Yu Changying’s face is so cloudy that he can drop water. Because of his younger brother Yu Changying, his arrogant personality has converged for a few minutes over the years, but the arrogance in his bones still exists. The most important thing is that he can’t see others being crazier than him. The other party’s sentence "Do you know who I am" made him kill.


Even if the other person’s identity is extraordinary and can’t kill her, you should teach her a lesson as an example. Who can offend the majesty of depression?
Feeling the terror coming from the powerful immortal, the woman’s arrogance melted away, and she also knew that she had met a real iron plate today.
The corners of her mouth provoked a cold smile, and Yu Qifeng whispered: "Don’t think that a woman can’t do it because of her lack. There are at least 10,000 ways to play with you!"
The woman’s face turned pale with fear and retreated repeatedly. This is not her home’s territory, and the consequences of meeting such a powerful one can be imagined.
"Stop it! XianEr, you … "
"Yunhai, who is he?"
"Yu Shao."
The sea of clouds, which just ran out, recognized the woman, that is, Qi Xianer, the little princess of the Heavenly Sword School. Seeing her fear when she asked about Yu Chang Feng’s identity, she quickly called out, "Chang Feng, stop it! She is Qi Xianer, you should know, right? "
In addition to one of our own, there is also the star master. Duanmu Yunhai can’t talk to Yu Qifeng as one of his own, so he is respectful on the surface, but he doesn’t have too much scruples in transmitting the sound. After hearing what he said, Yu Yun Feng immediately froze on the spot. How could he not know this name?
At the beginning, I knew when I first met Chen Han that he went to the star field to find ice beads to save people. Later, the ice beads were trapped by Yu Xueying, and Chen Han gave him the task of sending ice beads.
He didn’t personally send the ice beads, but let one of his immortals give them to the sea of clouds, so this is the first time he has seen the sea of clouds, and he doesn’t even know JiXianEr.
Isn’t the second brother’s wife a sister-in-law
Think of the relationship between each other, YuYun maple want to die of heart, when the stranger’s face he can’t immediately turn hostile to recognize relatives?
"Yu Shao, Qi Xianer is the Pope of the Heavenly Sword Sect, the only granddaughter of Qi Youfeng, the divine monarch, and the next best friend. Please give Yu Shao my humble opinion. After all, everyone is one of our own." The sea of clouds respectfully handed over the request.
"Giant sword pie? Hey! "
You have to make some appearance when you put your identity there. Yu Qifeng snorted and kissed off: "What’s the point of a mere vassal sect?" Today, for the sake of the sea of clouds, I will not pursue it. If I don’t care who you are next time, I’ll kill you first. Is it possible that the Qingtian Sword Sect will dare to compete with my Ming Emperor Hall? "
This remark was arrogant to the extreme, and JiXianEr, who was stubborn, almost ran away. She was forced to be held by the immortal emperor who was responsible for protecting her, and only then did it roll with the punches.
JiXianEr ruthlessly stared his one eye, act quickly to the front of the sea of clouds: "the sea of clouds, didn’t you say Chen Han came back? Where is he? "
Where is Chen Han?
This question made everyone secretly complain, and they looked at the sea of clouds with angry eyes.
Twenty years ago, with the help of Ice Beads, Qi Xianer managed to save her life, and when she woke up, she learned about the relationship between the sea of clouds and Chen Han. Unfortunately, the sea of clouds doesn’t know where Chen Han is. Although he can contact him by summoning the order, he is afraid that JiXianEr will get into trouble with him, so he says he doesn’t know at all.
I found that Qi Xianer, who couldn’t ask Chen Han’s whereabouts, was sad and wronged, and returned to Qingtian Sword School. It was twenty years in a blink of an eye.
Generally speaking, the sea of clouds didn’t have much contact with the ice pupil, but it was only because of Chen Han’s relationship with her that she came forward to maintain it. On the contrary, she had a relationship with JiXianEr. In his heart, both of them are siblings, but there is also a difference between relatives and friends, so when Chen Han came here, he quietly sent a message to Qi Xianer.
The Heavenly Sword Sect is not too far away from the Youquan Gate, and it is not surprising that Qi Xianer arrived here in a few days instead of taking a star boat, but using a large number of fairy stones with the help of the interstellar transmission array.
"This … that …"
The sea of clouds dare not say that Chen Han is very much in love with another woman in the back garden, and suddenly she is unable to speak.
"What’s the matter with you? I asked you where Chen Han is. What are you dawdling about? " JiXianEr nasty straight stamp, if it weren’t for the other person is a sweetheart’s brother, she would have let his fairy emperor up to search the soul.
"He’s in that …"
"What do you say or not? Don’t say I will … I will cry to you! " She doesn’t know how to deal with the sea of clouds.
"Dear younger brother, forgive eldest brother, only women and villains are hard to support, and the ancients sincerely don’t bully me."
Imagining two women robbing their husbands, Yunhai pointed to the direction of the back garden with a wry smile: "Don’t say I told you, or Xiaohan will kill me."
Qi Xianer, who hurried to the back garden, didn’t know, but others were like a mirror. You can imagine that a big drama is about to be staged.
With a bad smile on her face, Yu Yunfeng stopped drinking and enjoying herself, completely holding the heart of watching the play, and chased JiXianEr with the past. Others look at each other, anyway, things have become like this, and whether they look at it or not will not change the result. Why don’t you go and see it?
The two immortals who stood at the gate of the back garden were directly released by the order of Yu Yunfeng, and Qi Xianer was about to walk in.
A large purple-black cloud appeared in the air, and the suffocating pressure fell from the sky, which turned out to be the supreme power of heaven.
What happened?
Everyone was furious, JiXianEr exclaim 1 accelerated rushed into the garden, almost as she saw Chen cold and strange ice pupil, enveloped the whole castellan mansion circle crashing. The unrivalled power of heaven is not to mention the magic circle arranged by the immortal, even if one emperor can only bow to his knees.
Yu Qifeng’s face turned pale and guessed something faintly. He screamed, "How could it be … the punishment of heaven? What blood oath did he violate and actually lowered the punishment of heaven?"
"Chen cold …"
Qi Xianer turned pale and was about to rush up, but was held by the sea of clouds: "What are you doing? Damn … How did this happen? "
In the distance, the ice pupil pushed thousands of meters away by Chen Han burst into tears, shaking his head in pain and crying: "Why? Why break the blood oath, why hug me, why … You know that I love you, you know that we can’t be together, and you know that there is only a dead end. "
Although Duanmu Yunhai was the only one who knew the truth, others probably guessed some clues when they heard the words of the ice pupil.
"Who are you?" JiXianEr to ice pupil rapped out.
"get out!" Ice pupil didn’t want to talk to her.
"You …"
Qi Xianer was so anxious and angry that she was almost crazy. She pointed at her and screamed, "Bitch, you must have hurt Chen Han, and you must have killed him. I won’t let you go, grab that smelly woman for me and kill her for me! "