Chapter 773 Look at their attitude
? Chapter 773 Look at their attitude
When Xiao Lingyu entered the depths of the drifting mountains, the scruffy God King who welcomed the city’s terms came to find something with many terms masters. However, when seven or eight monster beasts came out of the camp to fight, even the scruffy God King was eccentric and stubborn, and he just turned around and fled.
Xiao Lingyu came back …
Chapter 774 Seven-star lianzhu rattan 1
? Chapter 774 Seven-star lianzhu rattan 1
Xiao Lingyu and Guan Yiwei met two gods when they came, but at that time, everyone just peeped at each other with their gods, and there was no intersection.
Less than half an hour after coming out of the cave, a strong king of God discovered Xiao Lingyu and others. The king of God did not come near, but took out the arraignment beads.
Chapter 775 Seven-star lianzhu vine 2
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Xiao Lingyu lied, and the storage ring is lying in his storage ring now.
The other party is willing to spend 200,000 crystal to recover the storage ring, so its value must be far more than 200,000 crystal. As for the other party, it is of great significance to the descendants of the fallen Meng family god king, which is purely a poor excuse in Xiao Lingyu’s view.
The other party can’t be sure whether Xiao Lingyu is lying. After all, a large number of strong men dispatched by Meng’s family really hit the bandit group in Huamen, and indeed killed many people and scraped many things from the robbers.
However, things scraped from robbers are generally not turned over, and Meng’s family is naturally not sure whether those gains include the storage ring.
Even if one of Meng’s own people got the storage ring, they wouldn’t hand it over, and Meng’s bosses were helpless. After all, no one would buy it, and it was impossible to search or search their souls one by one …
The negotiators from Meng’s family can only leave Huamen with all the people they were imprisoned before after leaving a sigh.
After staying away from Huamen’s residence, the late Meng family, who had put forward four conditions to Xiao Lingyu, said to the Meng family master who came to negotiate, "I think we should mobilize more people to wipe out this sect!"
"It is useless to subdue so many of you in an instant and mobilize more people."
"Don’t just forget it? They robbed us first, then killed one of our powerful gods, and then we lost two million pieces of crystal. What the hell is this? "
"Unless you ask the God Emperor to be strong, he can not be afraid of so many God Kings. I’m afraid that the master is the God Emperor himself. Even if we ask the God Emperor to make a move at a heavy price, we may not be able to do so."
"Then can we ask the Kou family?"
"Ha ha, it’s better to ask the God Emperor than to ask the Kou family."
"Kou’s family has not been bullied by others. Just because we are attached to Kou’s family, Kou’s family will send the God Emperor to come over and try very hard? It is definitely impossible, and inviting Koujia to come will only be counterproductive. The Koujia family will mediate in the middle, and then try their best to win over Huamen. After all, we only lost a god king this time and lost two million gods, while Huamen may have the power of a strong god. "
"Why is it so complicated?"
"In fact, it’s not complicated at all, but you think it’s too simple. Many things in the divine world are not as simple as they seem."
Just as Meng Jia’s master retreated, Xiao Lingyu went to a forbidden secret room alone. Baidu search and search mixed short talk network quickly enters this site without bullet window to advertise
When his mind moved, a streamer flew out of his fingers and fell into his other palm.
Xiao Lingyu’s palm revealed a storage ring, which was left by the god king who had fallen from the Meng family.
However, this storage ring is very advanced, not only has the quality of the best artifact itself, but also has been decorated with countless layers of very clever prohibitions.
Until now, Xiao Lingyu didn’t completely break those bans, so he doesn’t know what’s in the storage ring now, but he can also guess that there must be a baby in it, otherwise Meng Jia wouldn’t care so much about it, and he wouldn’t decorate so many advanced bans on it.
It was rectified in this secret room, and Xiao Lingyu destroyed all the prohibitions arranged on this storage ring as he wished, and then his mind sank into it.
The space in this storage ring is huge, and there are many things in it. At first glance, all kinds of high-quality sacred stones are piled up …
Xiao Lingyu has little interest in the magic stone, and his mind looks at other things.
Needless to say, there are a lot of good things here. There are nearly 50 top-grade artifacts alone, and there are four top-grade artifacts. Naturally, there is no shortage of high-quality pills.
However, there are still some training materials, the high-grade ones are packed in jade boxes or wooden boxes, and the low-grade ones are piled up at will.
Take out those jade boxes or wooden boxes one by one, and then carefully open them all. One piece of top grade or best material is revealed in Xiao Lingyu’s eyes …
Xiao Lingyu has even been to Tianshi’s hidden treasure place, and he is considered to be a man with great knowledge. Therefore, these materials that can make any strong person in the King of God feel heartbroken can not bring much mood swings to Xiao Lingyu.
"No wonder the Meng family is willing to spend 200,000 crystals to get back this storage ring. The collection inside is really rich. If you don’t mention anything else, just sell these materials, you may be able to exchange them for millions of crystals." Xiao Lingyu watched, while thinking.
When Xiao Lingyu opened the one hundred and twenty-fifth box, he kept a calm expression, suddenly paused, and then immediately showed ecstasy.
In this jade box, there is a colorful Gu Teng.
This Gu Teng is about a foot long, winding, with seven bends, and each bend will be round, and each bend will emit different colors.
The seven bulging bends sparkle like seven jewels as bright as stars.
Xiao Lingyu was ecstatic because this Gu Teng was the seven-star lianzhu vine he had been searching for for for a long time.
"Earned, earned, ha ha …"
In the Chamber of Secrets, Xiao Lingyu’s guffaws made the bans splutter.
For Meng family, this seven-star lianzhu vine may be just a rare and best material, but for Xiao Lingyu, it is a treasure.
Everything away, Xiao Lingyu walked out of the chamber of secrets, even trying to suppress inner excitement, the smile on his face is still very obvious.
Now that all the materials are ready, he can go to the seventh turn of the nine-turn chaos tactic, but before the impact, he must first explain it to Zou Gen, Guan Yiwei and others.
There are two million pieces of crystal provided by the Meng family, which is enough for Huamen to stop worrying about financial resources for some time to come.
There are gods and stones, and there are also a large number of gods and kings. Huamen is in Yong ‘an. As long as it doesn’t provoke the Kou family, there will be no big problem.
After explaining some things clearly, Xiao Lingyu waited for a few days, and when the old woman appeared once, he left Huamen station and flew in a random direction.
After flying at his own speed for three days, he chose a deserted place. Xiao Lingyu offered a tubular sacristy and flew in another direction for a few days before stopping at the door of a cave in the Flocculant Mountains.
After entering the cave, Xiao Lingyu began to dig deep underground, and at the same time sealed all the passages behind him with gravel.
Has been falling to the location of the underground magma, Xiao Lingyu is stopped.
After traveling in the direction of the underground magma for a whole month, Xiao Lingyu finally found a crack that just allowed him to pass through, and leaned in.
This crack is very long. Xiao Lingyu only went a thousand feet deep, and then offered the sacred eight-legged Taiji tripod, while he himself hid in the eight-legged Taiji tripod.
Originally, the location of this underground magma would not have been discovered. Xiao Lingyu’s practice here is safe enough, but after all, this is not an ordinary practice. This is to break through a big realm. If he is disturbed, he is likely to die suddenly on the spot, or it is safer to hide in an eight-legged Tai Chi tripod.
Cross-legged meditation, quietly pranayama.
Xiao Lingyu first strives to improve his state to the best level, so that his breath is stable and his mind is clear.
Two months later, Xiao Lingyu began to dispose of the materials he had bought before.
Like previous breakthroughs, Xiao Lingyu’s preparation is also very full this time, but the success rate is still very low.
With the previous experience, Xiao Lingyu no longer believes in the success rate. He feels that it is either success or failure, and the chances are 50-50.
After the materials are properly handled, he naturally has to restore his state.
A year after leaving Huamen’s compound, Xiao Lingyu woke up from meditation, and then filled himself with crystal, and with the palm of his palm, he sucked all the divine power in the crystal into his veins.