"What am I doing …?"


"Damn guy, do you want to take advantage of it?"
While resisting the bright knight who was blessed by magic, Tina gave a sharp laugh: "Great blood clan can do anything, haha … more than 20 days is enough to turn these humble humans into their own blood clan without anyone knowing!"
The word Chen Han was heard when he was stationed in Tianlong. It was the unique talent of the blood clan. Once the human who was sucked by them took the opportunity to inject a drop of blood clan’s painstaking efforts, the human would be completely controlled and become a loyal servant of the blood clan who sucked his blood.
Puppets transformed from humans do not have all kinds of powerful talents of the blood clan, nor do they have bat wings and blood energy unique to the blood clan. However, after being embraced for the first time, the human body strength will undergo earth-shaking changes. According to the strength of the first blood clan, they will have the strongest strength of up to 100 tons and equally strong physical defense.
More than 100 tourists were quietly injected with a drop of painstaking efforts by the blood clan, and at the critical moment, they were inspired to become blood descendants at the same time, and suddenly they rushed to Chen Han like crazy.
"You big ye!"
Originally, she wanted to be the last yellowbird, but Tina didn’t give him such an opportunity. Chen Han greeted her with a big curse: "Do you want to stop Lao Tzu with these? Sky-breaking-sweeping the army! "
Layers of leg shadows cover the surrounding void, and the first style of the skyshatter leg method focuses on a wide range of attacks, which is naturally like a duck to water in group fights.
Tina and her companions are not the top blood clan, and their blood clan strength and defense are just so-so, so it is impossible to reach the theoretical strongest combat power. In other words, even if these are blood descendants with a hundred tons of physical strength, they are just ordinary human beings after all, and they don’t even understand the most basic lighter, so they are vulnerable in front of the real strong.
Boom Boom Boom
Chen Han did not use any increase, and the strength of one punch exceeded 600 tons, and the strength of the legs was even more amazing. Those bloodlines couldn’t even capture his figure, so they were kicked out by Juli, and the volley exploded into blood rain all over the sky, directly exploding into countless pieces of bodies.
With the help of blood and rain all over the sky, everyone’s line of sight was blocked. While he released SHEN WOO Seal to continue his practice, he also put a Tianli Seal to increase his strength in case he needed it from time to time.
"Bastard … how can your speed …"
Even if Chen Han didn’t use the strongest lighter, and didn’t use Xuanyin to increase his fighting capacity, his fighting capacity still reached the level of the person who fixed the truth in the middle period of then, and the speed was no less than that in the late period of then, which made Tina turn pale.
From the very beginning, the werewolf and the blood clan tried to get to the target first by virtue of their speed advantage, and then the Vatican attacked and stopped them because of their lack of speed. Now, the werewolf and the blood clan have changed their plans and joined forces with the dark wizard to deal with the Vatican. As dark creatures, the three parties are old enemies with the light Vatican, and the battle immediately entered a white-hot state.
The bright magic and quarrelling of the Vatican happen to be the bane of the dark forces, but that is only in the case of similar strength.
When the blood clan, the werewolf and the dark wizard joined forces, the strength completely overwhelmed the light Vatican, and the battle almost became a one-sided state.
According to their combat effectiveness, all three parties have at least one strong one in the early days of Yuan Ying.
The strength of the wolf squad is also very strong. He and Xiang Lang have the strength close to the early stage of Yuan Ying, and all the other players are late then. In addition to the high-end combat power is a little bit worse, the comprehensive combat power definitely exceeds that of any party. However, Chen Han clearly knows that things are not as simple as imagined.
According to the information obtained from Tianlong, blood clan, werewolf and dark wizard belong to different forces, but they all belong to the dark forces, and there are countless cases of joining forces against the Vatican.
Once the Vatican troops are slaughtered, they are both western forces and dark forces, and the three of them will continue to join hands to destroy all their opponents first and then share the spoils after seizing antiques. That is to say, when the time comes, what you and the wolf squad face is not any of the three parties, but the joint efforts of the three dark forces.
"Dark bondage!"
"The touch of the devil!"
"Hell Necromancer Arrow!"
The magic of the three dark wizards was completed, and the unparalleled dark magic filled the whole cabin, and the powerful light power weakened rapidly after the original blessing.
The dark bondage completely suppressed the bright quarrelling and magic of the Vatican master.
The touch of the devil increases the fighting power of blood clan and werewolf crazily.
Finally, the dark magic condensed into more than 300 long arrows, which rained down on the obviously weakened knights and priests of light.
Poof … poof … poof …
Both sides are weakened by each other’s magic and blessed by their own magic. Under the circumstance of offsetting each other, the Vatican side attacked by the blood clan and the werewolf is at a disadvantage. In this case, in the face of the magical attack of the dark wizard, there is no more power to resist.
At this critical juncture, Chen Han, who has a little relationship with the Vatican, greeted the sky with a laugh.
Ben lei-nine turns of the dragon!
Kill the soul-pick the moon finger!
The white gas barrier rolled up a large vortex, enveloping him, and even the consciousness touched the vortex, which would be biased by the strong force of sucking and pulling, which was very embarrassing to break the internal situation of the gas barrier vortex.
Large finger shadow flying out of the whirlpool, a series of jingles, dark as ink, full of cold breath of the arrow of death, in the wild unparalleled finger strength to pieces …
Chapter 73 The situation is out of control 1
Magic is like the magic of the true-fixer. It takes a certain time to release. Without protection, it is difficult for wizards to play much role in the battle.
Of course, they can also release relatively low-level magic without chanting spells, but the attack power of that low-level magic is not flattering.