In less than half an hour, 200,000 Yuan Jing entered Huaxia District and successfully eliminated an invisible war of gunpowder smoke.


Get cheap and get affordable!
Of course, Cai Shaochu privately gave the trading quota of 2 ingots in the non-joint zone and 3 ingots in the Russian joint zone, and privately and steadily pulled a wave!
At the end of the day, the heads of the joint districts were dismayed to find that the number of D-class mechanical alloy seized in Huaxia District might be as high as 5 ingots this time, and all the expressions were wonderful.
They don’t know the exact amount.
Because at the end of the day, Huaxia District doesn’t count the things that fall, and they can estimate them directly.
The number of D-class mechanical alloy obtained in Huaxia District may be close to 5 ingots, and it may still arrive.
At this time, no matter how shameless people are, they will be challenged.
Just traded 5 ingots of D-class mechanical spirit alloy from Huaxia District, which is a fact!
Can you still deny that you have just eaten and haven’t digested it?
Moreover, they also have 600 to 700 ingots in such a number of more than 2 ingots in Huaxia District. It seems that the gap is acceptable!
Of course, they don’t know that the total amount of D-class mechanical alloy in Huaxia District has reached 31 ingots, and the total amount of C-class mechanical alloy has reached 61 ingots!
At least 13 thousand star wars legion can be installed!
And Milian District and Yinlian District can barely accommodate 3,000 people according to the harvest after the transaction!
At the same time, Jifeng No.7 resource star
Zhao Hailong, Luo Mu, Yan Lie, Cui Xi and others have retreated in the peripheral defense, but Yang Huai has approached the thunder elephant that has recovered in the past few days
Even if it recovers, it is still a personal board at this time.
Just a trunk with a head and limbs gone, and of course the third leg is still there.
A few days’ rest made Lei Xiang’s mental state much better.
Therefore, at least ten shield nails were nailed to his head, and the spirit shield cap was specially modified to cover his neck.
"Ray like we finished going back to the moon! What about you? "
"What do you mean?"
"If you are too high, we will establish a temporary delivery channel method to bear the fluctuation of your body strength and take you back to Bluestar.
So now you have two choices, "Xu said.
"The first choice we’ll kill you now! Second, think of a way for us to take you back without killing you! "
These two choices are like a thunder!
Did you take hostages like this?
Chapter five hundred and seventy Abnormal resonance
In front of the No.1 main base, the human board thunder elephant was surrounded by a group of members standing upright on the ground in Tongtian Special Combat Team, frowning and puzzling over it.
I have to say that the Eldar is really tall.