On the other hand, two of the four people in Huaxia District entered the battle damage sequence.


In terms of numbers only, the ratio of the number of people who can participate in the war between the two sides is five at present.
Haroji feels stressed!
However, Miao Huan-shan’s appearance is the best time for Lankehan to play.
If Rank Khan wins the next battle, the rhythm will return to Haroji’s prediction.
It is expected that Lankehan will win the Patrick Xichang in Huaxia District.
It would be better not to send Cui Xichang, just as the Yinlian District can win in a row to save the decline!
Naturally, Haroji sent Rank Khan to Taiwan.
Lankhan is a short man.
Height doesn’t even have one meter seven. The whole person is slightly stooped and dressed in a black sports suit.
It should be his own clothes, but he didn’t even wear the standard battle of Huaxia Gene Evolution University.
Holding a silver-black dagger about 40 cm long upside down in each hand is more like a short blade.
The whole person went there with a cold breath.
Miao Huanshan did not listen to the suggestion of Hu Nan, the teacher who led the team, to replace Cui Xi.
He wants to have a battle to decide the outcome!
He wants to hone himself!
The battle is fast.
Miao Huan-shan is still extremely careful. At the moment of fighting, he jerked out from the soles of Lankhan’s feet with a wave and a stab.
But just at the first stab, Rank Khan suddenly disappeared from the sight of Miaohuanshan, hunched in front of him.
Not only disappeared from the sight of Miao Huanshan, but also disappeared from the sight of all the audience, just like disappearing into the ring.
Almost at the same moment, Miao Huanshan’s pupil shrank, and a kind of dangerous breath appeared in front of him steeply.
Can Miao return to the mountain instantly condensed a rock shield in front of him.
At the moment when the rock shield appeared, Rank Khan appeared in front of Miao Huanshan and flashed into Miao Huanshan’s chest. The double-edged sword was blocked by the rock shield.
The energy field force broke the Miaohuanshan rock shield in an instant when the double-edged sword broke out.
Miao Huanshan’s on-the-spot experience is still extremely rich.
Life and death head is a rock shield clinging to the chest.
Frank Khan’s eyes flashed a double-edged sword and slid to both sides to slash.
Click twice into the meat
Miao Huanshan’s two arms were directly cut off from the shoulders and flew up.
Blood gushed out and Miao returned to the mountain to scream.