He Songyang has personally seen the "God City" and knows the magic of the God City. He also knows that if he wants manpower, he can’t shake the God City unless he can turn the guest into the owner of the God City.


"Xinhe mansion, xuanhu mansion to what they want? What else do they want? " He Songyang growled
JiXingwen was a quiver for a long time and then looked up. "The goal of the report gods city may be this day."
He Songyang turned his hand and fell on the table, gently holding the table, cups and bowls, and increasing his hand strength will crush the cups and bowls instantly.
He didn’t know how many things were crushed after learning that Xuanhu House had changed hands, but even so, his anger still dissipated. Every time the word "Xuanhu House" appeared in his mind, he felt a burst of anger … and fear.
The city of gods can unconsciously seize Xinhe House and Xuanhu House, which means that one day it can also seize Guangqu House. By that time, he will finally get everything, including his identity as Regent and his life.
"Who is in control of the city of the gods? Why can he take advantage of the best time and place? Why can’t he be what people want? " He Songyang’s eyes are full of ambition. After he is afraid, he wants to seize the city of gods. "I want to see who can finally see who is God."
JiXingwen looked up at the eye He Songyang and then quickly bowed his head.
At present, all the courthouses in Guangqu House have been controlled by He Songyang, and there are only a handful of royalists left in such a large courthouse. These royalists are not absolute royalists but biased towards neutral officials.
To put it simply, these people are royalists, but they will not hesitate to defect if He Songyang becomes the throne one day.
In addition to these officials, he Songyang is still in the middle of the DPRK, which means that he Songyang has almost completely controlled the DPRK affairs and is regarded as an invisible emperor. Even if Renwang is really rescued one day, it is not so easy to recapture the emperor.
The decline of the royal family may be in an instant when He Songyang is willing to change the dynasty.
He hasn’t ascended the throne yet, mainly because the forces of Zhao and the imperial court are afraid that the two sides will join hands to attack in the name of "maintaining royal orthodoxy"
For He Songyang, it was hard for him to get the theory, for example, he didn’t want to lose it
After a moment of silence, He Songyang shouted "Xingwen"
"Belonging to"
"It’s time to ask those counselors to come and raise them for so long," He Songyang said calmly. "No matter whether there are spies among these people, it’s time to make a decision, or the city of gods will annex all the days sooner or later."
What happened in Xinhe House and Xuanhu House made He Songyang wary and aware that he was robbed by the gods, and it would be even harder for them to get it back.
It is better to take the initiative than to wait and die.
JiXingwen see He Songyang didn’t blame the bottom of my heart greatly relieved hurriedly should be "report".
After walking out of the house, Qi Xingwen breathed a sigh of relief and thought too much, and went to the place where the counselors were placed. He called out all the counselors and told them to see He Songyang after a few words.
No sooner had he commanded than someone came over and walked in the other direction with all his advisers.
JiXingwen can also follow quickly until he reaches his destination, only to find that He Songyang still doesn’t trust to detain these counselors.
It is also at this time that the counselors react to what situation.
"Lord Qi wants us?" Yang Taihua grabbed the wooden post and shouted
"Lord Qi, what mistake have we made to be put in such a place?"
"His adult …"
Lin Chengfu was among them. He took a step back and looked up at the eyes of a few people in front of him slightly behind the counselors who were huddled in succession, and flashed a few minutes of thought.
If he knows as well as others, he must be curious about what He Songyang did, but he clearly knows that the city of gods is here and he knows the news these two days that He Songyang is afraid of the city of gods.
Since they entered the Regent’s Palace, He Songyang has dried them for half a year. There must be temptations, but more importantly, the city of gods exists.
He Songyang’s purpose in looking for a counselor is to hope that someone can give him advice so that he can find a way to deal with the god city, but the god city is too special, and it is really good for ordinary people to enter the god city. He will tell the counselor that some people will be tempted, and then he will steal the chicken and eat the rice.
The rest of the counselors were unaware of the sudden detention, but this was the real beginning in Lin Chengfu’s eyes.
Obviously, the Xuanhu incident stimulated He Songyang and forced him to speed up the process, trying to really control the gods in the gods city with the gods city before the gods city continued to develop.
Sure enough, a familiar sound came outside Lin Chengfu’s deep thought.
"It was the king who told people to detain you." He Songyang walked through the door and walked to the front of the cell. When the counselors were in doubt, they dared not take the lead in devoting themselves to the situation. "I’m sorry, Wang did this because he had to. I hope you don’t take it amiss."
It’s just a short sentence. Originally, everyone was angry and suddenly changed their mood, especially Yang Taihua, who was the first to question, was even more at a loss at this time.
It was a long time before someone tried to say, "Your Majesty, what is so important that you want to wait for me here?"
"Yes, Sir, since we have come to Wangfu, we are already ready to be loyal to Sir. If you have something to say, we will try our best to help."
"Your report’s loyalty to the heart and the world can be seen as a bit false."
One by one, the counselors expressed their loyalty for fear that they were too late to leave too much impression on He Songyang.
Although the ten counselors are carefully selected, everyone knows that it is impossible for everyone to congratulate Songyang, and the confidant around him can really stand out. It must be one or two out of ten.
Nowadays, the influence of Guangqu Mansion is gradually divided. Even in the Regent’s Mansion, they have heard about it. Now choosing He Songyang is probably choosing the future emperor. Now getting He Songyang’s letter means that maybe one day they will become prominent officials in the DPRK.
Giving timely help is often more memorable than adding flowers. Although He Songyang’s status is already very high, he is still the Regent after all, but he has not really reached the position of ten thousand people. If they make suggestions to make He Songyang ascend to the position, this credit will surely accompany them for life.
He Songyang slightly lowered his eyes to hide the subtle emotions in his eyes. When he lifted his eyes again, his eyes were full of sincerity. "To tell the truth, Wang did this for the sake of the people, and the people have been in trouble for a long time. Since the Emperor, we have been thinking about how to save the people, even at the expense of launching a war, but after all, the three forces are inseparable and bring difficulties to the people."
"In recent years, King Tai Huang has been thinking about how to solve the current predicament and reduce the suffering of the people. In recent years, the war has gradually subsided, but after all, something has gone wrong."
"The emperor loves people’s hearts, but heaven can learn from them, but the gods just landed in the court."
"The whole world says that heaven loves the king, but heaven loves the king and knows the hardships of the people before sending the gods to help him. However, now it is an unknown pawn in Linchun House who wants to save the heavenly king and seize the gods."
He Songyang spoke sentence by sentence, and the advisers in the cage listened to him and understood every word, but when these words were put together, they had a feeling of being unintelligible.
Behind He Songyang JiXingwen saw everyone’s faces vacant and took the initiative to describe what would happen in the city of gods one by one.
Until then, they finally listened to Baihe Songyang.
Their face were shocked.
"This … this world really has gods?"
Chapter three hundred and seventy-seven The court also wants to
The news of Shenshen City made all the counselors lost in thought, so they gradually forgot what they were still in prison.