"I have been competitive since I was a child, and the most difficult topic in the best school research has entered the best unit, but I still can’t afford a room! Am I not good enough? Xiao Wang, do you think I am not good enough? "


Xiao Wang doesn’t know what to say.
If all the senior brothers are not excellent, what about him?
Think about himself again, buy a house, put all the savings in his family and almost all his income in half a generation.
Is this what you want to live?
"My classmates and friends almost can’t help but change careers, but I like this industry. This is my dream since I was a child!"
"Do you have to switch to finance and I industry to afford a house in the virtual city? Do you want to die if you are addicted to scientific research?"
Brother drunk, drunk, lying on the table talking nonsense, crying and cursing something
I don’t know how long it took brother to wake up faint.
"Brother, you are awake. Look, look!" Xiao Wang handed the mobile phone to his brother and wrote a line of big characters "Manor School Park recruits talents to send houses!"
Chapter 726 You
The magic mountain valley is still full of green leaves and flowers even in the cold winter.
The towering mountains around seem to keep all the cold out of the mountain. It’s like being in another world in this valley.
When crossing this valley from the Magic Shandong Tunnel, if you don’t stop or drive into the path, you will see a lush forest sticking out of the forest and the "Fengqiao Research Institute", but if you drive in along the fork road, you will see a brand-new and unique architectural complex located by the mountains and rivers.
A towering boulder stands beside the entrance road and reads "Manor Science Park". Looking up, dozens of buildings, large and small, stand in it.
There are wooden buildings, steel-concrete structures and antique buildings that extend along the mountain.
At the entrance of an auditorium-style building by the lake, two signs were hung at the left and right entrances, namely "teacher application channel" and "research position application channel". Now there are many people waiting in line in front of both signs, and they have doubts and hopes in their low communication.
"It’s not a scam, is it?"
"Recruit talents to send a room? How can this world be so good? "
"It’s not reliable!"
Xiao Wang gave these people a contemptuous look. You people are so young!
Don’t even dare to believe the owner? What are you doing here?
He looked around at the entrance and saw his brother parked the car and waved hurriedly, "Brother, why didn’t you come here!"
"There is a traffic jam!" Brother sighed and said that Neng Manor was responsible for the construction of overpasses and viaducts, but the state league building project has not been completed yet.
Now the whole traffic situation at the foot of the magic mountain has been tied by these two projects, which has become more serious instead of alleviating it.
"Oh, I should have woken up. You didn’t need a car to ride a bird for five minutes." Xiao Wang dragged his senior brother and left. "There are a lot of people lined up quickly. If you are full first, it will be miserable!"
"Xiao Wang, do you think this will work?" Brother hesitated. "This world is not so good, and I skipped work today …"
"Brother, did you see it?" Wang lived and pointed to the rear of the auditorium. "Have you seen several high-rise buildings over there? I have news that two buildings here are teachers’ buildings and two buildings there are talented people’s buildings, both of which are more than 100 square meters, surrounded by mountains and waters, with excellent scenery all year round! Go to the queue quickly or you won’t be able to grab it if it’s late! "
The scenery here is really excellent, but senior brother doesn’t care whether the scenery is good or not!
The senior brother glanced at the buildings consciously, calculated the height and simulated a layout in his mind. "From the appearance, it should be two ladders and four double units, and the third floor is a building that can accommodate about 24. If it is really two buildings, there will be four places each … There are 12 people in your side and 97 in my side!"
Speaking of which, the senior brother calmed down, adjusted his suit and tie, combed his hair and restored his tolerance.
Xiao Wang admire his elder broth’s demeanor of grasping everything at a glance, as if he knew all that rules of the world.
"Brother, if I were the landlord, I would definitely keep you here." Xiao Wang gave a thumbs-up sign.
"I hope so … but what’s the point of staying in the virtual city if I can’t engage in scientific research?" Brother sighed again.
But now that you have come, don’t think so much for the time being. Brother doesn’t like being eliminated, even if he wants to be eliminated, he will eliminate the interviewer!
Just after nine o’clock, the team moved. The team moved very fast. The senior brother counted again. "It’s too fast to be alone for an average of 26 seconds!"
What will happen inside?
It will take more than half an hour to get close to 100 people in 26 seconds, and their speed on the "talent" side is slower than that on the "teacher" side. It was not until an hour later that it was the brother’s turn.
After entering the interview, the senior brother found that there was also a side door. At the side door, a young man leaned against the door with sunglasses on his shoulders. When he came in, he gave him a look and nodded, then turned his head to look at the side door in the other direction.
Senior brother vaguely heard the voice coming from the opposite side, which should be the connection between the two interviews.
Brother came to the interviewer and sat down with Brother Crab and flipped through his information at will. He smiled slightly and said, "What do you study?"
"I study materials science," said the elder brother.
"Well, you can go to the back to choose a room when you are accepted." Brother Crab waved his hand.
"What?" Brother almost jumped up and got in so easily? No more questions?
There is always a feeling of being ignored.
Are you going to choose a house? How do you feel cheated by routine?
Is this a new routine for selling houses? Do I have to pay if I choose a room? Will you be killed if you don’t pay?
Brother immediately became alert.
No, I have to ask!
"Since you have finished asking, it’s my turn to ask. Do you have an institute of materials science?" Brother asked
"No" Brother Crab smiled.
"Then why should I stay?" Brother, it’s a lie to be unhappy! Routines are routines!
"We can build one."
"kill you"
Why does mom have a feeling of being confessed when she sells batches?
Brother was tongue-tied for a long time before he said, "Do you know how much it costs to build a materials science laboratory?"
"I don’t know, but we’re out."