"Hum, no formalities" Gu Nan threw aside Xiaoqi’s materials "The health certificate will be filled immediately after it is completed. From now on, I will take you to learn everything in the store, including choosing coffee beans, grinding them for customers, and matching desserts."


Gu Nan said that he had a meal here and then said, "If you are not familiar with these processes in a month, you can get out of here. I am afraid of opponents like gods and teammates like pigs."
Xiaoqi raised his middle finger in his heart. Now he really wants to put this arrogant child into a black-and-white photo and hang it on the wall. Will he learn to be stupid or useless after a month?
Gu Na dumped him with a key no matter what Xiaoqi thought. "This is your wardrobe key. Don’t lose it. When you take this application form and sign it for the store manager, you can get a temporary job. Regular employees have two sets of clothes in spring and summer to change clothes. You are a part-time job. You can decide whether to sign a contract after the trial period."
Xiaoqi thanked him and took the lonely single key and opened the door with the clothes application form. At this time, Gu Na was still nice and came from behind.
"Don’t take chances when you work in my hands. Although I am responsible for taking you, don’t annoy me or I will let you go at once."
Xiao Qi, a tingle, just saw Gu Nanshi’s pity, but as expected, everything in Zhengtai was black.
Chapter 49 Working to make money!
Cafe workers are a bit like sommeliers in a banquet, but they are also capable of dividing the spring and winter styles into four sets of black leather shoes and two pairs.
Is Xiaoqi on trial or part-time? I got a semi-new suit, but everything is well maintained, but the deposit 3 will be returned after signing the contract or leaving the company.
Xiao qi’s face is full and she is struggling to live. Can she live without 300 oceans?
Change jobs as soon as possible. Xiaoqi has encouraged herself to live. Come on, Xiaoqi.
When Xiao Qi was back in front of Gu Na, she was just disgusted with Gu Na, and she couldn’t help but look at it again. She was wrapped like brown, but Xiao Qi was less bulky and had a more solemn job for professionals, which could not hide her temperament.
Gu Na can’t help but take a look at the smoky gray main color of the small suit, which makes people look spiritual. Although it is old, it is also neatly ironed. Putting on a waistcoat makes Xiaoqi more tall and capable.
At this time, Xiaoqi smiled, his hands crossed slightly in front of him, and his body stood upright but not tight.
"Very good"
Gu Na sincerely appreciates Xiaoqi’s natural temperament, which makes him appreciate it very much. It seems that in front of him, it is a brother who came to the cafe to eliminate the public, rather than giving birth to Xiaoqi. It is so perfect that Gu Na is a little envious and jealous. Is this an aura?
Gu Na angrily left Xiaoqi and followed him closely. He didn’t know where the child was sobbing.
The next training day should be considered busy and not chaotic. Whether it is to treat people or to be busy backstage, Xiaoqi is orderly, with a strong ability to accept, a good memory and a surprising hands-on ability. It is even worse for Gu Na to sigh that it is better to train Xiaoqi for one month, and it will be perfect in less than a week.
Despite this, Gu Na is still depressed.
How can I put it? Although I brought an excellent younger brother to make Gu Na glorious, but it was too excellent and quite a bit shine on you, I still let Gu Na taste a little. Others praised Gu Na’s apprentice Cong and praised him for bringing it well. Xiaoqi also said that it was a teacher’s credit. Gu Na sounded like a hero and was depressed. It’s really not understandable for ordinary people that he didn’t teach Xiaoqi what Xiaoqi himself would do.
In a blink of an eye, it’s almost Christmas, and the coffee shop is decorated with a little western Christmas enthusiasm. Xiao Qibi is looking forward to this day, because he voted for Qitai, and that stock has soared since Christmas, which symbolizes the white ticket.
In the past ten days, Xiaoqi has really struggled to get home and hold the 313 yuan. It’s almost like a god to worship. Eating one meat and one vegetable is healthier. Going out on the bike is beneficial to environmental protection. The mobile phone can’t pick up the toilet, rub Ma Dafu’s toilet paper, take a bath and take a shower gel for Sun Monkey. Although life is so tight that I want to cry, I have to pay it before the gym, otherwise I have to stop, but something good has happened.
On that day, Xiaoqi was holding the remaining yuan in the bank account, which added up to less than 200 yuan. He knocked on the door of Enron, and he finally let Enron match him with an apartment key. Since then, Xiaoqi has played the role of eating and sleeping to the fullest.
Enron’s small apartment is a two-bedroom room, which was converted into a personal studio long before Enron moved in. Although it is not big, it has sufficient light and good ventilation effect, but it is certain that this room has no bed and wardrobe, and even a floor position can’t be moved, so Xiaoqi is already very happy. Is this a step closer to Enron?
If it’s too late to work overtime at the cafe and it’s not convenient to go back to school, Xiaoqi will sleep here in Enron, and she can sleep through the night with a sofa.
Today, I still woke up on the sofa as usual, and it was already a vast expanse of snow outside the window, scrambling to land. An Xiaoqi tightened her tight-fitting long down and stretched out her hand to open the crystal window covered with snowflakes.
A gust of wind came head-on and mixed with snowflakes enthusiastically pounced on Xiaoqi. After the snow was fresh and cold, Xiaoqi took a long breath and shouted ~ The snow was so fucking cold.
A shivering Xiaoqi looked at the window at once, but it was only seven o’clock. Today is Sunday. Come to the store early and clean it for half an hour. Open the store at nine o’clock. Because the store was packed by rich people to celebrate its birthday early and stopped at noon today, it was left to the full-time staff. Today, his part-time job is still in the trial period. It is rare to rest for half a day and arrive at the store at two o’clock at noon. It can really be regarded as stealing a half-day leisure.
It’s still early when I saw it. I think it’s still sleeping safely. Xiaoqi pushed the door open with his flat wallet.
I’ve lived here in Enron for more than ten days, at least. At ordinary times, I’m so busy that I can’t wait for 48 hours a day to follow up my studies and cope with various quizzes. The coffee shop is also really busy. In the past ten days, he and Enron have not had a good meal and didn’t say a word. Either when he came back, Enron was asleep or when he left safely, he was still sleeping under the same roof. It’s so difficult to meet each other. It’s rare that he has to take a half-day off today and behave himself well.
I can’t sleep when I hear the noise from time to time in the outside. At ordinary times, Xiaoqi has already left. Is it possible that the family was robbed?
I took an ashtray in my hand and carefully turned the door handle. Suddenly, a room was full of food and incense.
Enron was a little stunned for a moment, then he opened the door with ecstasy and ran barefoot to the kitchen. When he saw Xiaoqi busy in the kitchen, his surprise expression was instantly frozen and finally replaced by disappointment.
Not him … How could it be him?
"Ah, Enron, you are up!" Xiaoqi saw something behind him and turned around to see Enron gawk at the kitchen door.
Seeing Enron still motionless, Xiaoqi humorously waved a finger in front of him. "During the period, during the period, didn’t you just cook a few dishes and be moved like this?" Do you want to commit suicide? "
Xiaoqi funnily pushed Enron to the sofa and took out slippers from his bedroom for him to wear.
Watching the red-footed Xiaoqi turn around in his heart, he adjusted the room temperature twice and then put a coat behind someone who was a little numb before Xiaoqi went back to the kitchen.
Today, he prepared his famous French truffle mushroom and potato soup, and it took him a lot of time to choose the ingredients. I believe Enron will like it.
At the last soup table, Enron has recovered its original appearance. It seems that the absence at that moment was really shocked by Xiaoqi’s cooking, but Xiaoqi knows why Enron’s lost expression was once so familiar.
Xiao Qi in the previous life was not the same in front of Lan Chen. Time has changed, and it’s really not a taste to see that he once attached himself to Xiao Qi’s heart in another face.
Chapter 50 I really have so good?
Sometimes I really want to tell Enron everything, tell him that the man is not worth it, let alone his life, but he also wants to think about who would believe in such nonsense as rebirth, and he believes that rebirth happens in the writer’s rebirth if it doesn’t happen to him.
"Try this coconut metapenaeus ensis shrimp. It’s a little small, but it tastes quite fresh. Try it."
I can’t bear to break Xiao Qi’s expectation. I took a bite of it unexpectedly. It tastes very authentic and fresh. Although it’s a little small, it doesn’t affect its delicacy at all. I just changed the spoon, even the juice and rice. I added a little glutinous rice to the rice, which was more fragrant, smooth, soft and moderate. I didn’t see any cheeks. Xiao Qi was just worried and smiled naturally.
"Don’t keep eating shrimp. This stewed beef with potatoes is just right. I’m the first one to simmer it and give it a taste?" Say xiaoqi picked up a piece of beef and handed it to Enron’s mouth.
Enron paused and took a look at Xiaoqi. Then he looked at the delicious food thinking in front of him. After a short confrontation, he lost the battle and took a bite of stewed beef. Enron squinted and looked satisfied. Xiaoqi wanted to laugh. It was like a cat stretching.
"Chicken (7) Do you know how to cook when you are swollen? Cooking is really good. "It’s hard to talk about it in the food."
Xiaoqi safely put a chopstick of green vegetables before answering, "I just want to learn two more dishes to make you happy when I’m idle. How are you moved?"
Enron gave him a white eye and turned to the French truffle mushroom potato soup. It was delicious and smooth, and the mouth melted into a rich aroma, which made people unable to help but move their forefinger.
"What is this soup? It smells so special. Um … it’s fresh."
"French truffle mushroom potato soup, I knew you would like it."
Enron scooped up another spoonful and put it into his mouth. "It’s delicious. That’s all you need. The food is cooked to my taste. The braised pork ribs are more delicious than those cooked in the hotel. No wonder that black girl will see that you can cook. This one is enough to make many women sigh. You are not as good as Xiaoqi."
"am I really so good?" Xiaoqi’s eyes are full of sly light.
Enron nodded. "Of course, black girls have a vision. Are you handsome and can cook? Or do you have a headache and brain fever after medicine? It’s natural that a hospital-specific doctor can cook, relieve boredom and warm the bed."
Xiaoqi then said, "Since I am so good, why don’t you reluctantly accept me?"
"Poof-"Enron sprayed vividly.
Xiaoqi quipped, "You said that I am handsome and can cook, or that I will be your personal exclusive doctor after medical treatment, which can save a lot of money. Besides, as you said, I will also make a home to relieve boredom. When you are happy, the most important thing is that I will warm the bed. There is no reason why you can’t take such a very small possession. Besides, I will take the initiative to ask you to close the house. Will you be good? Take it. "
Enron bit the spoon and stopped talking.
"Why don’t I accept you?" Xiao Qi turned around and said, "Although you can draw, you can’t cook, and you can’t be picky about your family and stay in bed first-class, I don’t mind how you think about it." It’s my loss. "