If you want to find a wig that is different from dad’s hair, it must be impossible. So I can customize the wig according to dad’s hair.


It takes three hours to get a customized wig, so I will leave the wig market and go to the mall to buy it. Pretending to be a father must be installed to help the poor.
Chapter seven hundred and forty-six Pretending to be
Walking towards the entrance of wig market, I saw a woman with messy hair and dirty clothes.
I raised my eyebrows slightly when I saw that woman.
That woman is Rowling’s stepmother who is arresting and asking for money.
Few people will pay for her, and people are disgusted with avoiding her. Some people will kick her aside and spit a few more.
When I walked to the door of wig market, Rowling’s stepmother also stood in front of me and asked me for money.
Glancing at Rowling’s stepmother in front of me, I took out some hundred-dollar bills from my pocket and handed them to Rowling’s stepmother.
Rowling’s stepmother immediately screamed and retreated as if she had been stung, then fell to the ground and curled up, shaking her head and trembling, repeating that she didn’t want to be beaten. She wanted five dollars.
Seeing Rowling’s stepmother’s reaction, I decided to ignore her feet and walk past her.
I don’t have five-dollar bills in my pocket, and I can’t change them for her.
I just walked out of the wig market gate when I heard Rowling’s stepmother scream from behind.
Stopping, I turned around and looked to see two tough men kicking Rowling’s stepmother and cursing her stepmother.
I know from their scolding that they are two people who are responsible for supervising Rowling’s stepmother’s begging for money.
Rowling’s stepmother can beg for five yuan if she asks for money, but she will be beaten up if the money is not five yuan.
If she doesn’t get enough 200 yuan one day, she will be beaten when she goes back, not to mention that she will have to make up the 200 yuan by serving five yuan at a time.
At the moment, there are a lot of people coming in and out at the gate of wig market. People also glance at the scene of Rowling’s stepmother being beaten, and then they withdraw their sight. No one goes to watch or pay attention to it. It seems that they are used to it.
Is this Rowling’s punishment for her stepmother? I shook my head and left when I saw that the two men never beat and scold Rowling’s stepmother again.
Go for a walk in the shopping mall. First, my grandmother and Jiang Yan buy several sets of clothes respectively, then imitate my father’s dress, then buy a mobile phone and a telephone card. After payment, I ask the cashier to change me 200 yuan and 5 yuan, and then return to the wig market again.
Although Rowling’s stepmother hates Rowling’s treatment of her stepmother, I think it’s too much.
Rowling made her stepmother so dignified that it would be better to die than to live. If she didn’t give her stepmother a way out.
When I returned to the wig market again, I saw Rowling actually coming back to the entrance of the wig market in Guozhengbang, with a strange smile and arms around her, looking at her begging for her stepmother.
Rowling is surrounded by a man, the man I have seen in the scenic area, who went to look for the trail of the white fox.
The world is too small for everyone to talk about. What a coincidence! I can’t help feeling sorry for seeing Rowling and that man again.
I entered the wig market gate without being stopped by Rowling’s stepmother who was busy begging for money with her back to the gate.
In this case, if I deliberately go over and give money to Rowling’s stepmother, Rowling and the man will look too conspicuous.
Go straight ahead and I’ll give her the money when I come out.
Go into the place where I customize my wig. It’s not finished yet. Find a chair and I’ll sit still.
During the waiting period, I will go to the villa with underground Dojo in the white clouds to hide the paper men.
Can be invisible paper men’s eyes. I see that there is no one on the ground of the villa courtyard at the moment and no police officers are haunting the villa. Wang Hao Wen is sitting in the living room on the first floor of the villa and discussing with the remaining disciples in the white clouds what happened after the evil faction.
Wang Hao Wen Zheng said that although the evil factions in Baiyun can’t be dispersed for the time being, they should unite as one and take care of their own affairs, and come back to preside over the overall situation in Baiyun again.
He firmly believes that the white clouds will surely return again and continue to lead the evil faction to prosperity.
After Wang Haowen’s speech, the remaining disciples in Baiyun have their own reactions and carelessness. The so-called attitude has a firm eye, nodding and blinking eyes.
Wang Haowen’s eyes pay attention to your cousins’ respective reactions with serious expressions, saying that without white clouds, there would be no seats for you today.
If anyone dares to have infidelity in the clouds, he, as an agent, will not spare the infidelity.
After Wang Haowen finished speaking, someone asked if he could not find traces in the white clouds. Wang Haowen shook his head and said that the best thing they should do now is to continue to send evil deeds.
It is difficult to find them in the white clouds, but it is easy to find them in the white clouds.
The villa in the white clouds can be invisible. When the paper man comes here, I will disconnect it from the invisible paper man.
Hao-wen wang is mentally more than enough to deal with evil faction, and I can’t help him without worrying too much.
Leave a invisible paper man in the living room on the first floor of the villa. I put the invisible paper man outside the villa in Baiyun to quietly recover the income and things.
Wait a little longer and the wig will be ready. I’ll go out to the wig market with the wig.
I’ll see Rowling’s stepmother at the door. Goodbye Rowling and that man.
This time, when I walked to the door, I was the only one who came in and out.
Rowling’s stepmother caught a glimpse of Rowling and the man, and then hesitated to walk up to me.
Take out the prepared 200 five-dollar bills and put them in the hands of Rowling’s stepmother.
I acted strangely by Rowling’s stepmother, and then I was surprised. My eyes leaned against the door wall, and Rowling straightened up and looked at me coldly. The man around Rowling also looked at me with a glance.
Seeing the three reactions at the door, I continued to walk towards the wig market.
Walking towards the door, I heard Rowling curse. As soon as I heard the man ask Rowling if he would give me some pain to taste.
Rowling said I was just a dog, and a passerby said that her most urgent task now was to find the white clouds.
Hearing Rowling’s white clouds, I teleported an invisible paper man from the object ring and threw it out to quietly urge the invisible paper man to track Rowling.
I didn’t expect Rowling to have a chance with that man.
Go straight back to the ghost market. When I entered the clubhouse, Xie Yiming and Wang Dalang were sitting on the sofa on the first floor chatting.
Wang Dalang asked me if I had prepared anything after lunch. I said I had already prepared everything after lunch and asked his grandmother where I needed things.
After hearing Wang Dalang say that grandma has gone back to her room to rest after lunch, I am ready to go back to her room and become a father.
Xie Yiming asked me what I needed him to do, and I said nothing. He had to do the transformation alone.
I went back to the room and locked the door. I began to change into my father’s appearance and posture, then changed the line, and then I bought that suit after imitating my father’s dress, and then I put on a wig, so I was ready.
Practice in the room for a while. I took grandma and Jiang Yan from the mall to buy clothes, opened the door and went to grandma’s room as much as I could.
After I knocked at the door, Jiang Yan opened the room
"A promise is back, but your mother keeps chanting about you, and my head is dizzy." Jiang Yan let me into the room with a smile.
"Mom and Dad, I’m back. Your parents bought some clothes." I imitated my father’s walking posture and walked to my grandmother who had sat up from bed.
"What clothes? Let me see the color and style. It’s a good eye." Grandma laughed when she took out the clothes in the shopping bag to see her face.
"That’s my vision with you." I answered grandma with a low smile.
"A promise, why didn’t your servant come back with you?" Grandma came from the bed and took me to buy clothes by Jiang Yan. Jiang Yan gestured to ask me where the ghost servant was going.
"I told him to go to the white clouds. By the way, Mom, when I’m going to leave for a while, I’m like a throat in the white clouds." If you talk too much, you will lose, so I began to speak the concluding remarks.
"When are you leaving?" Grandma Jiang Yanbi stopped by rowing clothes.
"I’m going to leave now. I’ll come back to say goodbye to your parents." I stood up from my seat.
"Okay, wait a minute. You have to talk to Xiao Ran again and again." My grandmother was silent for a while before she spoke again.
"Wang Bo said Xiao Ran went out shopping, and I’ll go out to the ghost market later. She is" I took grandma’s turn and walked towards the door.
My shopping mall has already bought mobile phones and phone cards. I’m here to tell grandma and dad that I lost my former mobile phone and bought a new one and a mobile phone card when I get back.
However, if I really turn into a father and stay with my grandmother, I can’t help but feel nervous for fear of any mistakes. I intend to tell my grandmother later that my father has changed his new number by telephone.
"Look, come here when you are in a hurry, and I’ll give you medicine for your leg wound before you go." Grandma stopped me and turned to get the medicine box.
Grandma’s words made me tense all over. I turned and looked at Jiang Yan. Jiang Yan was in a hurry, and his expression spread his hand to show that he didn’t know anything about the wound.
This situation makes the veins stand out on my forehead jump.