Because that wave of Aishi just now contributed a lot, and now this statement is very reasonable, we all agreed. I said, "Then go and be careful not to get caught."


Aishi said, "No, we just wandered around the road for so long. They are blue BUFF. It is impossible to make a vision here. I am squatting here for a wave of bombers. If he comes to get the blue by himself, I can put it in seconds."
Aishi is now well equipped. Wearing a stick and a holy grail magic knife, the bomber’s fragile body must have been in suspense by Aishi. Because the bomber didn’t come out of the hourglass, he was equipped just like Lulu, and Lulu must have won and killed the bomber. Blue BUFF can also run at will.
"Sister Aishi, you have to be careful … although it’s been so long … but the opposite blue BUFF may not have no eyes, because the bomber was in the middle of the road when you were just caught. He may have gone to the blue BUFF and put an eye there. You’d better bring a real eye." Zhong Yi woke up sensitively
But by the time Zhong Yi said this, Aishi was almost at the blue BUFF. She was too full to bring her real eyes, and her scanning seemed to have entered the CD.
This wave is a little bad, isn’t it
Aishi ran to the opposite blue BUFF, then entered the grass in front of the blue BUFF, inserted an eye here and hit the blue BUFF.
Who knows that at this time, a hook suddenly reached over and hooked Aishi directly.
Hammer, stone, barrel, bomber, wheel mother
Four more people.
"There are really eyes," Zhong Yinai said.
This time, none of us went anywhere, and this time, the opposite control department hit Aishi without even getting a chance to make a big move, so it was directly seconds away.
Then five people across the street directly held a group to push the second tower of our middle road.
The result of putting Q in the mode of shrinking the ground of the residual wood was flashed by the hammer stone. The most powerful thing in Q was that the hammer stone knew that the residual wood reacted quickly, and the residual wood was directly dug and displaced at the moment when the hammer stone flashed. The result was predicted by the hammer stone and was hooked on the way to dig the ground. Then the second section of Q came over and E came over, and the barrel was a big move. The output of the residual wood was also seconds.
At this time, although we have a big dragon BUFF, it is impossible for three people to be in a full state with five people just opposite, and the output of AD and AP is high. It is different for us to go to 3V5 to die.
"This rhythm is a bit wrong," I said.
I felt the situation was in a state of turmoil when I took the dragon in front of me. These two deadly hooks took our nakano away one after another. Instead of becoming the opposite highland, we were broken by a tower and took two heads. The two of them revived and dragged the dragon across the street, and BUFF disappeared.
We missed an excellent opportunity to advance.
The situation became ethereal again.
Chapter 445 Field Shouting
Although we have three people and a big dragon BUFF now, it is not easy for us to push forward. We tried to hold a group to push the second tower in the opposite middle road and found that the roots could not be pushed in. The bomber POKE was too strong.
Then we have no other way, and we dare not act rashly and fight to the death, and we dare not just cross the tower and see that we can’t push it in so that we can brush money again.
The pace of this game is too slow. If the opposite side was an assassin or a displacement, the game might have ended long ago. However, it is too dirty to choose the bomber on the opposite side.
The game has dragged on for 44 minutes …
The second dragon has been refreshed. After we took the first dragon, it was a great failure, because we didn’t do anything, but instead, we were taken by two people and pushed by two towers …
Luckily, at that time, I thought the game was stable …
This dragon is definitely going to fight, depending on how the two sides fight.
Chen Yi and Ai Shidu have six gods, and Chen Yi and the opposite single KORO have resurrection armor.
Opposite Naer’s equipment is also completed, and it is delayed until this late stage. One equipment is short of the Six Gods’ equipment. His last small equipment is a small drinking magic knife. I don’t know if KORO will be upgraded or replaced.
The two sides are still brushing each other, and they are all in the big dragon and are ready to move in this area, but both sides refuse to fight and take the lead first.
"Brother Yi, can we get a head start?" I asked Chen Yi
Chen Yi said with a frown, "In fact, I really want to have the first hand, but it’s really hard to find this first hand opportunity. If I stay opposite the home guards such as Quanshui, AP or AD will be wretched. Look at me from the back and put my skills on POKE. I can’t do anything about it. At this time, I still haven’t slacked off and played steadily without any flaws."
Later, Chen Yi said, "It’s not easy to find the first chance for AP and AD across the street. Now the only chance we can find is the hammer stone. He definitely wants to hook our situation first, and then we explode. But we can also take this opportunity to avoid his hook first. If he wants to hook our position, we must be ahead of the whole team. We might as well find the opportunity to torch this hammer stone for two seconds, and then the scene will become four dozen five. Without the hammer stone protection and control, our chances of receiving it will be much greater."
I thought about it for a while and felt a little inappropriate. In the last few days, we played 44 minutes in the training match, only one or two Chen Yi had little experience, but the other four of us had more experience. After four or five minutes, I tried to use the assistant as a breakthrough ticket to go to the opposite side, but in the end, we were violently countered by the opposite side. If we changed our ticket, it would still be 4V4, and then we would definitely not be able to beat the team.
Now that there are no two towers in the middle of the road on both sides, it has come to this late stage when there is no highland left. Now winning or losing is a wave of things, so I will definitely not allow this risk.
I said, "Let’s forget it, Brother Yi. Don’t underestimate the opposite assistant. He is also very resistant to you going to him. If the opposite position is better than ours, you will be completely different in the first two seconds, and you are a big tree. In case W flashes in the past and leads you to their crowd, you will be directly killed by the opposite assistant. The total risk is too great. We may not be able to do it as well as you think."
Chen Yi frowned and thought for a while and seemed to feel right. "Well, now I don’t know what to do. I seldom play this game."
"Brother, you have the highest qualification in our game. Come and think of a way. It’s not a problem to always drag it." Yu Mu couldn’t help it.
This kind of game is very difficult, because everyone is nervous all the time, and no one wants to play one more minute, hoping to end the opposite side early.
At this time, I have completely entered the realm of ecstasy. The word ecstasy may be exaggerated here, but my current state is indeed like this. It is like I am seriously solving a fascinating math problem, and I have put my whole body and mind into it. I feel that every brain cell in my brain is working crazy.
"Aishi, you have a line on your way!" I glanced at the route and suddenly said to Aishi
I came up with a very strategic tactic.
Now there are a lot of routes, and Aishi’s money is full. It’s a little inappropriate to tell her to take the line, but this line must be taken by her and must be taken to the second tower of Lu!