Suddenly those other people cheered.


They are a group of very young and terrible monks.
Bare-shirted violent guy turned around and had a very gentle face.
It is Ye Qian.
He smiled faintly and put Dan away.
At this time, Xiao Yi came from behind and put on a blue robe for him.
Since he led the people in the courtyard into Qinggu Gaoling a few months ago, the battles, big and small, have hardly stopped.
Fortunately, this group of people are all super geniuses or congenital stone winners or sacred stone winners gathered by the hospital in recent years, and their strength is very tough.
Otherwise, the task of planting trees by himself is really not so easy to complete.
Until now, he has found the node of Baidiandao in Qinggugaoling.
Calculate the distance should be close to the northern snowfield.
"I really don’t know how uncle and they crossed Qinggu Gaoling at that time."
"It seems that I only spent half a month when I came back."
Ye Qian dressed his mouth and said.
He is still having a hard time these days.
"The master’s strength monster beast is naturally careless"
Xiao Yi smiled and carefully arranged the collar for Ye Qian.
Ye Qian, um, Qinggu Gaoling, which is very dangerous for them, may be in the uncle’s place, just like the back garden.
At this moment, a rhyme swept by at an extremely fast speed.
Ye Qian frowned slightly.
"Look what that is!"
At the same time, someone exclaimed
Ye Qian looked up at the sky.
See a Pang Dafa, which aims to cross the sky, and the law of terror and rhyme emanates from it.
"Yuan Shigong?" Ye Qian raises eyebrows.
Just as he read the name, an extremely profound achievement appeared in Ye Qian’s mind.
A moment later, someone came to my senses.
"this achievement method"
He looked horrified that this piece of Yuanshi Gong was simply beyond his understanding.
Even a cursory reading can find that this is definitely a top method!
"It was written by uncle."
Ye Qian looked at the sky and murmured.
He felt the breath of leaves in the wind from the picture scroll.
"So the master of kung fu has made it public!" Yi has an incredible look on his face.
In the science of uniting the world, if someone gets the peerless achievement method, who is not hiding anything?
No one can directly inspire the laws of heaven to be announced to the whole world!
"This is the uncle pattern."
Ye Qian still looked at the heaven and the law with a yearning light in his eyes.
Then he smiled and said, "He is like a child’s trick compared with our heavenly garden."
"Dean, there are still ways to change. Do we have to practice?" Then someone asked
Ye Qian gentle eyes looked at the past.
"Are you stupid?"
"The real dragon meat is in front of you, and you still want to eat Wowotou?"
"Go to the Heaven Institute for me. Someone is there."
"immediately turn to repair the yuan to start work!"
Zhongzhou 9 th Tianyu
Taiyi Holy Land is one of the only two superpowers in the Ninth Heaven.
A huge colorful Luan bird swept through the sky and went straight to Taiyi Holy Land.
"Evil animals!"
Immediately several powerful breath foaming at the mouth and will Luan bird department surrounded.
Only then did they find that there were still several people behind Luan bird.
Everyone has a strong breath.
"Hee hee, old seven, you’ve been scolded for evil animals again."
One of the girls with long purple hair said with a smile
Lao qi Yan nai
During this period, every time they go to a place, they will be jumped out and scolded by those people, which is simply extreme.
It’s easy to bully
But it’s true that everywhere they go is a holy land.
Holy people are not afraid of it, such a monster with nine heads.
Several elders in Taiyi Holy Land looked at this group of people who seemed to be not very good and frowned slightly.
"Please leave the holy land as soon as possible and don’t fly!"
How many people shake and drink?
The first Ye Qin ballad came out.