Before they threatened to enter Qixing, if those bastards didn’t agree, they would just call in.


But now …
"That … that … positions"
Hong Ying asked with some timidity, "Are we still going to Qixing?"
Red sky smell speech didn’t answer immediately, and he was caught in a dilemma at this time.
How to get in? What can this disabled soldier tour do now? To send them prisoners?
How do I return it?
He was more arrogant than Zhang Kuang, who made a direct speech at the first time after the dragon general failed to apply for the star title. He was more arrogant than trying to win back Hongying’s star title for Qixing.
Even the specific date has been given.
I suddenly don’t go now …
Even the inflammatory star will directly become the laughingstock of humanity, especially when he is in such a hurry to show that he can eat the big cake of Qixing for the first time.
As a result, this sudden battle actually reduced them to this dilemma.
"What on earth are these people from? Can you find out if they start the Star Alliance … and so on … what is this … what is this?"
The face of the red sky changed greatly. Looking at the body of Thanos lying on the ground, it slowly disappeared and a little fluorescence dissipated.
Even the bodies that fell to the ground were the same sight.
"Be careful!"
"Protect the stars!"
Many soldiers of heaven and man surrounded the red sky in succession.
Are worried that this is a precursor to self-explosion?
However, the imaginary explosion did not come, but many enemy bodies and distant warships gradually disappeared
Even the blood is gone.
People are in shock. Look at me. I’ll look at you.
I can’t believe what’s happening …
All the blood, weapons, bodies and so on left by the enemy have disappeared.
It would have been an illusion that they almost missed the battle if the bodies of their comrades-in-arms were still there, but for their damaged warships.
"What the hell happened?"
"This is the enemy characteristics? The enemy has a constitution similar to that of Spirit, and will disappear if he dies? But it’s not right. Spirit will disappear and it’s said in the past, but why are those weapons and war benefits gone? "
This time, even the red sky is confused.
He sank, "It seems that this attack is not simple. The enemy should come for us. Even if we call for reinforcements immediately, it will take three days to get here. If we are attacked by the enemy again in this time, we may not be able to win again."
Hong Ying exclaimed, "What? Return trip? This ….. This ….. Didn’t we have an ultimatum in front of the main star to recapture the Qixing? If we return, you will become a laughing stock in the eyes of other major stars. "
"Oh, I forgot if you didn’t say this."
The red sky said, "I really said that I would help you recapture Qixing in front of the main star. Although the dragon general has not been recognized, he is now the true ruler of Qixing. I still have to give a little bit."
"Give … give him face? How … how to give? "
Hongying can have some ominous premonitions.
"Nature is the first gift before the enemy."
The red sky said, "Blood will be inflamed!"
Four war generals will kneel respectfully to the ground with one blood inflammation.
"Divide a mini-fleet from the main fleet to escort Hong Yingxing to Qixing for the handover ceremony. If the dragon will cooperate, it will be a successful conclusion. If he doesn’t cooperate, then we have given him the opportunity to return to the great army … no one can say anything."