Even if you go back, it is almost impossible to see your ancestors.


For most people in the exile era, bluestone leafstar never appeared in this village, and they were a group of absent people.
No one misses the past, no home.
Who are they? Just a bunch of ghosts.
So what should they do?
"But … we are hearsay when the era ends."
"Who has experienced? Have you ever experienced it? You? Or you? "
"if you haven’t experience it, why is everything gone?"
"Maybe there are people waiting for us at home."
"There are people waiting for us to go back?"
We want to go back …
Go back and have a look at the big tree, the big hut and the family.
But I can’t go back
Blue leafstar has been completely closed.
It’s not them who have this expectation.
In addition to the breakfast village, there are actually dozens of different gathering places, large and small, in Lanshiye Manor.
These gathering places are from the major forces in the exile era, or just refugees and adventurers who want to make a living here.
They didn’t have a chance to join the breakfast village, but they didn’t get discouraged. Maybe when will they be incorporated?
And this kind of waiting paid off for them.
The era of exile suddenly ended, and they all helped through the disaster at the manor.
This is probably the luckiest thing that happened to them in their life.
You can get through this disaster without paying anything.
And if there is no accident, their daughter can go through the end of several eras.
As long as they are always farm dwellers.
But whenever they look up after a busy day, they will consciously look into the sky.
Where there once was a crack, but now it is swinging.
Behind the crack is a barren, chaotic and empty place.