army dispatched a whole brigade to start the Java Islands to arrest Chinese with weapons. The whole Chinese department in Java fell into extreme panic. After all, only a small number of Chinese with guns did not have guns, and the Chinese also suffered!
Zuo Gongliu was anxious at that time, but how long did it take for the President to personally send the special envoy consul to Java? My compatriots have received such crazy persecution!
Zuo Gongliu took his military attache and went straight to the Japanese Governor’s Office in Java to meet Temple Zhengyi. He strongly condemned Temple Zhengyi, and without showing weakness, he directly detained Zuo Gongliu and detained a military spy of the Republic of China who sneaked into the Java Islands to be tried by the colonial government!
It’s a big deal. It’s a big deal!
Even the special envoy of the president was detained by the Japanese colonial authorities, which is not enough?
At this time, the four families began to panic. After all, even the motherland is stronger than the president, but it is far from being thirsty thousands of miles away.
But how can you send someone to negotiate with the colonial authorities? Your four families just want to confiscate all the weapons in the hands of the Chinese and give them a heavy hammer!
At this time, there was nothing anyone could do. Li Tang and Chen Xianhuai were blindsided and ordered people to send an urgent request for help to Beijing!
Tang Shaoyi was surprised and angry when he got the report. The casualties of Chinese in Java have exceeded 1,000, and the number of Chinese arrested has exceeded hundreds. Even Zuo Gongliu, the special envoy of the President, has been detained by Temple Zhengyi. I don’t know if he is alive or dead!
Tang Shaoyi brought Liang Cheng, the messenger, all the way to the presidential palace to find Zhang Yi to negotiate a solution. Unfortunately, Zhang Yi left the presidential palace for Tsinghua University before them.
Tang Shaoyi dare not neglect immediately ordered the guards to go to Tsinghua University to look for Zhang Yi, and at the same time ordered important members of Zhaoge to come to the presidential palace!
It took Zhang Yi only half an hour to get back from Tsinghua University to the presidential palace.
When I came to the presidential palace, all the important members of the cabinet had almost arrived, waiting for the arrival of Zhang Yi and Xu Huaijin in one hall!
Zhang Yishen said, "What’s going on in Shaochuan? What’s going on in Java?"
Tang Shaoyi handed the newspaper to Zhang Yi and Xu Huaijin replied, "Everyone has read the Huai Jin newspaper. Please look at us first and then discuss it!"
Zhang yi took the newspaper and looked at his face carefully and immediately turned into iron blue! Aside Xu Huaijin is also as heavy as water.
Zhang yi mercilessly beat the newspaper and said, "Xiaori * * * is cruel! I’ve been thinking about being patient for a while. It seems that they jumped into the fire pit by themselves! "
Just after Zhang Yi’s words were finished, a military staff officer hurried away and said, "The CIA sent the Javanese Tribulus Division urgently!"
Zhang Yi frowned and shouted "Read!"
"On March 20, 1996, the Japanese colonial authorities of Tribulus terrestris in Java detained the special envoy of the President Zuo Gongliu, and forced Zuo to fight hard against the failure to protect the dignity of the Republic of China. The colonial army of Java Governor’s Office has searched for Chinese in Java. The situation is grim! March 21st, 1996! Zhou Xianmin! "
Xu Huaijin’s face changed and he grabbed the newspaper and watched it carefully. It was really good!
Xu Huaijin was latosolic red and shouted, "Xiaori Lao is at odds with you! Ah … "
Zuo Gongliu was Xu Huaijin’s best friend when he was a child. Now the country is martyred and died in Japan. If you can calm down!
Aside, Zhang Yi was calm and waved and said, "Let’s leave the rest of Sichuan Liang’s chief staff behind, and immediately notify the Beijing-China General General Staff of the proceedings! To Cai Songpo, give him three days to persuade the regimental headquarters to tie the knot in Guangzhou! Always step on the Java Islands and then even blow up Japan! "
Zhang Yi patted Xu Huaijin on the shoulder and said, "Go to Huai Jin and go to the General Staff immediately. Our brothers will start fighting again!"
Say this Zhang Yi first walked towards the door!
Chapter one thousand three hundred and thirty-nine standings for war
General staff war room!
Zhang Yi looked up at the crowd.
Xu Huaijin, Liu Yan toad, Wu Peifu, Duan Yu, Ling Qing and Jiang Baili are all important soldiers in the army.
Zhang yi slammed the table and growled, "You’ve all seen it! Tell me if we want to fight this battle and how to fight it? "
Duan Yu should jump out and shouted, "The instructor wants me to say that I blame you for being soft-hearted and soft-hearted. What did I say the other day? I said that I would flatten the Java Japanese Ministry at that time. If I did it, where would there be these things? The dog said to give them some color, and they also opened a dye house! This battle must be fought in person to throw the Java Sun Ghost Department into the Pacific Ocean to feed sharks! "
Lingqing Duan Yu has always been a focal point. Seeing Duan Yu jump out is also a roar loud. "Instructor Huai Jin eldest brother has nothing to say to beat them * * *! Zuo Gongliu, but the instructor personally sent you to the special envoy. If Xiao Ri was killed in this way, no matter after that, our brothers wouldn’t be mixed up in front of outsiders, and they couldn’t lift it! "
Jiang Baili hesitated and said, "The two commanders will definitely fight, but we must never send troops blindly like this. You know that Java has at least 70,000 army elites, and we need to make a good plan!"
Duan Yu shouted, "Isn’t planning a fart an elite army of 70,000? It is enough for Cai E to have a regiment at his hand. If you can’t solve Java, there is an idiot who will always pull a regiment!"
Zhang Yi waved his hand and shouted, "Jade Quiet-Huai Jin, how do you fight?"
Xu Huaijin’s face was gloomy. "It’s very simple. If you want to fight, you can quickly send out an army without declaring war! Immediately, all the warships of the South China Sea Fleet transported Cai E’s 60,000-strong army directly to have fighters to help. I think the sudden attack on the Japanese army is definitely not our opponent! "
Zhang Yi took a long breath and asked, "Are you sure that a regiment in Cai E can win the battle? You know, the Japanese army has five divisions. It’s been two years, and I’m afraid that the five divisions in Java are all full. In that case, at the very least, they all have 10,000 troops, which will reach 100,000, but it’s not to be underestimated!"
Xu Huaijin sneers, "Instructor, what’s this? You know, although there are many Japanese troops, they are distributed in more than a dozen major islands in Java, and their troops will not exceed 50 thousand! It’s definitely not our army opponent. When the time comes, the South China Sea Fleet will complete the blockade of Java Island. Their troops’ rescue of Java just gives us a chance to break through one by one! What’s more, we still have hundreds of thousands of Chinese Javanese to help! "
Zhang Yi nodded mercilessly and said, "Well, then let’s fight this battle! Command! "
A few people got up.
"Command Cai E’s former enemy commander-in-chief commander-in-chief probably regiments to fight in Java Xu Sheng don’t lose! Order Wang Haonan to immediately conclude the South China Sea Fleet, Guangzhou to complete fleet replenishment, obey Cai E’s command and control the situation in the waters of Java Islands, and if any other forces dare to intervene in hell to pay! Chen Hai, commander-in-chief of Moqi Northern War Corps, and Sa Zhenbing, deputy commander-in-chief, were ordered to immediately knot the East China Sea Fleet Department of the Northern Fleet and be ready to take part in the war. The 11th Shandong Division was ordered to immediately rush to Qingdao, and Chen Hai was ordered to mobilize the Central Strategic Corps to move quickly in the direction of Qingdao and arrive in Qingdao for five days to wait for orders! As soon as the situation changes, the two fleets will go straight to Japan and Turkey, and this time they will end their nests! Huai Jin Peifu, you two sit in the center and command all the wars! "
Zhang yi a series of orders in an orderly way!
Cai E has already received Zhang Yi’s order to finish the whole regiment in Guangzhou in three days! Cai E felt excited. To be honest, in the war the year before last, Cai E’s performance was far less dazzling than that of Jiang Baili’s Zhang Xiaohuai. Although he won many battles, he only stayed at the level of victory. Jiang Baili recovered Taiwan Province’s Zhang Xiaohuai for half a month and then swept Hubei for a month. Compared with his example, Zhang Xiaohuai’s series of battles have been selected into the classic example course of senior generals of the Army Command College for students to learn.
Cai E has been cruel since he arrived in Guangzhou. He must never miss a big war again. He must plan ahead for two years. When Cai E trained the whole regiment to the dead, now the whole regiment’s combat capability is already full of blood, and he is ready to invest in a big war at any time.
In Cai E, it’s nothing to start studying a war breaking point. Java is naturally the focus of his research. In the past two years, he has filled an entire filing cabinet with information on Java, and four or five plans have been made!
Received Zhang Yi excited Cai E and jumped up directly. Finally, I have to start work. I can’t wait for a long time!
Cai E roared, "The staff immediately ordered all the troops of the first regiment to immediately settle in Guangzhou for three days and three days. Those who violate the order will be engaged in military law!"
Now, the artillery division of the 24th Division of the Regiment Corps has come to Guangzhou, and only the 23rd Division has been stationed in the border area of Guangxi and Guangdong for three days, which is enough for all divisions to reach Guangzhou!
The staff didn’t react. What happened to the commander today? He was so excited that he hurriedly ran to send newspapers to the ministries.
Cai E went on to drink, "Order all the staff in the staff to have a meeting immediately. It’s time for us to show our talents!"
Wu Xinzhong, the chief of staff, was indecisive and asked, "What is the situation of the commander?"