"Demon pupil? Hum, don’t you dare to take out this trick to deceive children, Xiao Fan … You have let me down a little! " Yan Hong said to start again and disappear!


"Can’t catch! Can’t catch it! " Xiao Fan’s eyes shrank and followed closely, and once again suffered a heavy blow. The whole person’s figure also followed the roll-back to hit the ground. Leng turned a mountain into a basin in an instant!
"well! This ….. This is what a heavy attack! I don’t even have room to fight back! " Xiao Fan crawled out of the deep pit of the basin trembling, panting heavily.
He got Yan Hong’s two strokes, and he has already broken his bones and consumed his strength!
"Xiao Fan, if you lie down in the pit honestly, maybe I can be merciful and save your life, but … you will be forced to get up knowing that you are not my opponent now?" Yanhong corners of the mouth a pick a way
"Pretend to be dead? Do you think when I will do that? " Xiao Fan took a deep breath and staggered to fly to the middle body again. The robe has become tattered and torn off by him, revealing a black and blue chest.
"Ah, so you still have what finale didn’t come out? Come on, let me see one! " Yan Hong waved and said, "Otherwise … it’s so interesting to end the battle like this. I have to have some fun before I get here while waiting!"
"Want to be happy? Then I will send you joy! " Xiao Fan suddenly crushed the drop of JingXie that Jiuyang Xianjun gave himself and took out a magic weapon to cover the day and stab it to the dagger!
"Hey!" The whole dagger suddenly sends out a miserable red light, and it will be shrouded for more than half a day, and all the temperatures around it will be forcibly plundered, and the dagger tip will converge towards Yanhong and gallop away!
"Yo unique magic weapon! That’s a rare thing. Is this what you took from Donghaoxian Temple? It’s a bit interesting, but it’s just as effective! " YanHong said suddenly raise my hand toward the gallop to cover day nine Aaron stab is a punch to hit!
"Bang!" The magic weapon that shook the sky was smashed to pieces by Yan Hong with one punch!
"What? Even the magic weapon … "Xiao Fan double pupil explosion shrinkage was intimidated!
At the same time, Jiuyang Mountain Jiuyang Xianjun frowned at the same time. "Oh, no, I didn’t expect Yanhong, the thief, to become so severe that he couldn’t even resist the magic weapon!" I made a mistake! "
"What are you going to do? Go in person? " Nine Yin fairy gentleman asked.
"No … our roots are half a step away from here!" Jiuyang Xianjun sighed and said, "Everything … can be resigned. If Xiao Fan was really killed by Yan Hong in Luohua … it can also prove that he is not lucky enough to finish our plan in the future!"
"So … just watch YanHong take that thing from the fifth floor?" Nine Yin fairy gentleman frowned way
"Even if that thing really falls into Yan Hong’s hand … it doesn’t matter … in that case, our plan will change!" Jiuyang Xianjun shook his head and lost in thought …
While Xiao Fan was worried!
Means seem to be less than YanHong!
Gai Ri Jiu Lun Stab, a unique magic weapon, can be smashed with one punch, even if it is a golden square brick treasure released by itself, it will also be destroyed!
Malaria in wicked heart Crystal World gnashes her teeth with anger, but she can do it in a hurry. Xiao Miao has long curled up into a ball and hid in the corner, shivering. It seems that the breath given off by Yan Hong enters this wicked heart Crystal and makes it feel scared!
"Well, Xiao Fan’s game is over. How much I miss … the six worlds of China and Japan, but the fact is that things can always be regarded as good memories after this, can’t they?"
"It’s a pity that remembering this kind of thing belongs to the living. Everything is worthless to the dead!" YanHong said slowly raised his palm at Xiao Fan.
A dark and cold force slowly gathered in his palm.
Xiao Fan also gave up dodging. He knew that even if he dodged, he could avoid YanHong’s attack in the same way.
"Don’t … my road really has to stop here?"
"Don’t … I am destined to die in the hands of Yan Hong?"
"I was a mortal in the six realms … after I was killed as an immortal? This is providence? This is cause and effect? It’s ironic! "
"No! I have mastered causality myself. How can I be manipulated by causality? When I was in the Sixth Realm, I dared to disobey heaven and go against God’s will, and I wanted to do so even more! "
Xiao Fan heart low shout eyes boiling up the fighting spirit again!
Fight! Fight to the end no matter what!
Fate? Causality? Go to hell!
Xiao Fan would never have come this far if he had bowed his head to these things!
"Yin and Yang … life and death … cause and effect … six in one … I want these three forces to create my own way forward today!" Xiao Fan said also raised his hands scattered black and white luster his palm together!
"Xiao Fan are you crazy? Are you going to condense these six special attributes into high magic? " Yan Hong immediately understood Xiao Fan’s intention with a slight pause. "Ha, ha, ha, don’t be silly. If you do this, not only will your body and soul be instantly torn apart by these forces, but the whole state of Lowa will destroy these forces at the same time. Then you say that you want to protect your friends, but you will kill them yourself?"
"Even if I personally kill them is better than being destroyed by you! And … I can drag you to death with me, and maybe I can become peaceful! " Xiao Fan eyes firmly said
"Don’t be silly. Even if I die, the Shura protoss will still send someone else to take my place, and … are you sure that your speed can match mine?" Yan Hong grimaced and made a slight movement, so he planned to rush towards Xiao Fan again!
"Aha, Yan Hong, I advise you not to move. Now I still control these forces. If you want to let destruction come before, just come!" Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick a way
"Damn it!" Yan Hong suddenly stopped, and his eyes were full of fear!
"Damn guy early know I will kill you directly don’t give you this chance! Damn it! How did I make this mistake again? " Yan Hong angrily said that he had just taught the ghost wolf never to look down upon Xiao Fan, but he got carried away by his great strength and disparity!
However, at this critical moment, suddenly Xiao Fan was forced to pull out a crack again not far from him.
Immediately, a large number of figures filed out of it, followed by a voice echoing, "Xiao Fan, don’t urge these Shura protoss bastards to leave it to us!"