"Only in this way can we explain many things."


Chen Han provoked a sneer at the corner of his mouth and said in a low voice, "How did Lian Xinzong know that Youheng had come to the literati? How do you know that Feng Tianbao seal has appeared here? If Feng Tianbao’s seal and this jade brand named Fudi are originally self-contained, everything will be well explained, and there will be induction between the sacred objects as a whole. "
Hearing this word, Chen Yan’s saliva almost flowed out and shouted: "What are you waiting for? Although the goods hurt me, he himself has been extracted a lot of energy, and it is a hundred times more difficult than me to recover. With the strength of gathering immortal alliance, we can send troops to attack Lian Xin Sect. We can win the battle. Let’s grab the sacristy first. It’s a sacristy! "
"Don’t worry, don’t you think the person who issued this entrustment is also very suspicious?"
"The person entrusted?"
"Who is going to hand over the entrustment?"
"Of course it’s me. I can hide my breath and not be discovered."
"What about the other party?"
"I don’t know, but I’m sure he’s not bad at it. It should be the late fairy period in Luotian, and he has a strong talent increase."
"In that case, why does he want someone to do it?"
Chen Yan was not surprised by Chen Han’s question. Seeing his dignified face, Chen Han smiled and said, "Did he leave any contact information? I want to see him. This person is likely to be a friend. At least the enemy of the enemy will not be an enemy. I will leave it to you. "
Three hours later, the whole body was wrapped in a cloak, which changed the appearance of Chen Han and Chen Yan, and appeared on a barren hill thousands of miles away from Juxian League.
They just stayed at the top of the mountain for a moment, and a sword light came from the sky, and there was a person who could not see the appearance at the scene.
From the physical point of view, it should be a man, and his voice quickly determined his gender. Some hoarse voices were chilling and indifferent: "Didn’t you say not to meet before the entrustment was completed?" Your Excellency broke his promise, Mu Ji is still alive and well, and you brought a stranger here. Is this a violation of the agreement? "
Chapter 578 Causes and effects
The ethereal sword code-floating clouds flash!
As soon as the other person’s words stopped, the best fairy sword was ejected from Chen Han’s head, and a dark blue horse tore the void, like a flood of autumn water pouring down from a mountain stream.
The man wrapped in a black cloak, with a snort of anger, suddenly changed his breath, and the dark gold streamer overflowed from his fingertips and condensed into a sword out of thin air.
The firm but gentle waves of the earth interweave, collide and kill each other, stirring up earth-shattering ripples, and the two figures fly back at the same time.
Chen Hanxiu is obviously inferior to the other side. Although the third-order wind source Eucharist has certain advantages, there are two levels of boundary gap. However, under the advantage of magic weapon and lighter, this gap was easily pulled to the same level, and the two sides showed similar combat power.
Surprised and angry, the man was ready to strike again. Chen Han waved his hand and said, "All right, if I guess correctly, you should be Youheng, the elder of Lian Xin Sect, right?" The attack power of the dazzling golden fairy is really extraordinary, but it’s a pity that you are far from the opponent of shepherd silence, so you found us. "
"You … who are you?" The tone of the other party was obviously surprised.
"We are naturally the people you want to entrust."
"Then what do you want with me?"
"Because the pastoral silence was much stronger than expected, our first shot ended in failure, and the price you gave was simply not enough to kill people at this level."
"If it’s so easy, do you think I won’t do it myself?"
The cloak on the other person disappears out of thin air, and the identity has been seen through, so there is no point in camouflage. This is a man of about 30 years old, not very handsome, but definitely not ugly. He belongs to the kind of cool and temperament person, and the most striking thing is that he has a pair of dark golden pupils.
If the pupil of this color is the noumenon color, it usually doesn’t appear on Terran, but his breath is clearly Terran.
He looked fixedly at Chen Han and Chen Yan and asked coldly, "Since you have accepted 50% deposit, you should do what you should do instead of coming to me."
"Our aim is to take people’s money to eliminate disasters for others, but what kind of things do we charge?"
Chen Han rudely interrupted him and said with a smile, "Thirty thousand pieces of top-grade fairy stone are really a high reward for the palm Sect of a power on Helan Star. However, what does the elder think of a goal that is more powerful than the initial stage with special physique? Or, I’ll give you 100 thousand pieces of top-grade fairy stone, which is three times the price you gave. How about you help me kill Mu Ji? "
The level of commission entrusted by the killer is usually determined by comprehensive evaluation in three aspects, that is, the personal strength of the target, background power, and my influence in a certain area.
On the other hand, the client has the obligation to inform the target in advance, so that the hired killer can know the details of his opponent.
Obviously, the information given by Youheng is not detailed, or it is simply what the outside world knows, not the real strength of the animal husbandry, which is the key to the failure of the task.
"Your information is wrong, we can not only give up this entrustment, but also have reason not to refund the fifty percent deposit, and even have reason to put you on the death list. Because it was your false information that failed our mission, which not only caused losses to our reputation, but also hurt our masters. "
"What do you want?" Youheng said coldly.
"Tell me the real situation, including the origin of the jade brand with the word" Fu Di "written on it, and what the seal seal of Tianbao is."
"You … how do you know all this?"
"Anyway, now that you have nothing to gain, you appear with the purpose of revenge, nothing more than to kill Mu Ji. What can’t you say?"
Chen Han’s words made a crack in Youheng’s psychological defense line, as if the other party knew everything about their own affairs, and there was no need to hide it any more.
That’s right!
After two or three years, he reappeared, and his purpose was to get revenge!