Zhou Yi’s heart was relieved.
"Please thank Miss Liu for me from Miss Xiaocui."
"I wonder what happened to Liu Xiao and willow Gong?"
"Fortunately, when I found it, I was not completely ruined by the Lins’ medical experts, but I needed to rest for a while." Miss Xiaocui said.
"The same surname liu this is really …"
Shook her head, her face disdained.
In her mouth, another person named Liu is, of course, the one who jumped from a refugee to a beautiful male Liu Mengyan.
Watching each other from Zhou Yi turned to look at the table, and my heart couldn’t help but pick up a silver ingot and bite it.
Don’t joke about the importance of being a refugee and making him spend money.
of course
For Zhou Yi now, although money is important, it is barely a’ external thing’. What is really important is two other things.
Dan medicine, token
"I didn’t expect a servant girl to take kickbacks. It seems that not all mountain families don’t eat people’s fireworks."
Everything in Erxiaojie Mountain Manor revolves around her.
Even if something goes wrong or someone dies, you can’t disturb Miss Er Yaxing. Everyone should wait honestly.
In some people’s eyes, it may not be as important as the loss of Miss Er’s personal belongings.
In this way, you don’t have to be Liu Zhen on Monday and have more time to practice.
"Gollum …"
When Dan medicine enters the stomach, it immediately turns into a rolling heat flow and rushes to the whole body.
This heat flow is far more vast than that of Qi and blood pills, and it goes straight into the blood vessels. The spontaneous operation speed of the pile is getting faster and faster under this stimulation.
A certain moment
Change from quantity to quality
The progress of blood exchange will increase. I didn’t expect to change first, but it was a skill.
Skilled in setting Yang pile (1/1)
Breakthrough, entry, advanced proficiency, sudden increase in the speed of blood and blood running of Dingyang pile, and the speed of drug absorption has also turned over
A day later
Exchange transfusion (16/1)
The medicinal power of Huanxue Dan has not been exhausted at this point, and it is still possible to detect that there is a strong medicinal power lurking in the body.
Three days later
Transfusion (2/1)
After seven days, the blood exchange progress will reach 24 drugs before it is weakened.
"Shout …"
Rock Zhou Yi gently spits turbid gas.
"The efficacy of the blood-changing pill can be increased by more than one experience every day, and the increase is the largest on the first day, so it takes 100 days to change blood successfully."
I’m afraid it’s only so much to build a foundation in a hundred days!’
Thought of here and shook his head.
The advantage of building a foundation for a hundred days is not that the exchange of blood is complete in a short time, but that the exchange of blood is second to none.
In fact, there is no possibility of replication in his situation.
Dan medicine is good for ordinary people, but it can’t be absorbed so quickly. It needs to be fixed to a certain level.
Imagine who can achieve the satisfactory degree of walking, sitting and sleeping in just a few months by practicing the fixed yang pile?
Three years and five years are not necessarily successful.
At that time, the exchange of blood was approaching Dacheng, even if it was not complete. The so-called hundred-day preconditions were even more a joke.
But …
"If others can’t do it, I can have two blood-changing pills, three blood-extracting pills, plus qi and blood pills. It is expected that the blood-changing will be complete in half a year!"