Wen Jijun naturally knows what virtue his new Lord is.


He nodded and said, "Well, yes, he said he needed funds, and he wanted to break into the enemy department, which needed financial support."
Did you just spend a billion dollars? Is this guy getting worse and worse?
If it is normal, Bang Wei will inevitably ask this question
But although Si Bang Wei values money, he will not hesitate to spend it on the cutting edge if necessary …
And the dragon will take the initiative to share his worries with the king, and he really feels this loyalty.
He nodded without hesitation. "I’ll give him another 500 million plus the first billion, which should be enough for him to spend some time. Wen Jun, please tell the dragon commander for me that if you need anything, don’t hesitate to do so."
Wen jijun nodded
Hang up the communication face revealed a bit ridiculous and said, "Congratulations on your new account of 500 million yuan. I’m afraid Bang Wei will become your purse?"
"The dragon generals don’t feel bad about me. What’s the matter?"
Su Wei smiled and said, "Has the dragon already set off?"
"Well, I’m telling his department about the funeral and I’ll leave when I’m done."
"It seems that when he arrives, I will find a way to kill him well. Anyway, the flowers are not his money, and he doesn’t feel bad about me. Since he is so happy?"
"Kill it. You’re welcome."
Wen Jijun corners of the mouth revealed a smile …
He didn’t know whether this smile was revealed by him or by Su Wei.
Well, it must be Su Zhang. That’s right, because Wen Jijun could never be so gloating.
And at this point,
It took the dragon commander more than three hours to be able to appease the seventeen people who also wanted to become reincarnated.
Can the strength of a person who can become a dragon guardian be low again?
Even the potential of ordinary people to regain their identity in the OL part of Limited is immeasurable.
They all successfully joined the favorite Zongmen Dragon, and they were able to hand back the basic achievement methods of various schools and factions so quickly. These Dragon Gods and Guards obviously contributed a lot.
And in this process, they have also seen the profound OL of Limit.
Therefore, Taiping Island, which has more profound and high-end martial arts skills, naturally has great yearning, and they have applied to Long Jiang for him to go with them, and he has tried his best to help others.
Longjiu even said that he could serve tea and water every day so that the leader would not be so hard.
The dragon generals don’t resist them becoming reincarnators, but it’s just right to say reincarnators … but now their ranks are too low to pass the test of reincarnators.
He spent 1.5 billion and 17.5 billion dragon generals alone. He felt that he was holding the knife rest in Bang Wei’s neck, and he wouldn’t give him such a huge sum of money.
When you can also be gentle, you can say that you should practice well and wait until the level reaches the standard, and immediately go to the Jedi Survival Assistant to play a top name. When you arrive, meet at Taiping Island.
It was very difficult to appease the restlessness of these ministries.
He just set foot on the road to Taiping Island.
Out of the table, I am really alone and have no organizational affiliation …
Dragon will take a passenger ship to Taiping Island.
Just take a good look at the scenery of Liu Xing along the way …
Long Jiang has been recuperating for several months since he came to Liu Xing, and then he has been addicted to "Limited" OL. Up to now, he hasn’t taken a good look at how LUXing Technology has reached.
Running around for three days
On the morning of the third day, when he got on the passenger ship, it was a blue sea, and in the distance, a towering fairy mountain could be seen with the naked eye like a fog illusion.
Or another continent?
Today, Taiping Island has not stopped reclamation for several years, but now it has almost become a new continent, and the Central Asian Empire is far away.
The dragon general murmured, "I’m coming to Taiping Island."
"I’ve been waiting for you for a long time."
There was a gentle, polite and gentle silence behind Tu.
The dragon’s pupil suddenly contracted, but how could anyone sneak into the body so close?
His body did not move, his heart did not panic, and his body was instantly layered with thirty layers of mind protection.
I turned my head and saw an extraordinary figure of elegance …