Of course, Chen Yi didn’t know that he laughed and said, "No matter what dreams you have, I can help you get close to the standard of a foreign field hospital and give you a dean’s title. It can be decided that the annual budget is 20 thousand dollars, and the budget is 15 doctors, 3 nurses and nurses. This condition is not permanent. Once other doctors accept the invitation, there will be no dean to do it."


Of course, he doesn’t say that the establishment, budget and hospital are all in the file, but 20 thousand dollars a year is real, no matter how many doctors there are, it will be spent
Sima slightly said that he was not moved, but he was no longer indifferent until the Raptor started.
"Pineapple you drive" Chen Yi loosened the steering wheel. He was mourning his loss. Just now, the dream conversation obviously exceeded the standard of humility … Today, the loss is particularly serious. Obviously, it is very difficult to make a young man under 2 years old humble forever, especially when he is not paying attention.
Although gentlemen in the West China and the Kingdom of San Chio encourage knights to choose their own sexual beliefs, one fact can not be ignored, that is, the environment and people affect the public belief, not because it conforms to the public, but because it is not easy to be influenced by the environment and people.
Humility and humility are controllable.
Maybe … it’s paintable.
Chen Yi found out that Chen Zhenxing sent himself a short message to find a consultant and immediately called him and asked, "Really?"
"I’m Chen Yi. Did Chen Zhenxing inform you?"
The other party hesitated, "Actually, the president of the company informed the president of the consulting company …"
Chen Yi also doesn’t want to pursue Chen Zhenxing casually. "Isn’t it convenient for you now? I want to talk about consulting, which is actually very simple and concrete, such as showing humility."
"Sorry, I didn’t catch it."
"I want to show humility in detail. The deeper the humility, the better. If you can solve this problem," Chen Yi shrugged. "I will give you a great benefit."
He doesn’t know what benefits Yan needs, but he will always like it.
Cong has seen several strange projects, so he quickly promised, "Please give me a specific commission and I will return it to you as soon as possible."
Chen Yi didn’t answer.
Sima changed her tone and said, "Unless … you want to know now?"
"I don’t need a plan," Chen Yi replied after a pause. "You come to see me now, and we will try to get your company moving at once, so that I can understand how many ways to show humility are good, fast, numerous and easy to achieve."
Chen Yi can certainly try to judge the degree of humility from the heat of the four stars.
Cong weakly replied, "This is not our company …"
"If you do it, it’s you."
Yan leng for a moment and then became full of energy.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-five Brush divine power (3)
Chen Yi doesn’t want to get an optimal plan at once-it would be best if he could get it, but the reality is that no one knows how the base god of "humility" defines himself and his beliefs.
Therefore, it is necessary to invite him to try, and the significance is that he can shorten the distance to the most feasible scheme as far as possible.
When they met in binjiang road, the consulting company where they were working entered the state of noodle making, and almost gave up other businesses. Of course, Chen Yi did not inform them of his promise, but gave them a promise of a general salary increase and promotion. This is also the best solution. If the company finally belongs to him, of course, he has made such a decision. If Chen Yi tells a lie, he will certainly give a reward fact. If he tells his colleagues about Chen Yi’s true promise, I’m afraid he will get the most, not help, but blows and stumbles, especially since the current management of the company doesn’t know how many points to come up with to deal with him.
Binjiang road is Chen Yi’s most familiar place, but people are still busy. At this moment, the naked bear is leading the villagers and hunters to load 30,000 tons of materials into the amphibious god’s compartment in the central warehouse area, which is an aircraft carrier. This is because there are too few people. If the management is strict and there are enough people, there will be less than 40,000 to 50,000 tons of materials in the amphibious god’s compartment, instead of pushing it with a car like now, regardless of whether it is tightly placed or not. They will ask the manufacturer whether something will be crushed. As strong as possible, it is best to pack it as hard as a tin can with wooden cases outside. Even without that, it is acceptable to lose about 1% of the materials according to the efficiency. Only a few A-level materials will be treated differently, and half of them are busy.
Cong is a slightly stout young man, at most 3 years old. He looks stocky like a man wearing a green hat and doesn’t know that men speak a little. When Mu Na meets, he asks Chen Yi first, "Shall we do it now?"
Nothing interesting is probably not very flattering. Chen Yi made a judgment and nodded and said, "Whatever you say."
The more unpleasant people are, the harder it is for them to sit in high positions. Chen’s group consulting company is not in the forefront of the industry, but it is not weak, so it seems that it should be superior to others to be elected.
"I looked up some information." I took out my folder and lost my image as a master again.
He was bent on doing things well, but ignored others’ eyes. His left hand grabbed the document sample and exposed his nervousness. He said in a hoarse voice, "Mr. Chen’s modesty is an attitude and it is up to people to judge. So who are you going to show it to?"
"To God"
"To whom?" Yan has to ask again. This is the second time he has asked Chen Yi to repeat what he said. It is very rare for a consultant to encounter a situation.
Chen Yi pointed to his face and said, "I’m serious about showing God that judging humility will also be God."
The truth is immediately praised by honest faith!
Like all normal people, I understand the language and explain, "So you believe in a religion? What religion do you believe in? This may help us. "
"It’s faith," Chen Yi was happy to tell the truth and explained, "Faith is humility. Now I need to show God my faith."