Seeing the green Se Xianjian flying, the golden Se sphere is like eyes, and suddenly it becomes bigger with a "om" and directly crashes into the green Se Xianjian! Look at its agility, it’s like a spontaneous collision, not controlled by Xiao Wen.


Nie Town, a high place, was greedy to death when he saw this scene, because he had already judged from the reaction speed of the ball, and this was also a fairy that was refined to the five-tier realm!
Why do you want to say "yes"? Because Xiao Wen’s Qibao Dazzling Fire Tower and Linglong Fierce Sword were judged by Nie Zhen earlier to be five-layered fairy wares! Such a young monk has three five-layer fairy wares, which can make an old man of his age who has only one five-layer fairy utensil feel ashamed!
"When! !”
The green Se Xianjian finally collided with the gold Se sphere, and the Xianjian was hit and flew out obliquely, but the rotating gold Se sphere was also biased to one side, and the rotation speed suddenly slowed down. It doesn’t matter if it is delayed. Finally, the round shape of the gold Se ball is revealed. Where is the ball? It is clearly a circle, but the circle turns too fast to be distinguished by the naked eye, which is considered as a ball!
Ming Fa Jin LUN, the last five-layer fairy device that Xiao asked! Pure defense fairy, but it has a miraculous effect in defending against sharp attacks, and it is almost effortless when it is driven, because its defense force mainly comes from rotating side impact, which has the effect of four or two dials.
After flying into the blue Se Xianjian, Xiao asked a loose hand, and the exquisite fire sword was reduced to a Changhong and flew to Nie Town, while he himself disappeared on the spot.
Appear again, xiao asked unexpectedly has reached the nie town’s attack range.
Nie town still had time to look up at Xiao Wen, heart way, is this young man going to escape?
Then he saw that the genius monk in his mind turned out to be picking up the tactic again …
There are three five-layer fairy pieces, and you even took the tactic? ! !
Xiao Wen did study the tactic, but at this time he used the magical power of the ghost. While getting out, he used the fastest speed to mobilize the internal force, ran in the body in a strange way, and slowly released it.
"Luo Luo Luo …"
Silver-ling-like laughter came out of thin air, which was very pleasant to listen to, and it was full of charm, which made any normal man tremble.
Xiao asked the heavens and the earth around him suddenly became dark, and there seemed to be black gas emerging out of thin air.
A huge gentle and graceful figure gradually solidified in the black space of Se, with enchanting and beautiful eyebrows, sāo charming to the bone, plump posture, slender hands held high, upper body obviously wearing only a tube top full of patterns, exposing less than half chest and smooth waist …
She is obviously doing a dance, and because she is so enchanting and beautiful, it is actually abnormal for people to take the initiative to ignore her lavender Se skin.
The evil and enchanting woman who appeared out of thin air looked at Nie Town in the sky, but actually smiled at Nie Town, and at the same time dumped the purple Se ribbon in her hand in the direction of Nie Town, as if to say: Grab it and come with me …
Unfortunately, Nie Zhen is an old man, and he knew from the beginning that what was left out was by no means a good thing! Seeing the long purple Se ribbon flying, Nie Town did not hesitate to let his own green Se Xianjian behead!
"Choke! !”
Green Se Xianjian directly collided with Xiao Wen’s exquisite fire sword, but failed to touch the purple Se ribbon after all.
That weird purple Se ribbon will grow in the wind in this space, and it will grow longer while flying fast, like it is alive, and the front end has reached Nie Town! The gold Se gossip seal greeted the purple Se ribbon again, and with a "hum", it rose to a diameter of 100 feet, blocking the ribbon like a wall.
The ribbon was directly affixed with the gossip print, and it was wrapped around the gossip print three times as quickly as a snake.
Gossip printing shrinks rapidly, and Nie Town is cut off … (To be continued. )

Chapter four hundred and fifty-seven Do cut
The eight diagrams seal became palm-sized and fell uncontrollably. At that moment, Nie Town could not help but feel as terrible as the earth. He doesn’t know what means it is, and most importantly, it is his strongest defense fairy, and it is also the only fairy that has been sacrificed to the fifth level!
Only when you have that gossip seal can you barely draw with that young man. Without this seal, you will lose!
Nie Zhen’s first thought was to run. He didn’t even say hello to Jiang Chen, so he just prepared to teleport. ..
However, at the same time, he only felt a flower in his eyes, as if the whole world had turned into lavender Se, and then quickly returned to normal.
It doesn’t matter if he’s hallucinating or not. What matters is that he didn’t teleport out! Just at the moment when I saw a flower in my eyes, a force changed the texture of the space around him and destroyed his teleport! But his power has been used, and if you want to teleport, you can only wait for the next time.
At this moment, there was a four-story pagoda over the head, and Nie Town could only move sideways to the right with the fastest speed. The pagoda flew more than ten feet away from his body. Although it didn’t touch him, the fierce firepower still made his body hot. Fortunately, the pagoda flew away quickly.
But then, a fairy sword full of Mars rushed straight from the front with a sharp whistle. He could even see the beating of Mars and see the tip of the sword grow bigger in his eyes!
It’s too fast to hide! ..
The green light flashed, and he burst into the strongest strength in his life. His green Se Xianjian finally came from the right side and bumped into the red Se Xianjian full of Mars.
After a "choking" sound, the red Se Xianjian was deflected. But it didn’t miss too much, and it still flew quickly!
Can I get a stab?
At this moment, Nie Zhen’s great eyes turned out to be completely unable to judge, and he could only watch the red Se Xianjian fly over from his left face more than half a foot away. And then get the answer.
However, it’s not over yet. The red Se Xianjian has been splashing a little bit of Mars. These Mars have become a long tail flying with the Xianjian, but their range is slightly larger than the Xianjian itself.
Then, followed by Mars unceremoniously to the face of Nie Town!
The first Mars burned off his beard as soon as it touched it, and continued to fly forward at an undiminished speed. However, at this moment. How many Mars did you pounce on Nie Town’s old face?
It’s too late to say it, but it happens quickly, for Xiao Wen. That is, as soon as the exquisite fire sword flew over, Nie Town’s face was splashed with sparks.
Nie analgesia roar, eyes closed, burying his face in one hand to the next flash!
But he can’t see anything after all. Xiao Wen, who rushed in at a high speed, waved his left arm fiercely after a long distance. A thick purple and gold palm shadow the size of three zhangs appeared in mid-air with his swing arm, and his palm was slightly concave, which caught Nie Town!
The direction of Zijin’s palm shadow has not changed since it took hold of Nie Town, but the speed is faster, and it directly shoots at the mountain wall on the right! At the moment of approaching the mountain, the shadow of Zijin’s palm suddenly flattened …
"boom! ! !”
A ten-foot-deep palm pit appeared on the mountain wall, just above the huge sword mark drawn before the exquisite fire sword …
There is an obvious slope at the edge of the palm pit, but it is not as gentle as soil. It is an irregular slope formed by the collapse of stones after being bombarded by a huge force.