What a fucking trouble!


Chen cold in the mind can’t help but dark scolded 1, but think about it is also the same reason, through the transfer matrix need top grade fairy stone, flood level few people on the planet, gears, I’m afraid no one in and out, an interstellar transfer matrix is more than enough.
On the contrary, the higher the level of the planet, the more immortals come in and out, and a teleportation array is responsible for both entering and leaving, which is definitely not enough.
Ask the location of the other two cities, Chen cold heart scold more fierce.
The four interstellar transfer arrays on Lingbi Star are actually built in four directions, east, west, north and south. In addition, this planet is several times larger than the confusing star. Even if you go to the nearest output interstellar transfer array, it will take at least one day to arrive.
"Be honest, dead girl, or you’ll feel better!" Chen Han took JiXianEr into the air and flew in the direction of LinYueCheng.
JiXianEr a mobility and language ability was completely blocked, can only use want to kill eyes staring at Chen cold, secretly scolded him for ten thousand times mouth could not say a word …
Chapter 516 Fierce and stubborn ghost repair
Didn’t use the internal transfer matrix between the city, Chen cold worry about entering the city many eyes miscellaneous, if JiXianEr thing has spread, can’t say for certain really have recognized her identity.
Instead of this, it is better to fly directly to Linyue City, which is relatively safer in the wild. At least those wild cultivate immortals who do not belong to any forces can’t know the news of the super-power top soon.
As long as you get to Linyuecheng and enter the transmission array, you can reach the destination of this escape after a dozen planets in a galaxy are transmitted.
In order not to attract attention, Chen Han pedaled an inferior spirit flying sword. In any case, he was an immortal who was down and out to the extreme and didn’t even have any oil and water.
Just after a smooth journey, I saw that I could reach Linyuecheng in less than five hours, and two figures flew in far away to block Chen’s cold way.
These two guys are also wonderful. The tall one is two meters long, but it is skinny, as if the wind will fly away. The other guy is 1.2 meters tall at most, and I don’t know if he ate pig feed. The whole thing is almost like a ball, and his shiny skin is white and red.
"Two Taoist friends invited me. I don’t know why I stopped you?" Chen cold try to keep a low profile and stay out of trouble, even if these two guys are too early to fix for Jin Xian.
"Who is your friend?"
The lanky guy snorted, and the pudgy guy cried, "Your majesty said, let us two brothers find some girls to go back and play, and see that your little lover is not bad. You can leave this girl, and roar … Our king is famous for his passion …"
What happened?
Chen cold wait for a while to see the two wonderful people, they rob way also don’t ask clearly, not afraid of provoked shouldn’t provoke people?
Seriously, Qi Xianer’s life is not in his heart. The key is that she is her own amulet. If she is found by the master of the Giant Sword Sect, she can be a shield.
"This … two probably don’t know the identity of our young lady?" Chen Han is going to make up an identity to scare each other.
"I don’t care what you miss elder sister, women are used to sleep, leaving girls to leave, or you …"
"hey! I said Dazhu, this boy is white and tender when he looks closely. I don’t know if it’s delicious? "
"Quack … Dun, our brothers haven’t eaten people for a while. Why don’t we leave this boy behind?"
The tall and thin guy is called Dazhu, and the stout guy is called Xiaodun. It’s true that his mother’s people are as the name suggests. Is it impossible to pity their heads with tofu dregs?
Eating people?
They didn’t compare the gap between the two sides, didn’t they know how to write dead words?
Of course, as a foreign fairy, Chen Han doesn’t know their identity, let alone that on this Lingbi star, the official team is only responsible for the interstellar transmission matrix and more than a dozen cities, and other wild places are completely controlled by local forces, large and small.
On this planet, there are more than hundreds of forces, large and small, which are only a lot more than the confusing stars. At present, these two are the most powerful forces-the Valley of the Soul.
In the realm of fix true, the mysterious, the demon, the ghost and the demon, the ghost and the beast belong to the same realm, but the celestial world is mixed together. Hundreds of super powers include six different types of cultivation, as small as each planet.
The Valley of the Fierce Soul is completely composed of ghosts and immortals, and all of them are the most ferocious ghosts and immortals, which are notorious on the whole Lingbi Star.
Do whatever you want, be lawless.
Of course, they abide by the official rules better than any party, pay the official taxes more timely than any party, and send a valuable gift to the responsible fairy of Lingbi Star every once in a while, so it won’t pay too much attention to it.
It is with the above cover-up, its own power, ugly reputation, even the lowest level of wannabe in the valley of fierce souls, unless it meets an official figure who has always been fierce and abnormal.
"Boy, can be eaten by our brothers, that’s also the blessing you’ve cultivated in my life, Gaga …"
"Laugh at your uncle!"
Seeing each other’s body full of ghosts, one person grabbed him with one claw. Chen chilling knew that it was impossible to roll with the punches, and the flying sword at his feet suddenly soared: "Son of a bitch, even your uncle Chen’s attention dared to fight, and he was simply impatient. I’ll send you on your way and die!"
Even though Chen Han has no substantial talent increase in the cultivation of immortal strength, even because there is no cultivation of mind, the cultivation of immortal strength is still the late realm of Taiyi Jinxian.
However, compared with the two, who also have no talent for growth, only the ghost fairy in the early days of Taiyi Jin Xian is better than others, and his art and lighter also have an absolute advantage?
The top-grade fairy flying sword spewed from the celestial spirit tore up the bodies of the two men, and together with the middle-grade fairy flying sword they launched hastily, it was also twisted into a piece of dust.
Pa …
At the same time when two people were killed, two plundered low-order female immortals were flabbergasted, and the face of the cracked soul valley owner changed dramatically.
The next moment, he had two pieces of broken soul jade in his hand, and lifted one of them to shed a big pool of blood, and the whole body bone was almost completely broken under the strong collision, kicking it hundreds of meters away.
His look was full of ferocious color, and his miserable skin burst into green and red flames. He snapped, "How dare someone on Lingbi Star kill our disciple? Very good! It’s really good! Old Fairy, I’ll see today that the man who killed thousands of knives ate the courage of an ambitious leopard and blocked the whole territory for me, and no one was allowed to leave! "
Command instantly spread throughout the fierce soul valley under the jurisdiction of the local circle of eight hundred Wan Li, which is the most powerful force on the planet, the Dragon Hall, which is more than ten times larger, and all the actions are taken from top to bottom.
This is no small matter!
The position of Rift Soul Valley on Lingbi Star is second only to that of the official. Huan Fire has already confessed, and you must never provoke anyone in the official, even if the other party is only a temporary sign. He is a murderer, but he is by no means an idiot. Bullying the weak and being afraid of the hard is the truest portrayal of his fire. He knows very well what super power means. It is a huge thing that can instantly destroy the soul of the cracked valley for 10,000 times, and the two sides can’t compare at all.
Therefore, he is also convinced that his men have not provoked the official, so whoever dares to kill him except the official must respond, otherwise, what is the face of the cracked soul valley?
Hundreds of thousands of ghost fairy armies blocked the territory, and even a fly didn’t want to fly out.
How vast the territory of eight hundred Wan Li is. There are many people who don’t belong to the Valley of the Soul. However, they can easily kill two Taiyi Jin Xian, and even let them have no chance to subpoena. Such people are running out.
At the lowest level, it is necessary to fix for Taiyi Jin Xian in the later period. This alone will greatly reduce the target, and Chen Han finally realized the seriousness of the matter.
"Pick Jin Xian?"
A team of ghost immortals who were in charge of the search soon found the trace of Chen Han, and the middle-term pick Jinxian, the first one, stopped Chen Han and snapped, "Stop! Did you kill our disciple? If so, you’re dead. If not, I’ll let you go if I take it back and torture you clearly! "
Chen cold in the mind is not a wry smile, originally this all the way well, if it weren’t for JiXianEr this dead girl come up with so skill, which meeting provoke other side issues?
That’s great. It seems that conflicts with these local aborigines are inevitable, and it’s impossible to use the cards without looking at their accomplishments.
"I said, don’t you believe it?" Chen cold blinked a few times.
The other party saw at a glance that they were teasing themselves, and naturally they were sure that they were the murderers. They immediately took out the order and shouted, "The murderer has been found, come and help quickly!"
At this time, hundreds of thousands of ghost fairy surrounded from all directions, this search team for hundreds of people, also came at Chen Han like crazy.
"Mayflies shake the tree, which is ridiculous!"
Chen chilling know can’t be they form a war, or even if you can win, it will take some effort, enough more people coming.
What’s more, Qi Xianer was bound by all abilities, and a little attack could make her die, so she did not hesitate to launch the Yuan God attack.