"How is it possible? This role is just to give you a chance to practice. How can it be regarded as my promise to you before? Yu Li, you have to know that you are not qualified to play with me at present, and you have accumulated some acting experience and fame in advance. "


"Oh, is that right? Ppa I was wrong about you. "
"I don’t want you to live up to your expectations when you shoot later. In the next two months, you should study your acting skills more in your spare time to get higher."
"Of course, I will ponder my acting skills and practice my fists and fists more. By the way, when will ppa audition?"
"I don’t know the exact time, but it should only be two or three days."
"Two or three days? So soon? Then I still don’t chat with you now, ppa. I’m going to practice my acting skills. You can chat with your sisters slowly. "Then I left in a hurry.
"What’s your hurry?" Zhang Chengyuan couldn’t help but shake his head, thinking that he had already told her it was just a formality. Why is she still so anxious? But if you think about it, you can understand it again. After all, it is a Hollywood film. Although it is a small role, it is a rare opportunity for a small actress like her. It is normal for her to be nervous.
After Yu Li left, Zhang Chengyuan recruited Choi Soo Young and immediately took her for a walk in the courtyard, so that it might be inconvenient for others to hear something to say next, so he took her out for a walk and chatted.
"How does Xiuying feel about filming recently?" At present, Choi Soo Young is starring in the jsw TV drama "Love Fuck" and is a female lead.
Choi Soo Young hesitated, "I feel a little complicated, happy, excited, depressed and stressed. ppa has been played for 4 times, but the ratings are a little over 3%."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "jsw TV is a cable TV station, so the ratings are not high, but it’s quite normal. Well, you won’t compare this drama with last year’s" Please Answer 1997 ".If it’s really far from it, it’s because the special theme of that drama has aroused the nostalgia of many viewers and you can’t refer to it. You don’t need to have any pressure."
Choi Soo Young said, "I know this, but the ratings of the moon fire drama on jsw TV are ten times worse. It’s really uncomfortable, but ppa, don’t worry, I’m just complaining and it won’t affect my mood and work status."
"I believe that you have always been decent and wise at work, but it is not necessarily the case in love." Zhang Chengyuan sighed.
Choi Soo Young slightly zheng thought, "ppa, do you blame me for secretly kissing Yuansi ppa some time ago?"
"What else can there be besides this?" Zhang Chengyuan sighed again.
"But it’s been more than a month. How did you take it out until now? Well, you didn’t just know about it, did you? " Choi Soo Young some doubts.
Zhang Chengyuan said for a moment, "I really just know this matter, otherwise I would have scolded you. How could I wait until now? Yesterday, it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t carefully sensed Li Yuansi’s memory for several months, so I took a little time to carefully sense it, and then I sensed that you girl had brazenly hugged him and kissed him. How do you think a big girl can do such a thing? "
Chapter one thousand two hundred and seventy-six.
Choi Soo Young said, "What’s the big deal? I just kissed him. ppa I didn’t even feel cheated. Do you feel cheated?"
"Well, it’s a bit of a loss. If you want to kiss me, why kiss me?" Zhang Chengyuan smiled and laughed
Choi Soo Young scoffed, "I like Yuan Si ppa, but it’s not like you are going to kiss Yuan Shen ppa. Although he doesn’t respond like a log, I’m just happy to kiss him ppa. Do you think you can’t compete with you?"
"It’s a bit embarrassing," Zhang Chengyuan laughed. "Okay, no kidding. Xiuying, tell me why you want to kiss Li Yuansi?"
Choi Soo Young said, "Actually, it’s nothing, because I heard that there might be a kiss after receiving the drama" Love Fuck ",so I thought it would be better to give my first kiss to the co-actor to Yuan Sippa."
"The first kiss? Are you kidding? " Zhang Chengyuan couldn’t help laughing. "How old are you? Even if you haven’t had a boyfriend, you’ve taken a lot of advertisements, V’s and TV plays. Did you kiss for the first time?"
"ppa, are you laughing at my lack of kissing experience?" Choi Soo Young some chafing way "but this is not because of you? When we were teenagers, you said that we were too young to allow us to fall in love too early, which made me never have a boyfriend. Besides, you didn’t allow us to take a kiss. There was really no way to take a photo if we had to. "
"But haven’t I cancelled these two rules in the past two years?"
"It was cancelled, but I didn’t seem to have any luck kissing these two years. I kept my first kiss until more than a month ago. Anyway, it’s your fault. You can’t make fun of me!"
"Well don’t make fun of, don’t make fun of and it’s nothing to make fun of inexperienced wouldn’t it be better? Kissing is a kind of thing that is more appropriate to do with the person you like, and you can really feel that kissing can be done without filming. You don’t have to sigh that you don’t have the luck to kiss, "Zhang Chengyuan said with relief.
"ppa, you said it was good. Kissing should really be done with people you like. No wonder I feel very comfortable and sweet when I kiss Yuansi ppa for the second time." Choi Soo Young agreed.
"Don’t give me this." Zhang Chengyuan couldn’t help but knock her head and then shook her head and sighed. "I don’t know how long your brain is. It’s inexplicable that you like a dummy when you don’t like it!"
"ppa you this words I don’t like to listen to the yuan god ppa where like a dummy? He is a living person, no matter what others think of him, he is a real person in my eyes anyway. "
Zhang Chengyuan sink a way: "No matter how he looks like a real person, he is not a real person after all. You know he is my member."
Choi Soo Young slightly zheng suddenly sighed, "I also know that ppa, I wish he hadn’t been busy with you. I really want him to be my boyfriend."
"You are so possessed that you really like him so much?"
"Of course I like it! In my eyes, he is a perfect man, handsome, tall, with a high collar, outstanding talent and honest and reliable. Unlike you, he can say that he has gathered almost all your advantages without your bad habits. He is far more perfect than you. "
"Is he really so perfect in your eyes? Do you want me to give him to you as your husband? " Zhang Chengyuan teased
Choi Soo Young wanted to think, "It seems that it is not unacceptable that Zhi Ying and Zhen Er are not married to you, so it is nothing for me to marry Yuan Si ppa."
"That’s settled," Zhang Chengyuan continued joking. "But before that, you love me first, or I won’t let him marry you. I can fake marriage with the person I love."
"You want to be beautiful, ppa. I won’t like you. You are too playboy and not a good man. I don’t want to get entangled with you."
"Then get rid of liking Li Yuan’s missing the head. He is my member and a part of me. You like him, which makes me quite at a loss." Zhang Chengyuan suddenly said seriously that it is not a good thing for Choi Soo Young to like his member. Naturally, he will not be happy.
Choi Soo Young hesitated. "ppa, I also know that I like Yuansi ppa a little inappropriate, but I already like it. It’s not so easy to break it and …"
"And you don’t want to break this relationship with him, do you?"
"You are hopeless!" Zhang Chengyuan sighed a few times and added, "What are you going to do? A generation of unrequited love for Li Yuansi? I can tell you that he is not once Zheng Yuanyin who can have feelings for a woman. "
Choi Soo Young smiled and said, "Isn’t ppa still with you? You must have a way to make him like me, right?"
"Talk!" Zhang Chengyuan said with the wave, "I won’t do such a thing. If I did, I would be hurting you! And if it is Yuri elder sister they know that I have done such a thing, they will scold me together. "
"How did that happen? This is my own choice. How can my sisters blame you? "
"Knowing what you want to do is wrong, but indulgence helps you to do it. You will naturally be scolded. So Xiuying, you are dead. I will not agree to this request."
Choi Soo Young was greatly discouraged, but after thinking about it, he immediately cheered up and said, "ppa, if I can say that my sisters support me to do this, can you promise to let Yuansi ppa like me?"
"How is that possible?"
"How do you know it’s impossible if you don’t try?"
"Ok, if you can really say that they, I promise your request." He didn’t think that all the sisters could allow such a ridiculous thing to happen.