This five kills also directly made me super-amazing.


I took off my headphones and heard the outside boiling. I heard them calling the name of Vayne.
"I’ll contract you."
In this competition,
I have contracted your road.
At this time, the dough was destroyed, but I still couldn’t get it. Xiao Long Zhong Yi also came back to life
I was so nervous about the team battle just now that I immediately made a trip to the back of the sofa in the Internet cafe. When I returned to the city, I turned to Zhong Yi and smiled easily. "Now no one can stop you from interrupting me. I killed them all."
Zhong Yi bit her lip and looked at me with tears left in her eyes. She was very bright but happy. She didn’t say anything but nodded heavily. "Hmm!"
In 14 minutes, I attacked the broken shoes and knives. I want to ask who else?
After watching Zhong Yi, I watched Zhou Ru again. "Sister Zhou Rujie’s wave just now was ok. Did you see me?"
Zhou Ru’s face is also a face of excitement. After listening to this sentence, I just wanted to answer. Then my little head thought for a moment, wearing black-rimmed glasses and eyes shining with wisdom. "Not bad, but I don’t watch."
I was stunned by his absent-minded answer before I chewed out the taste and laughed and said "cocoa"
At the moment, we are all going home to make up a wave to get Xiaolong.
But the opposite fox and EZ suddenly appeared on the road, as if they had an idea about the second tower of our road
"Come and get the little dragon," Yu Mu said to me.
I’m playing our red BUFF now, and that’s why I was in a hurry. I didn’t take the red BUFF, but I got it from the blind monk opposite
After that wave of killing me five times just now, I was a little refreshed and a little carried away. I started to calm down and said, "Don’t worry about taking Xiaolong. Xiaolong can’t run away in a bowl. Look, there are EZ and foxes on the opposite road. We just made a vision road at Xiaolong’s place. They guessed that there was no vision and they wanted to give us another wave of tricks."
After that, the fox disappeared, and EZ was alone with the line.
Chapter 1 Snatching Xiaolong without pretending to be uncomfortable
Zhou Ru nodded and said, "That makes sense. Shouldn’t we control them to keep taking Xiaolong?"
I hesitated for a moment and said, "Take Mao Xiaolong. As soon as we go to get Xiaolong, five of them will inevitably appear to push us to the second tower and force us to the highlands. It is not worth the loss. Now that their ideas have been seen through, why not fight?"
Now we and their group have won and lost at will. The possibility is that I was beaten by seconds before the group, but I am so profound and domineering that Vayne is their little eggs can be beaten by seconds?
Yu Mu shook his head and said, "If you want a little more, you’d better take Xiaolong safely."
I took a look at Yu Mu and said confidently, "Listen to me, this wave of five of us walking around the side tower will definitely catch them. Now it’s almost fifteen minutes before we kill them. It’s almost over with the big dragon. Why are you so energetic?"
I nodded and agreed that the five of us walked towards the road. The so-called mantis catches cicadas and yellowbirds, and this time we’ll shoot him in the barrel.
As we slowly walked around the tower, EZ seemed to notice something and immediately retreated.
"They must be crouching in the grass on the left." We saw EZ go into the grass, and then I said firmly.
Yu Mu didn’t speak. When he inserted the flag in the past, he said, "Grass mud horse squats in Gobi, Nimara."
Then the emperor turned around and left without delay.
I saw EZ alone in the grass. When EZ saw the flag inserted, he went to the front E. We couldn’t catch him. We were surrounded by four or five people in this grass, not a tower on the right.
I felt that something had happened to me and hurriedly said, "What’s going on here …"
Yu Mubian walked towards Xiaolong’s side and said, "These little bitches have a good hand. First, the fox and EZ showed up and let some of us squat. We really didn’t have a vision and didn’t know. Then the fox showed up and the horse went back to the shadow. The other three didn’t come at all. It is estimated that the fox is near Xiaolong Road now."
I said angrily, "It turned out that they had made a mistake by diverting the tiger from the mountain."
Yu Mu looked down at me and said, "Adjust NMLGB and you will know that you are blind to command."
This product has been sprayed back from the resentment department I sprayed before the Xiaolong regiment. Forget it. My adult has a lot of honesty and mind, so I won’t care about him.
"So what now?" I asked Yu Mu, and I have to say that he has a slightly better grasp of the overall situation than me.
"What else can I do? Xiaolong is expected to leave you to guard the tower. They are expected to push a tower after taking the dragon. EZ will not be able to catch up for a while," Yu Mu said.
I nodded and then thought, "Then why don’t we just play the dragon? Hey, don’t stop talking. "
Yu Mu rolled his eyes at me because he didn’t believe my advanced command mode at all.
Sure enough, when we were about to get there, the blind monk Nami Ruiwen hit Xiaolong at Xiaolong’s place, and the eye of Xiaolong was removed with a real eye.