Today, the Thunder obviously had a different ceremony. It kept a low profile at the home of the 76ers. Every player came out with explosive music and twisted his body at will. When Durant, the last ace player, came out, he roared the MVP name and became deaf.


In comparison, every player of the 76ers will be booed by the fans. When Tang Wenlong played for the last time, booing could easily overturn the roof of the energy arena.
Tang Wenlong shook his head and the camera gave him a close-up. Suddenly, he was booed and scored three points.
After the ceremony, the starters of the two teams stayed on the scene, and the rest of the players took the field and returned to the bench to sit down.
On the side of the 76ers are Lori, Iguodala, Tang Wenlong, David West and Mark Gasol Thunder, while on the side of the 76ers are Westbrook, Sa Flosa, Durant, Ibaka and Perkins, both of which have continued the regular season and have not changed.
Coach Brooks knows that the Thunder’s problem is not the line, but the outside line. He stressed today that Thunder players must play their aggression, be tougher than the 76ers and destroy the outreach of the 76ers.
Ibaka won the jump ball again.
Gasol Jr. Pie your pie and walk back. In fact, Ibaka is one of his own nationalities. At present, both of them have been selected for the Spanish national team. I didn’t expect to jump the ball himself, but his speed is not much worse than that of some wingers.
Westbrook raised his left arm and held out two fingers to give tactical instructions.
Lori was bluffed. Is he going to change his style and play a real point guard?
As a result, Westbrook gave the ball to the ball cover in one second. Durant Durant caught the ball and took a jump shot.
Tang Wenlong jumped up and interfered to cover his eyes.
Durant’s sense of rhythm has risen when he shoots, and it is more accurate to add more footwork. This shot is still a steady hit.
"Good shot!" Westbrook and Durant hit a high five and got an assist.
The goal scored in the first wave of attack greatly boosted the thunder’s morale. In the energy arena, the fans thundered and cheered at the right time, which helped the thunder wave.
The slogan "defense, defense" sounded in the attack field of the 76ers’ position, and the 76ers’ fans were scattered. The climate formed by the root method was submerged in the blue ocean.
The Thunder really took the initiative to find the body to confront the 76ers, whose every move was very big. It was very difficult to implement the tactics. Tang Wenlong simply went out of the three-point line without Gasol blocking Perkins, and then asked Lori to ask for the ball. At this time, when he saw Tang Wenlong holding the court, he hissed.
Mr. Flosa’s arms spread nervously and his palms sweated.
Tang Wenlong threatened to hold the ball, and suddenly his body jumped up straight on tiptoe, and his hands held the basketball high, and he shot a jumper with a hint of back!
"I actually voted like this!" Mr Flosa DengYuan eyes a face of disbelief and the first reaction to come over.
"Hey!" Life is so confident!
The first wave of attack in Tang Wenlong was so unreasonable that the slogan of "defense, defense" came to an abrupt end, just like being held by the throat and screaming at the end of the law
"This is too overbearing," the host of the relay station said with a smile.
Tang Wenlong turned and walked back with his head down, and there was nothing to celebrate. It was the black jersey that walked on the court like a knight in black armor who killed the enemy.
Thunder people pack up their minds and morale, and it’s hard to drop a section. Westbrook is thinking about playing a half-court game and then he suddenly has Lori.
His first dribble was very big, although there was no change of direction and shaking, but it was already a big killer in the regular basketball game. Lori fell behind and lost half a position. When they fought against Westbrook, they went crazy and rushed in. Lori put a defensive position and cut a route abruptly.
Outside the penalty area, Gasol missed the bottom of the basket in front of Perkins. At this time, Westbrook can easily basket if he can divide the ball and find teammate Perkins.
However, his choice is to fly directly with the explosive charge, facing Gasol holding his arms high and holding the ball sideways directly. Gasol jumped up and interfered with the terror. Two long arms enveloped Wesbruckergen and didn’t throw it at random near basketball frame.
Perkins just picked up a rebound when the ball didn’t go into the basket. He jumped up with joy and was ready to put the basket.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-three Compressive resistance
The yellow hand appeared on Perkins’ head in vain, and then the five fingers were firmly pressed on Perkins’ head to hold up the basketball. Perkins felt a huge force coming from the top of his head, and then straightened his arms and unconsciously put it in his hand. The basketball could no longer be grasped.
"Shit!" When his face changed, he knew it was bad, but he didn’t respond or resist at all.
The basketball flew halfway like a relay, and another dark hand took it, and then took a quick break on the floor.
In the lead, the soul of the 76 ers flew over and blocked the ball. The combination of the two swords of the city’s rising leader touched several fans
Too fast, the transition from defense to attack. After Tang Wenlong covered Perkins, he still crossed the half-court for the first time and went hand in hand with Iguodala and Lori to form an arrow array
Rory Tang Wenlong cuts the basket on the left side of Iguodala’s ball in the scattered middle of Thunder’s defense front.
Lori took off before throwing the ball into Tang Wenlong, glided and caught Lori’s ball, and then buckled his arms into the basket 5-2.
There is another sigh and Tang Wenlong in the energy arena.
Westbrook looks ugly. Coach Brooks has jumped out of his mind on the sidelines just now. He also knows that he seems to have made a wrong choice, but in that case, he is actually very sure that he will attack like that if he is not Gasol Jr.
He tidied up his mind, adjusted his breath and controlled the ball in the frontcourt.
Durant used cover to catch the ball, but he didn’t throw it. Tang Wenlong stepped on the three-point line and turned his back. Ibaka came to pick and roll Perkins, and he covered the ball for Westbrook on the other side.
Durant attacked with the ball frame and put the ball on the ground with both hands. After a tentative step, he became eager for a left breakthrough
Big stride dribbling with great speed, but generally Tang Wenlong can easily and forcefully block Durant and the middle of the basket and constantly give physical confrontation.
Chevy Brook came just in time, and Durant handed it to Wesbrook with a hit.
The basket is still piled up. This time, Westbrook made a wise choice to throw a big ball to the flank and ambush Saffron Welissa Gonzaga Flosa, who missed three points.
"I can’t hit it if I have a chance!" Coach Brooks was so worried about this great opportunity.
Can’t shoot offensive rebounds, can’t grab Gasol, squeeze Perkins into a more advantageous position and protect the rebound in the backcourt.
In fact, Perkins’ annual salary is really overestimated. Although he is an important puzzle for the Thunder to reach the finals this season, it is not the same level as Gasol Jr. Although the latter is a famous blue collar and meat shield in the league, it can at best resist people. Compared with the Celtics, the speed sensitivity has dropped too much. Once the pick-and-roll is misplaced, it will not be able to jump out and form a dislocation.
At present, the Thunder has always regarded Perkins as a treasure, but they don’t know what they really need is to fit Durant and Westbrook’s anti-roll line. It is best for the blue-collar players to rebound fiercely in the frontcourt and wait for the second shot to miss the rebound.
It happened that the 76ers’ backcourt rebounding ability league is also in the forefront, not top, but definitely not bad.
After two more rounds, neither side scored.
Tang Wenlong caught the ball, turned around, broke through the footsteps, moved forward, and made him defensive. Sa Flosa was in an unfavorable defensive position. His breakthrough to the baseline attracted all the attention of Thunder.
Divide the ball to the free throw line. Igor Dalay Godala divides the ball to Lori outside the three-point line.
Shooting hit ratio 2
Thunder horse called a time-out, but it was almost time to force a time-out. The fans in the Energy Arena were depressed. I didn’t expect to get the first Durant jumper so far, but now they are beaten by the 76 ers. What about a Jedi counterattack?
When the Thunder players left the stadium, no one spoke, and the atmosphere didn’t dare to take a breath.