Xu retired the third hammer and stopped steeply when it hit the core of silver residual energy.


The rapid fluctuation of Guanghua, the core of energy, has turned into a cry, "Don’t kill me, I surrender, I surrender!"
Xu back hesitated!
It’s really exciting to retire at this moment!
Do you want to save silver’s life or accept silver’s surrender?
The distance has not been ordered to retire from the war, and the three people have already been shocked!
Two planets, five quasi-planets, that’s it?
Chapter seven hundred and sixteen Warlords
This is the direction for Xu tui to consider at present, such as handling the silver of the star-rated strong prisoners.
Don’t say value
Silver, a strong star, has extraordinary physical strength value. Even if it is hit hard, its strength may fall, but with resources and time, its strength should be able to return to the star level.
In addition, silver, a star prisoner, has absolutely extraordinary intelligence.
The star-rated strong, even the elvish vassal class star-rated strong, is definitely the core of Leiming’s forward base.
It’s not the core decision-making level, but the core strength. Some things are bound to let them know.
For example, the specific location of the forward base, many Elders are at the Sun Key node.
These are all prices.
But Ann is a big problem.
To put it simply, if a person is not well controlled or needs to pay attention to it from time to time, he can quietly make the Tongtian wilderness people almost annihilated.
At present, all the people in Tongtian Huangtuan have no resistance in the face of a sneak attack by a star-rated strong man except Laves.
If the security problem can’t be solved, it’s equivalent to collecting a time bomb if you accept the silver.
There is no reason to be a thief for a thousand days.
If you can’t handle the security problem well, you can’t sleep well even if you retire.
So this is very important.
After thinking about it, Xu tui called the two mechanical Eldar defectors, Yinwushu Yinliulong. Now they have obtained the letter of Xu tui.
"Can you control the silver ring to control the strong stars?"
Silver five trees and silver six dragons smell speech and stare blankly at Xu tui’s hands flashing with strong energy fluctuation, and the energy core will react instantly.
"Lord Xu tui, have you captured an elder?"
"Yes, he has captured Yin. Please surrender. I was thinking, if you control him, make sure he is safe?" Xu tui said
Silver five trees and silver six dragons glances at the same time, "to tell you the truth, adults control the silver ring to control the star-rated strong. We really don’t have this data."
Theoretically, it is controllable if several control silver rings lock the energy core of the strong stars.
But you know that the strength and speed of the strong stars are too fast and they are afraid to come out of control. "
After a silver and five trees, he added, "My Lord, I have a suggestion. I wonder if I can say it?"
"say it!"
"Adult silver six dragons and I each swallowed a quasi-planetary energy core will be on the edge of the breakthrough.