Chapter 675 The outcome has been divided into 2


? In any case, the Wangs obviously gave up the family compound and were ready to escape. If Xiao Lingyu waited any longer, he might miss the opportunity. He didn’t hesitate again and immediately rushed towards the terms.
Obviously, the woman and the teenager are not ordinary members of the royal family. The teenager only has the cultivation of the early days of the gods, while the woman is a master who has almost the late days of the gods.
"Whether it’s on them or not, take them down first. Even if it’s not on them, you can’t ask them. At least you can use them to blackmail the Wangs."
And in the process of marching, he also offered the sacristy mirror of Yin and Yang, and four virtual shadow monsters rushed into each other’s crowd rapidly and incomparably.
Four virtual shadow monsters were hit repeatedly, but they didn’t suffer any damage, but they attacked, but they flew four strong men in an instant.
The only people who can stand together now are the mother and son.
"I just want one thing. If Madam is willing to hand it over, I will leave immediately." Xiao Lingyu slowly close to the past, while said.
"Nature lilies." Xiao Lingyu replied indifferently.
The woman frowned slightly and affirmed, "There is a lily in the Wangs’ house, but it’s not our mother and son, it’s in the hands of the Wangs’ gentleman."
"I can swear by my soul!" The woman said.
The woman is really very cooperative, and she made an oath now, and told the Wangs gentleman to go out from the back door before a lamp of tea, and even presented the image of the Wangs gentleman to Xiao Lingyu, so that Xiao Lingyu could identify it.
The reason why the woman is so cooperative is estimated to be that she has a bad relationship with the Wangs’ gentleman. Anyway, when the family is big, even if it is a surname, there will be infighting. There are too many such things, and Xiao Lingyu is too lazy to think about it.
If the three families fail in their work, the city is not safe for them. If they want to escape, they must first think about going out of the city.
This makes Xiao Lingyu a little puzzled. The jurisdiction of Kuncheng is now in the hands of the White House, and the White House has also made moves to put this time. The defeat of the three families is already certain, but the city guards of put the three families to escape without opening the gates, but the gates are tightly closed, which is a bit confusing.
The gentleman of the Wangs is not a master of the imperial period. He can’t jump over the wall and escape. If he is not dead, he must still be in the city.
Kuncheng is too big. In fact, it’s easy to hide someone. It’s too difficult for Xiao Lingyu to find Mr. Wang himself.
The war should be the winner, but the city of Kunming is very turbulent. Monks with bright armor can be seen everywhere on the street, and monks with a face of panic can also be seen running around.
After observing for a while, he figured it out. The White House was United with the terms. Before the outbreak of this battle, the White House had been acting with Kong and Wang. When the war really broke out, the White House suddenly turned against the terms to help them deal with Kong and Wang who were caught off guard, which would make the situation become like this.
The Wangs are mainly engaged in business, and their financial resources are the first, but their force is not so good.
Confucius and Wang did not expect that the White House, which had vowed before the war, would defect to help the family. It was precisely because the White House suddenly made moves against them, and they were unprepared for the White House that the war had just begun, and Confucius and Wang suffered a huge blow, while the well-prepared Qi and Bai families were able to easily hold their ground and launch a counterattack.
However, the White House controlled the Yugoslav capital, leaving only Kong and Wang, who were defeated by down archers. Under the pursuit of Qi and Bai, it was difficult to get together and attack the city gate. It was even more difficult to kill them.
Each of the four families has a master of the imperial period, which is the most important reason why they can become the four families in Kuncheng. Without the master of the imperial period, how can they become a big family in the city?
Perhaps it was just waiting for the master of the divine monarch of his own family to win, and Kong and Wang only temporarily evaded the pursuit in the city, and did not rush to attack the gate.
Until the early morning, Xiao Lingyu also didn’t find the Wangs gentleman.
It seems that this heavy rain is dedicated to cleaning the blood everywhere, while the strong wind is to blow away the smell of blood.
Although the shops and residents were unwilling to open the door, when the monks of Qi and Bai families knocked on the door and asked for a search, they could only cooperate helplessly.
Looking for a person, it must be impossible to find. Xiao Lingyu went directly to the vicinity of the Qijia compound, and it didn’t take long to wait for Jihongxuan.
"It’s not going well. Is Yueru all right?" Xiao Lingyu shook his head and said.
"What was the result of the battle above?" Xiao Lingyu pointed to the sky and asked.
Look at Hongxuan’s expression and you will know that the casualties are definitely not the period of Qi and Bai.
Xiao Lingyu first pretended to congratulate him, and then said, "I have a reluctant invitation …"
Ask for gold medals, collections, recommendations, clicks, comments, red envelopes, gifts, all kinds of requests, whatever you want, come here!
Xiaofei has written a lot of books, and his character is absolutely reliable.
Chapter 676 Jihongli
? Chapter 676 Jihongli
Although the shops and residents were unwilling to open the door, when the monks of Qi and Bai families knocked on the door and asked for a search, they could only cooperate helplessly.
Xiao Lingyu is not from Qi and Bai families, but he can move freely because no one can stop him.
One person looking for someone, it is definitely not found, Xiao Lingyu …
Chapter 677 To kill out of the city
? Chapter 677 To kill out of the city
Can accept the storage bag, Qi Hongli did not take out the meaning of the lily.
"What about the lilies?" Xiao Lingyu asked.
"It’s on me." Qi Hongli said.
Xiao Lingyu snorted and said, "Did the gentleman want to take my things for nothing?"
Qi Hongli is right …
Chapter 678 Impact turn 6 1
? Chapter 678 Impact turn 6 1
In the present situation of Kuncheng, it is no exaggeration for Qi Hongli to say such things.
And there are a lot of people watching, JiHongLi was so captured has been a disgrace to put, if you cooperate with each other again, then he will never have a chance to look up in terms of life.
"That …
Chapter 679 Impact turn 6 2
? The chaos of the fix true world polymerization] Chapter six hundred and thirty-nine Impact turn six.
No matter how many guards there are drawn white, it is impossible to protect both inside and outside the city wall. They are still focusing on the search in the city, and there are almost no people outside the city. {leaderboard}
After landing outside the city, Xiao Lingyu put away the sacristy, invited the food out, and then ran at full speed with his back to the wall.
Without the restriction of the city wall, it is almost impossible for terms to find Xiao Lingyu again.
In order to be on the safe side, Xiao Lingyu let the foodies run away from the virgin forest first. Of course, the road is not the one where the back gate of Kuncheng connects with the hunter’s home.