"I need someone to keep an eye on the people in the purse department who are too junior to kill the demon."
Xue Yang looked at her and probably didn’t expect that she would come to invite him for three transgressions of times.
Li Lingyu is really short of people now, and he said, "The six departments are all six departments to discuss politics, just like Zhong Xianggong and Yushitai …"
"Yes," Xue Yang answered before she finished.
Li Lingyu didn’t expect Xue Yang to laugh so neatly.
I immediately got up and said, "I will stay in the palace soon today and have political affairs. I will wait for Lord Xue to come and get my official seal."
Xue Yang also you’re welcome got up and sent her out.
After people left, Xue Li came back and asked, "Is the temple here again today?"
Xue Yang asked, "What happened to the opening of Qingzhou Port?"
Xue Li said, "I heard that it’s almost time for the first trip. The imperial court came to take a new business department to take charge of the port. These have not yet been published. These are the news reports of this issue. I know from the Ministry that many wealthy businessmen have come to the capital and have been wandering around for a long time, which shows that the competition is very great."
Once Qingzhou Port is opened, you can see the money and profit.
No wonder Princess Yong ‘an said that there is no demon who can’t stop being a veteran.
"Princess Yongan asked me to go back to the Ministry to be in charge of business."
Xue Li, after all, is the most well-informed and surprised when he is working in the DPRK or in the news office. "The assistant minister in the left eye is really young, but he hasn’t heard anything important."
Xue Yang said, "I should go to get the official seal on the temple day."
Xue Li was stunned and couldn’t say anything. Finally, he said, "It’s good that everyone is not optimistic about Qingzhou Port. If it’s really profitable, now the right assistant minister really can’t stop the wealthy businessmen in the north and the south from staring at the intricacies. It’s very complicated."
Li Lingyu went to Xue’s house twice, and the Koreans all knew that Li Lingyu had moved Xue Yang, so he was relieved.
The capital has entered the spring, and it is the third festival in a blink of an eye.
Xue Yang got the seal and went to the Ministry. All the business people were selected by Xue Yang. Xue Yang is also worthy of being an old minister, with clear rules and regulations.
The first four official ships were won by Li Lingyu.
Xue Yang has also seen that Li Lingyu is more determined to make money than Cao Yin and Lu Kuangyuan, and others have repeatedly fought for the benefits of officials and people. She can’t cross the line, otherwise Li Lingyu wants to take ten boats on the first trip.
Li Lingyu cried, "The road will be built as soon as the third festival is over, that is, if the bottom hole wants to be rich, it must be built and bridged. I always want to think about things ahead."
Xue Yang is really never seen her. The right assistant named Yang Xiong and his deputy named Su Li Yang Xiong have been surprised by Li Lingyu since she was amazing.
Explain to Xue Yang privately, "We don’t usually listen to Cai’s steward saying that the temple has been free from animal products for a long time, so she is very simple every day, but she is generous in building roads, bridges and rivers."
Xue Yang listened without saying a word. He is in charge of the department, and now Li Lingyu is in such a hurry to make money.
Li Lingyu has no interest in eating nature.
Spring ploughing is just around the corner, and most of the refugees in Jizhou have returned to the north. There are holes everywhere.
Yan Bainian entered the palace with a fold. After his wedding, he lived in Houfu most of the time.
Today’s palace is from the north, and it is also spring ploughing.
Li Lingyu saw that he was high-spirited and imagined that no matter how wronged he was, he would not be poor like this.
Spring ploughing in the north is still short of food. The best thing this year is not to fight with the Turks, which makes her feel relieved, but post-war reconstruction is even more expensive.
Li Lingyu looked at the fold and knew it was a fact, but still sighed, "I’ll let the department lend this trip to Qingzhou Port first and then return it to Master Xue, who is now guarding me everywhere."
Yan Bainian was amused by her sample.
Li Lingyu loves to talk to him privately. "I am a leader who has a headache. The Ministry of Industry has started to build roads. Every day, money is like running water. People call me poor every day …"
Yan Bainian is in charge of the state military commander Bing Yang Biao, who has completely mastered the new pattern of Bing military forces in the north, and has formed a city of peace, and he can’t be the chief commander of the north in the future.
Now that the soldiers have belonged to Princess Yong ‘an, it is natural that the northern territory should not be dispatched by the court as before.
Princess Yong ‘an’s accession to the throne has become the most inconspicuous thing, and everyone acquiesced in her efforts.
Xiao Yong probably saw that she didn’t send a letter of guilt, so she sent another letter of guilt on the third day.
Caused quite a stir in the DPRK
Li Lingyu doesn’t know, but the capital is already noisy.
After all, Xiao Yong has entered the mausoleum and then condemned it. Xiao Qitai’s title has also been abolished. Everything she has handled has been dealt with.
In the months since she took the palace, she has neither killed nor been radical, and she has not stopped those people from taking steps at her own pace, but these people are not so defensive about her.
King Luyang is still waiting for her to ascend the throne, and she is not at home after the spring. She came to the palace every day, and Li Lingyu said, "I have something to do. Please don’t hurry back to Jiangnan, and you can keep an eye on repairing the canal for me when the money arrives."
The Eye Canal hasn’t converged yet, and it’s really inconvenient to go around it several times. She has to build it from the capital to the Jiangnan Canal, and the north and south have been connected since then.
Xiao Che probably didn’t expect to be instructed by her to stare blankly for a moment before saying, "You want to clear the canal?"
"Guangzhou Port will definitely open the canal from the capital to the south of the Yangtze River. If it is opened, it will soon be back to the south of the Yangtze River."
"No wonder adults Cao and Xue have always said that you can’t afford to benefit early," Xiao Che said with a smile.
Li Lingyu listened to her heart again and again. Her name is broken.
"I will clean up the officialdom first."
"For the time being, let’s have adults staring at them."
She also knows that the vortex of politics can neither be expected to be calm nor wave, and she is the helm of the girder, so she must stabilize her direction and take the big and put the small when necessary.
Xiao Che said, "Yesterday the sage invited me to play chess in the palace."
Li Lingyu surprised to see him.
Xiao Che said this sentence and then said nothing.
Li Lingyu doesn’t want to ask more questions, she doesn’t want to worry about Xiao Yong’s old scores, and she doesn’t want to talk about Hualinyuan people.
However, people in the Hualin Garden can’t live in the deep spring and warm days.
Empress Cao, this is not coming out.
Li Lingyu looked at Cai Quan and led the Empress Dowager Tsao to sit in the Suzaku Temple and felt a little funny.
Li Lingyu sat in the first place as proud as Caotai. She is an elder and Li Lingyu will salute her.
Li Lingyu didn’t want to pay attention to her salute and then asked, "Don’t be ill about Governor Cai."
Cai Quan didn’t dare to annoy her and say, "Don’t make fun of the old slave, Xiaodian."
Li Lingyu said with a smile, "How come I have known Governor Cai for so long and I haven’t seen you so ingratiating yourself?"
Cai Quan’s face would smile and muddle "Little Hall, sit on the old slave and go to tea"
"I can’t get your tea. Cai Zhen is still here. I encouraged him to steal your tea at the Suzaku Temple."